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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hank119hank119 Posts: 39
    I presume you have a written agreement with the dealer which shows the delivery date.
    You have to decide when you feel you've waited long enough beyond the delivery date.
    At that time, see the General Manage of the dealership and ask for your money back . If you get a hard time from the dealer, post the name of the dealership here.

    You've already waited 8 weeks. You have to decide when you want to cancel.

    I'm in a similar situation except I left no deposit. I think Toyota has a large inventory of vehicles nobody wants and is slow on shipping the special orders like yours or mine.

    Hope you get your Rav4 in the color you want.
  • xfshhxfshh Posts: 26
    The $21,000 includes tax, title, TDA etc.?

    Really, what is "TDA"?
  • xfshhxfshh Posts: 26
    I got several quote from the dealers. I figure actually some of them are quoting on the same car:
    Base 4x2 v4

    Cargo Area Tonneau Cover with
    Multipurpose Cargo Net with Support Poles
    Black Roof Rails & Crossbars .
    17" 5-Spoke Styled Steel Wheels
    daytime Running Lights
    Carpet Floor Mats/Cargo Mat

    They are quoting from $21,006 to to $21,510.

    How can I negotiate the price down? I'm in WI close to Chicago.

    Thank you!
  • caldreamin2caldreamin2 Posts: 10
    I found a Liimited V6 in Blizzard Pearl with fabric (!) seats, moonroof, JBL, tow prep, floor mats and a third row... If I can sell my Yukon XL, or get a decent price on a trade, I may be interested in this vehicle. Edmunds does not list the invoice price for this vehicle, or whether there are any dealer holdbacks. If the MSRP is 28,874, including the destination charge, where do you think I should start?

  • xfshhxfshh Posts: 26
    I'm not getting close to $19,974 in #2109. :(

    I'd appreciate that someone will help me with the questions below:

    a) How many times do you usually go back and forth with the dealer?

    b) How long is the whole process, from sending out the 1st email to the final price?
  • thomasw98thomasw98 Posts: 29
    I have never had any luck negotiating via email with any dealer in California. It seems their point of view is that they don't want to give you their bottom line price in writing (by email) since they know you will just shop it elsewhere and some other dealer will beat it by 50 bucks. The best I have gotten by email is X hundred dollars over invoice. Most won't even quote ANY price and always ask me to visit the dealer in person.

    Face to face still seems to best way. What I do is go to the dealer late at night and sniff around the inventory when they are closed. See what they have on the lot that fits my goal. (you can also do this via the internet if they have their inventory online). Then go back the next day to nego the car. In the case of the Rav4 2008 model, I would just tell the salesman:

    "Listen, I pretty much already know which car I want, and will just need a quick inspection and test drive to be sure, but price is all important. I don't want to waste your time, so I will tell you that I am only willing to pay $300 UNDER invoice. Also, I have the invoicing data from the internet, so no need to show me any "invoice" that your dealer has created internally. What do you think? Can we work on this?"

    I am an experienced negotiator, so they usually pick that up right away and give me a straight answer. But I think anyone can use this same method with enough research in advance and confidence in yourself and your numbers.

    If yes, then no problem. If no, then ask them best price. If any higher than $300 under invoice, then they should offer something extra, .e.g. free something or whatever. Personally, if not $300 under invoice, I would just tell them thanks and walk away. But it is up to you. If you think about it, a couple hundred bucks up or down is not a big deal. It really depends on your budget.
  • xfshhxfshh Posts: 26

    Your reply is very informative. Thank you!

    One thing I got confused is which "invoice" price we are referring to, the one from Edmund or the one after subtracting manufacturing holdback and wholesale financing reserve?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Months ago, got wife's car at $18,888 with $4,700 off MSRP.
    Saw the promotion on newspaper it said EVERY Rav4 4x4 4-cyl base on stock at that MSRP, so we choice of color, took silver.
    We made the deal less than 1 hr. and paid everything with personal check. Went home, did the money transfer to checking account. Picked up the car 6 hrs later.

    This week promotion same trim at $17,888 ...
  • ruthie2ruthie2 Posts: 15
    I paid $100 over invoice...Kelly Blue Book.
    Paid 24K for V6 4x4 Rav4 base, tow prep, all mats, mud flaps, tonneau cover, roof rails. That is the absolute lowest the dealer would go. This is in Central Wisconsin.No trade in though.That always complicates the dealing.
  • rutilus99rutilus99 Posts: 5
    The best site for seeing all the hold backs, invoice price and MSRP's is at Consumer Reports

    Their car buying kit is $39 with unlimited access for 3 months.
  • rutilus99rutilus99 Posts: 5
    see post 2120
  • rutilus99rutilus99 Posts: 5
    see post 2120
  • xfshhxfshh Posts: 26
    Good info, but they only have several left so not worth going that far to get it.
  • thomasw98thomasw98 Posts: 29
    I was referring to the Edmunds invoice. In other words, take the Edmunds invoice price and bargain for X hundred less than that number.

    Why? If you subtracted out all the hidden profit, then no way would they be able to sell for "less than invoice", right? That would make it a net loss, which they will rarely agree to...unless the car is an absolute dog or some other problem.
  • remassremass Posts: 1
    Yup, I went to Boch Norwood. Saw a Sunday ad for base Rav4 2wd with floor and cargo mat option as well as roof rails,day running lights and 17" rims. MSRP $22,514 they advertised selling for $19,988. Went in and stated I would take one for $19,000 and no more, figuring they probably wouldn't go much below the great Sunday newspaper Blow Out price. They were going to let me leave but stopped me at the door and agreed to $19k. Man I thought I did great!
    That next Sunday they had a new ad price of $17,988 for the same car!! Was I ever bummed out. I called them to ask about the new price and they tried to claim it included military money bonus but I bet they wouldn't let you leave if you called them out on it.

    Now they are pushing 08' 4x4 base Rav4's at $17,800 Aaaaahhhh!!!!! Moral of the story you can get your best deal at large volume dealers as the new model year vehicles roll in and they got out going model years piled up in a storage lot. (and they don't get much bigger than Boch) I'll be even more savy/ready when my wifes van needs replacing.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Amazing to hear about those kind of prices, here the base model is going for just under $21,000.
  • colfaxwolfcolfaxwolf Posts: 11
    I just took a look at their website. They are selling the base models with msrp of $24,088 for $17,800. That is $6,288 off retail. That is crazy. If I lived up there I would be racing to get one.
  • ywuywu Posts: 6
    Where can you find their selling price? On their website, I've only seen MSRP price and dealer's cost. Thank you.
  • ywuywu Posts: 6
    Oh, the price $17,800 is right under the promotion.
  • tsc2tsc2 Posts: 5
    I am debating between RAV4 vs CRV. What's a reasonable price for a RAV4 base AWD? Do you have any experience with dealers in the Memphis, Tennessee area?
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