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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Info for anyone in our area...Susie at DOXON Toyota in Auburn is a no nonsense internet resource. We paid $550 under invoice yesterday and took 0% for 3 years.
  • Waiting until October was the right thing to do as rebate increased to $1000 in Central Atlantic region. Made the purchase last night from an area dealer (Hazleton, PA) even though I started my negotiations w/ Fitzgerald Motors in Maryland. Fitzgerald did not have desired exterior color (Flint Mica) in stock. Their price would not have been as good as their posted in-stock internet prices if they would have dealer traded for my specific vehicle of choice. That being said, I used Fitzgerald's prices as leverage during my negotiations w/ local dealers. None of them would match Fitzgerald's price. My final deal came within $83 of Fitzgerald's posted internet price.

    Here are the details of my transaction:

    Invoice: $27082
    Paid: $25500 (including $1000 rebate & excluding TTL)
    Total discount: $4144 (13.98%)
    Amount below invoice: $582

    RAV4 Sport V6 4x4 (model 4443) equipped with the following options:


    Had 1 other local dealer w/ an offer $80 above what I paid and two other offers $200-$400 above what I paid. Thanks to fellow posters who helped out with the info during the purchase process. Better informed & educated car buying consumer as a result of this discussion board. Picking up vehicle tomorrow night. I'm sure they'll sit me down and try to ram an extended warranty down my throat before handing over the keys.
  • Dealer turned down an offer of 27400 + TTL on a 2008 2WD RAV4 Ltd with:
    . Tow Prep
    . Pkg D
    . Daytime Running Lights
    . JBL Audio
    . PermaVIN
    Although from what I can tell from KBB/ConsumerReports, is that this is already close to 400 over Invoice. They keep insisting that their invoice prices are different than that on KBB/ConsumerReports (new cay buying paid report). Any idea if my offer was really off? They would apparently have settled for 27600.

    Right now, I'm getting all set to buy the CR-V instead
  • IMO...That it is WAY too much money. You did not indicate if your offer included rebate money. Even if $1000 that would have brought you down to $26400. I can't speak for the KBB information but I do know that Edmunds data was accurate except that it does not include cost for Toyota Dealer Advertising (TDA) which is approx. $450 dpending on where you live. Edmunds does mention the non-inclusion of TDA in their price quoting. I would run your info through the Edmunds price quote and see how they compare. All that being said, you should not even be paying invoice on a 2008 vehicle at this point in time. $500 below invoice seems to be the present benchmark. I would shop elsewhere.
  • Many thanks for your feedback kriebebw.

    I didn't take the $500 rebate opting instead for the 0% financing for which I'm pre-approved.
    As for the other Toyota dealers, the sales guys I've met with are even more pushy, aggressive and condescending. Same has applied so far for Toyota dealerships I've called around Austin, TX. I've not enjoyed the Toyota buying experience at all so far, except for the sales-person I dealt with yesterday... but who wouldn't come down on the price.

    I've had much better luck dealing with Honda... no package d, option e, wood-grain-applique-that-looks-like-plastic-from-a-mile etc. shoved down my throat as they seem to be with the 'pre-config'd Toyotas.

    Pity... I really liked this particular RAV4, but I'll have to instead go with the CR-V, which was a very close second choice.
  • liljoliljo Posts: 8
    Paid $28,995. with 2.9% financing for 60mos.

    gorgeous red
    JBL stereo
    moon roof

    gulp. can't wait for the reactions!
  • I assume that includes tax. Also Limited V6 loaded . What was your pre tax cost ?
    Congratulations :)
  • liljoliljo Posts: 8
    uhm, no, pre-tax. I'm in Riverhead, NY, so the tax is substantial... so now, do you withdraw the Congrats? Hey, it's my first new car ever! Picked a heck of a time to take that leap! LOL

    It's semi-loaded, as far as I know. I would like a couple of more things... but I'll live without (compass, for instance.) Figure I'll get a compass when I get a GPS (obviously, not included.)
  • Well regardless of what you paid congratulations. I am in Manhattan and have gotten quotes from dealers in Queens, Upstate New york and New Jersey.
    I had a $38,200 offer one month ago. I think I could have gotten an MSRP $31,500 or so for $37,800.
    That being said there are a lot of after market items that can be added to this car. I assume your MSRP was above $31,500 or so ?
    Best of Luck with your new car :)
  • liljoliljo Posts: 8
    thanks! picked it up today, and thoroughly enjoyed zipping around in it. had a full load of people, two of whom were 6'2" tall, and they both took turns in the back seat, and had tons of room! happy as a clam! :)
  • snap919snap919 Posts: 17
    Got an internet quote of 28,807+ tax for Blizzard pearl Limited V6 with:
    daytime lights
    special color
    heated leather
    jbl stereo/tow pkg/wheel spare tire
    This was the first quote, how low can I go with a counter offer? Does this sound high etc.. Any help appreciated!!
  • I assume you are talking 2008 model
    I looked at the Blizzard Pearl myself. I think its about a $200 extra . You did not mention tow prep but I feel quite certain thats included but check.
    $27,390 AT FITZGERALD or
    $27,566 BLIZZARD WHITE
    You can use that for a reference but I also got an internet quote of
    2008 RAV-4 LIMITED 4X4 V6 MODEL# 4453 W/ FE EJ HD LA RL SR TO CF MF MSRP 31,033.00 INVOICE 28,275.00 LESS 300.00 SELLING PRICE $ 27,975.00 PLUS TAX 2,342.90 = 30,317.90 AND DMV 227.50 NEW PLATE FEES = 30,545.40 , LESS 500.00
    CASH BACK $ 30,045.40 OUT THE DOOR

    The actual cost of car pre TTL and tax being $27,703

    $30,045 minus the tax $2,342.
    So I guess $27,703 plus $200 would be a fair price
    $27,900 total. Remember I got this price a month ago and they should be more motivated to get rid of their inventory now .
    Keep us informed :)
  • snap919snap919 Posts: 17
    Thanks. It is an '08 and it has tow prep. They actually have quite a few 08's so I'm hoping they'll go down. :D
  • liljoliljo Posts: 8
    Good luck! I really didn't haggle at all. I've been looking for a while, and to be honest, I'm just a bit worn down! Was hoping to wait for the Venza, but it's just taking too long, and I have a hunch, it's going to be more pricey than I originally expected. I'll be interested to hear how much you get it for. Please keep us informed, and good luck.
  • Finally settled on Broadway Toyota. Got Pacific Blue with Extra Value Package #2 (no navigation- includes leather, moonroof, power heated seats, Bluetooth, etc.), towing prep, back up camera.

    Paid $28,266 out the door.

    Love the car! Peppy, comfortable, good fit for me physically. Love how it handles- cornering, parking, turning circle is small. We've been looking at these for 3 years now, and we finally have one! :)
  • What part of USA are you in? Out the door means including sales tax , and if so how much was it without sales tax ??
    I did not realize the backup package was available in 2008 models.
    I assume you are talking 2008 model , or is it 2009 for $28,266 pre tax . I am a little confused .

    Thanks for your reply and Congratulations on your New Car :)
  • We don't pay sales tax here in Oregon. This was for a 2009 model- that's why I put 2009 in the title.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Offers can happen any time we cannot always predict when, but in all I think you got a good deal anyway.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    I purchased this gray rav in a suburb of Buffalo NY dealership, sales rep was very easy going, did not even go for the test drives with me, which rarely happens since I am 33 and look 25 years old, the "warranty" person on the other hand grilled me for 45 min to buy extended this and that's, with $0 sale :shades:.
    Vehicle Included: moon roof, roof rack, mud flaps, wheel locks 6cd changer with xm radio and floor mats.
    MSRP $27195
    Invoice $25245 (thats what they said, edmunds had it a few hundred lower)
    Paid $24700 plus NYS tax
    I now have 600 miles on it and I was satisfied until my steering started clunking see post in maintenence/repairs.
  • Never look at titles.
    Congrats . I will prolly pick up a 2009 also in the next few months. Keep us informed how you like it .
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