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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Dealers add on a lot of fees that do not have to be paid or at least negotiated. Go to this link to get a general education about how dealers work

    Enter your region, new car, model etc etc and read the caveats they have posted thruout their site.Very informative plus go back apage or two and read what others have mentioned.

    This applies to soapturtles ? also who should be hopefully reading all these posts also
  • rav4brav4b Posts: 3
    Please can anyone provide some advice.

    I am planning to get my first car a Rav4 V6 Sport 2WD in Oct or Nov. I was qouted an out the door price for 2008 of $27,800 ($25K including tax and fees) but not in the color i wanted. So I was thinking of waiting for 2009 Rav4 instead. I don't mind paying about $1000 more.

    I checked the prices online on local dealers website and all the 2009 RAV4 Sport V6 have MSRP prices over $29K with tax and fee the price will be over $30K! That a big difference to 2008. I thought the MSRP for a Rav4 V6 sport was $25K. Am I missing something?

    Should I get the 2008 or wait for 2009. I was hoping to get the Rav4 2009 for around $28K.
  • iftsaliftsal Posts: 1

    Got an internet offer of $25,987.47 + TTL for 2008 2WD 4CYL RAV4 Limited Black. How much you guys think I should aim for ?


    50 State Emissions
    Daytime Running Lights
    Fabric-Trimmed 50/50 Split & Stow 3rd
    Row Seat that Folds Flat, Height
    Adjustable Headrests, and Two Cup Holde
    (2nd Row Seat Includes a Walk-In-System
    to Gain Access to 3rd Row) (Hill-Start
    Assist Control, Downhill Assist Control
    & Rear Stabilizer Bar, Included w/3rd R
    Seat) (Deletes Cargo Area Tonneau Cover
    with Multipurpose Cargo Net with Suppor
    Poles, Cargo Area 2nd Row Seat One Touc
    Fold Flat Lever, and Rear Deck Cargo
    Foldable Deck Board)
    Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip
    Window Tint
    The Extra Mile Option Package D
    Carpet Mat Set
    Carpet Floor Mats
    Rear Cargo Mat
    Cargo Net
    First Aid Kit
    Fabric Guard
    Nightvision Mirror Upgrade
    Mud Guards
    Body Side Molding
    Custom Tape Stripe
    Molded Dash Applique
    Wheel Locks
    No Charge Extra Mile Benefits
    Extra Mile Service Rewards Program
    (5 years / 60,000 miles)
    Roadside Assistance
    (3 years / 36,000 miles)
    Rear Bumper Protector

    Standard options

    2.4 Liter DOHC 4CYL Engine w/VVT-i
    4 Speed ECT Auto Trans/Fr Whl Drive/4
    Whl Ind Susp/Elec Pwr Steering System
    Front Stabilizer Bar/4-Whl Disc Brakes
    17" 6-Spk Alloy Whls w/P225/65R17 Tires
    & Full Size Spare Tire on 17" Stl Whl
    Star Safety System Includes:
    Vehicle Stability Ctrl w/Traction Ctrl
    Anti-Lock Brakes w/Brake Assist & EBD
    Dr & Fr Pass Advanced Fr Airbags (SRS)
    Dr & Fr Pass Seat Mounted Side/Fr & 2nd
    Row Roll-Sensing Side Curtain Airbags
    3Pt Seat Belts in All Locations
    2nd Row CRS Lower & Top Tether Anchors
    Rr Dr Child Safty Locks/Eng Imob & Prwre
    Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    UV Reduction Glass Wndshld/Rr Priv Glass
    Clr-Kyd Bmprs,Rr Spoiler,Dr Handles,Pwr
    Htd O/S Mirrs,Spare Tire Cvr/Chrme Grll
    Blck Rf Rack/Mlti-Rflctr Halogn Auto-Off
    Hdlmps/Fr Var & Rr IntWipers/Mas Antena
    LED Tail & Stop Lamps/Fog Lamps
    Dual Zone A/C w/Clean Air Fltration &
    Micro Dust/Pollen Removal/Info Display
    AM/FM CD 6-Disc In-Dash CD Chgr w/6 Spks
    Mn-Plg/Man Tlt/Tlscpc Lthr Strg Aud Ctls
    Cloth Int, / Pwr-Adj Dr / Man Adj Pass
    2nd Rw 60/40 Splt,Reclne,Fld Flt w/Slide
    Fwrd Cpblty w/Ctr Armrst, 2 Cup Holders
    Dual Glove Box/Digital Clock/Cruise Ctrl
    Power Windows/Door Locks/Keyless Entry
    Optitron IP Gauges / Gated Shifter
    2 Fr/1 Cargo Auxiliary 12V Power Outlets
    Rr Crg Area 2nd Rw Seat 1 Tch Fld Flt Lv
    Ctr Cnsl w/2-Illum Cup Hldrs, Cell Phone
    Storage,Upper Storage Tray, & Cnsole Box
    Tneau Cvr w/Mlti-Prpose Net & Suprt Pole
    Rr Cargo Storage w/Undr Flr Storage Spce
    Svisr w/Ext & Ilum Van Mir/Slver Int Trm
  • liljoliljo Posts: 8
    I don't know about the prices, but I do know, if you like a good stereo, you want to make sure it has the JBL system. A friend heard mine, and he greatly regretted not spending the extra $$ for it in his.
  • rav4brav4b Posts: 3
    Thanks for the tip liljo. I would perfer a car with JBL system

    I think will get the Rav4 2008. The 2009 too expensive. A friend of mind say expect to pay $4-5K more as you can't get discount on 2009 at this time.
  • Did you even bother to read any of the posts above ?
    There have been many refernces to Fitzgerald Motors
    here is a link

    They are discounting 2009 models by $2300 today.
    Have you even bothered to look for Gods sake.
    Stop listening to youtr friends and do some reading

    Here is an example
    Internet Price: $24,759.00
    Value Price: $25,128.00
    Invoice Price: $25,128.00
    MSRP: $27,084.00
    Style: 4WD 4dr 4-cyl 4-
    Thats a 2009 in stock today price

    READ READ READ and learn if you REALLY want to save $$
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    Just closed on a Black 2008 RAV4 Limited 4WD V6. Loaded with:

    LA (Leather Seats)
    HD (Heated Seats)
    JR (Moonroof)
    EJ (JBL 6CD Changer)
    CF (Carpet Floor Mats)
    TO (Tow Prep)
    RL (Daytime Running Lights)

    MSRP is $31,244.00
    Invoice is $28,055.00
    Original Offer was $28,431.00 from a preferred dealer, got down to $28,000.00 with a quote from another dealer. Preferred dealer than gave me quote of $27,990 (such a miniscule discount), second dealer got to $27,655 (30+ miles away) and preferred dealer matched plus 4 free oil changes.

    Paid $27,655 ($400 under invoice) and took advantage of the 0% financing for 36month.
  • liljoliljo Posts: 8
    OOOH, good for you. That's my problem. I don't do the he offered/she offered thing. Plus the dealer is a friend. That really puts a damper on the bargaining thing. Sigh. Plus I couldn't afford the 36 month thing. Again, bravo. :)
  • rav4brav4b Posts: 3
    Guess have to do ALOT more reading. thanks for the information it alot more useful than what my friends been telling me.
  • You are welcome
  • snap919snap919 Posts: 17
    I have an offer 27,691 plus taxes for same car except in blizz pearl which is 200 more over your msrp. I believe he will go a bit lower. Did you have to haggle for the 0%/36 months? Mine acts like it's rebate or financing, but then again I haven't gone in for the final deal. Your price was plus taxes right?

    Congrats on the new car! hope you enjoy it :D
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    Is $27,691 with the rebate?

    My price was without the rebate and I went for the financing offer because I was and still am under the impression it is an either/or offer, not combined.

    My price was + taxes/tags/doc, yes.
  • snap919snap919 Posts: 17
    Yes, that was with the rebate. So, actually if I go according to what you got I should haggle for that price AND get 0% financing providing I qualify. My credit is good, do you know if there's a certain score you have to have. I was going to pay cash but if I can get 0% I'll do that. Where are you located? I'm in NYS. Thanks.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    You should be trying for a $27,651 price WITHOUT the rebate, because as it had that in you are paying $1k above invoice actually. With $27,651 as the selling price before incentives, you'll have $500 below invoice (give/take a few 100).

    Go for $27,651 up to $28,000 before rebate and then go for 0% for 36.
  • just started buying process. need to know if any of these charges are negotiable.
    destination charge, tda, dealer holdback, whsl. financial reserve. i have and invoice price of 27,200 for v6 loaded (no nav). the dealer told me that those charges were not negotiable. i just want to make sure. thanks
  • liljoliljo Posts: 8
    my pleasure.
  • Everything is negotiable. Read at least the last 25 -35 posts , get an understanding of what other people have done and then come back with questions if you really want help.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    My wife and I are seriously considering a 2009 Sport V6 with what the Toyota web site calls "Package B". On the website and various pricing sites, the MSRP comes out to $30,226 with invoice just over $27,000. However, the MSRP sticker shows a $1,000 package discount which nets the MSRP down to $29,226. Should I expect the invoice price to accordingly drop to just over $26,000 (nothing on Edmunds indicates this $1,000 incentive)? Also, the 2009 brochure shows Pacific Blue and Elusive Blue as available Sport colors......but Toyota's website does not. Perhaps a later introduction?

  • Ok, so after all the reading and emailing I've gotten down to 21238 for a base V6 4x4 and 26516 for a Limited V6 4x4. Do you think it's possible to go lower like maybe 25k for a limited? This has no rebates since I am going for the financing option.
  • snap919snap919 Posts: 17
    That sounds like a very good price for the limited, what was the MSRP? I'm trying to deal on one and I'm down to 27,691 (msrp 31,444), I know he can go lower. What area of the US are you in? I'm in upstate NY. Thanks, I'm looking to deal this weekend.
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