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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thank you, magoon. I hope to make up my mind soon and be done with it!
  • Hello!

    I am also trying to decide between the RAV-4 and the CR-V. I think the RAV-4 is a nicer looking vehicle but am wondering if I can get a great deal on one with the same options you get in the CRV-EXL. I want 4 cyl, FWD, leather, heated seats, moonroof. I also want NAV but does the RAV-4 come with NAV?

    Has anyone bought either similar vehicle recently so I can compare price?
    I am in LA.
  • Thanks for the feedback, I will let you know how it turns out.
  • Hi,
    This forum is great. It took me quite a while to decide between the CRV or the RAV4 V6. In the end the V6 won out. Same gas mileage, but much more power with the V6. Just bought a new 2009 Toyota RAV4 V6 Limited AWD. It has Limited extra value pkg #1(QY), Tow Prep Pkg (TO), 50 state emissions (FE), and floor mats (CF). MSRP $30,274. Dealer Invoice $27,800. I paid $27,137 plus Tax, title and reg fees. Total OTD $28,900.

    Signed the deal last Sat, 02/22/2009. We pick it up tomorrow. Dealer was great and very easy to deal with. Woburn Toyota, Woburn, MA. :)
  • You did great . I got mine 2 weeks ago at $300 or so under invoice and was happy with that price.

    You got $663 under invoice so you did better than I did.

    Just curious what did you pay for Title and plates ?

    Also you must have a much lower tax rate than the NYC 8.375 %

    Congrats and enjoy your new car like I am enjoying mine
  • Thanks and congrats to you as well. I paid $1,356.85 MA sales tax (5%), $290 Dealer Doc fee, $5 dealer title prep fee, $111.50 registration fee. I challenged the $290 dealer doc fee, but to no avail. They tried to tell me it was to cover the expensive carbon forms. I didn't buy the story, but knew I had a decent deal for the car and didn't want to waste my time arguing with the "finance" guy. The sales guy did all the work. The finance guy just talked ridiculously fast and tried really hard to sell us the 7/75 extended warranty for $850, MSRP $1,200. I already have a quote of $524 for the same plan from another dealer.
    Good luck with your RAV4!
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    Did your car come with backup camera, cargo net, and mud guards?
  • Hi,

    No, the car does not have the backup camera or mud guards. However, it does have a cargo net.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    Follow up to my prior post: Toyota will not build a Pacific Blue RAV4 Sport V6 with Appearance Package; though the brochure and website indicate that it is possible. However, the dealer can get an Elusive Blue transferred or built. Unfortunately, the nearest unit is 300 miles away so I don't have a good idea on what it looks like other than a few pictures on another site that make it look like it has a purplish tint. Has anyone seen an Elusive Blue and can comment further or send pics?

  • I only paid a $45 registration fee not a $290 so I guess I paid about $388 more for my car than you did , all other things being equal
    Have fun
  • My car came with backup camera, mud flaps ,tow prep, cargo net, wheel locks and CF-R mats (including cargo area) . My MSRP was $30,929 and invoice supposedly ( dealers not Edmonds) $28,439. I paid $28,187 pre Tax Title regy etc of which I did not pay any fake fees only $45 regy fee and tax and DMV price for new plates.

    In any even it is lower than Edmunds Invoice price and about $600 cheaper than Edmunds TMV ( true market price). I have a feeling Edmunds is in cahoots with dealers by lowballing the invoice and then telling you people are paying quite a bit more than we have paid.

    Also I have seen a trend in the last few months where the TMV is closer to the invoice
  • Getting an offer for 08 Rav4 4*4 4 Cyl. Limited with following options
    The MSRP is $29109 and dealer Invoice is $26590
    Currently 08 Rav4 has $1000 rebate.

    With 5% Tax
    Out of Door price is around $26300

    What do you guys think??

    08 Model with 4-Cyl. is the difference worth it??

    I will be keeping the vehicle for years.

  • I guess that makes the car price around $25,000 pre TTLD on a dealer invoice of $26590 , so thats about $1590 under invoice for a car that will be very soon 2 years old .
    I got close to $400 under invoice for a 2009 . I am quite
    the 2009 has a larger 2.5 Inline 4 versus the 2008
    I personally think its too much . If I wanted the car I would ask for another $1500 off , because it will be worth that much less in 6 months than a 2009 and with an older engine etc

    Bargain like crazy , people looseing jobs , homes and IRAs and they want to stick an 2008 on you for this priced HAHA tell them

    Too expensive IMHO
  • Here are more details I got

    MSRP $29169
    Dealer Invoice: $26590
    Dealer Internet Special Price $24119
    Tax: $1514
    Tag: $227 (2 yrs)
    Processing Fee: $100
    $1000 is rebate from Toyota.

    Out of Door: $26010
    You are right that including the $1000 rebate it is around $2500 below invoice.
  • When will the incentives be released for March?
  • a_ba_b Posts: 4
    The March incentives will be released Tuesday morning according to a number of dealers I've spoken with.
  • yukonhawkyukonhawk Posts: 10
    Hi there...I was wondering if anyone in this forum who purchased an '09 Rav4 with the sport appearance package that eliminates the rear spare? If you can tell me the manufacturer of the run flats that would be great? Are they the PAX system by Michelin? Any information that you can share will be greatly appreciated.. I know of too many people with too many nightmares with these run flats.

  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    No Michelin PAX on the RAV's. They are Bridgestone Duelers.
  • Dad just purchased this SUV in the Tacoma, WA area.
    MSRP was 29180
    Paid ... I think it was like 26,853 or something. Basically ended up at $100 over the "invoice" This Suv offered no incentives at the time and I tried to get him to wait until Tuesday when the new incentives come out since it was a cash sale.

    Hope this information was hepful...

    Soed anyone know a good place to buy the warranty online for cheap? They wanted $1734 for the 7yr 75000mile warranty... What a joke!

    Also My Cousin bought a v-6 limited Rav the same day ...MSRP was 33,015 (or close to that) and I think they paid 28897. It was a demo with about 900 miles on it... He bought at a different dealership and they wanted $1250 for the same Warranty =)

  • That is correct, new incentives will be out tomorrow morning. Toyota never releases new programs if the first business day of the month is either a Saturday or a Monday. So in this case the new programs are coming out on the 3rd.
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