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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92

    I am in a different region (midwest) so I can't really buy the car from Fitzmall but I was wondering if Fitzmall's Interent prices are good deal. Has people are getting better deals than Fitzmall's Internet price?

    Should I aim that price when i go to my local delear?
  • I'm in VA. I got the same model with a few options extra value pkg, mats, for $21,800. I went around and this was the best deal so you did better than me.
  • juancitowjuancitow Posts: 13
    Etch fees and Doc fees are BS. Don't pay for them. Your goal should be to purchase the vehicle for invoice or below plus tax, title and tags. Look at Fitzmall and compare prices. Ask your dealer to match Fitzmall. Good luck. ;)
  • ravanipravanip Posts: 25
    I see here all are ref. to FitzMall for Price.
    Did anyone buy from FitzMall?
    Do they stick to their Internet price or you can bargain with them for couple of hundreds$$.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92
    I am wondering about the same thing. What should we shoot for? FitzMall's price or FitzMall price - X hundred dollars?
  • tnboytnboy Posts: 11
    Anything added to the price over Toyota's MSRP is pure additional dealer profit 99% of the time (unless it's a dealer-installed Toyota option, such as step bars, which don't generally come from the factory) & (theoretically) should not be paid. However, sometimes you just can't find a dealer that doesn't include "doc" (documentation) fees of some amount. If that's the case, & they won't budge on it, just find the dealer with the lowest doc fees & eat it. For example, when I shopped in 2007 for a 2008 Tacoma, I found a dealer in Asheville, NC (Jim Barkley, & highly recommended, by the way) that added only $99 for the doc fee, which was much less than any other Toyota dealer within 200 miles. Plus, they discounted off the MSRP while others were asking sticker or close to it. Anyway, if a dealer insists on any add-ons, calling them advertising fees, dealer prep fees, or whatever, that's pure additional dealer profit & should not be paid. Unfortunately, some folks in more remote areas are captive customers &, unless they are willing to travel a few hours, must cough up the extra cash for the BS. Also, Edmunds here is a great indicator of what others are paying in your area. And be double-sure to check all the current incentives. Be firm & go beat those guys!
  • loud2378loud2378 Posts: 2
    I'm comparing the invoice the dealer told me and the invoice edmunds, aol, and all provide. The dealer told me invoice was $28690 with QY, BC, TO, and 5pc floormats. However, all the websites showed $28188. Where is the discrepancy?

    I live in the bay area and the out-the-door price I got is $31,210. Is this a fair deal?

    I'm trying to close one soon before the taxes here go up in April 1st. I would appreciate a quick response.

  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    I have posted this info before but here goes again. I purchased a 2009 Rav 4 V6 Limited with everything but navigation, with 5 piece mats, winter mats, mud guard, exhaust tip, leather and heated seats, moonroof the works for $28,187.00, out the door $30,0??.00. I am sure the dealer still made a decent profit. I live in PA and made my purchase in mid Feb. Hope this helps. Keep in mind Toyota should now have an incentive for the 09's which I did not have. Good luck.
  • fitmissfitmiss Posts: 12
    Can you say where in PA you purchased your RAV 4? Dealer?

  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I just checked my car. I don't hear or feel or thump when I turn my wheel to the extreme left or right.
  • loud2378loud2378 Posts: 2

    I have not purchased it yet and I live in CA. The dealer's name is Piercey Toyota.
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    Kenny Ross Toyota. Let me know if you are going to make a purchase. I contacted many dealers and they were the best price. Good luck.
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    I purchased the Rav 4 in February no rebates were offered at that time. The dealer in PA is Kenny Ross Toyota. Good Luck. Let me know if you want the sales person's name.
  • halishalis Posts: 1
    I'm looking for V6 Limited with Extra Value Package 1 (leather, moonfoof, etc). Any suggestions as to where best prices in Seattle area may be and what I should be able to find one for? I've done some shopping for the 4 cyl model and had a few dealers say around $26,300. I don't want to pay more than $27 for a V6, and I'm hoping to get it closer to what I was quoted for the 4. Those quotes I received were the first prices mentioned from these dealers, including the March $500 rebate, and with no negotiations. So I'm thinking I can do even better. Also, does anyone have an idea as to whether incentives/rebates will improve during the next month or two? Thanks.
  • koco83koco83 Posts: 2
    I have been researching the sport v6 and was quoted from the dealers $26,763 before T+T. The one dealer said I could only get this model with the run flats. A few questions to the forum:
    1. Is is true I can only get v6 sport with run flats?
    2. How much lower can I get this price down?
    3. Anyone have a toyota dealership in NJ/PA area they recommend?

  • On Mar 28, I just purchased 2009 RAV4 base model 4WD, 4 cyl without the third row but with options FE (50 state emissions) and QV (base model Extra Value Package); one time free oil change; and life-time car wash. The OTD price is $23671. The car price is $22436 without taking off $500 rebate. I am in the 7% tax rate region. The TTL+document fee is $165.25. Is it a good deal?
  • Is it 4cyl, 4WD?
  • raqqasaraqqasa Posts: 1
    After intense shopping around, a very negative experience with Fred Anderson Toyota of Sanford (I would not recommend this dealership to anyone and will happily give anyone the details if they PM me) ...

    I finally bought a V6 Sport 4wd from Leith Toyota in Raleigh, NC ... Its got the Sport Appearance package, towing prep package, floor mats, and the extra value package.

    Paid 26,800 out the door. If anyone wants the salesperson please PM me.

    The Run Flats come in the Sport Appearance package and almost all the V6 Sports have that package on the car.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    1. Is is true I can only get v6 sport with run flats?

    If you want the Sport Appearance Package.......yes. If you don't, then you can get one without the run flats.

    2. How much lower can I get this price down?

    I recently bough a Sport V6 for $500 below invoice after the $500 rebate.

    3. Anyone have a toyota dealership in NJ/PA area they recommend?

    I price quoted several dealers in central PA and most came back a few hundred over invoice before negotiation and trade considerations.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    The Run Flats come in the Sport Appearance package and almost all the V6 Sports have that package on the car.

    Most, but not all: - erMake=0&zip=&distance=

    Check out the various internet shopping sites as there are dealers that list individual inventory. I noticed several V6 Sports without the Appearance Package when I was shopping.
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