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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • newbeeenewbeee Posts: 10
    Please help.
    I have an offer of $27,694 + TTLD on a rav4 V6 Limited 4x2 with QY, BC, FE, TO, P4, CF, SF, MF...Black Forest Pearl w/ Bisque interior. I won't be able to get the car until the end of the month. Dealership says if the incentive went up, he will subtract the difference in the incentives from the offer. Does this sound like a good deal? Thanks!!!
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92

    What is MSRP for this car. What is dealer invoice (if you know)? without looking at those numbers this deal looks good. But I would say give us those numbers and you will get more accurate response.
    Also, I am assuming rebate is included in this price.
  • newbeeenewbeee Posts: 10
    Thanks funguy123!

    I don't have the MRSP for this car because it's still being "assembly" at the main distributor (according to the salesman). But I went online and added up the costs:

    4x2 V6 Limited: $27,265 (already included destination charge)
    BC $475
    QY $1,360
    TO $160
    CF $199
    P4 $349
    SF $75
    MF $99
    Total: $29,982 --> MSRP

    Toyota is currently giving a $2,000 Extra Value Options Package discount. Plus the incentive rebate. So, I'm guessing the dealership would still make a good amount of profit out of the offered price as well. Will this be a good deal or could I negotiate it better?
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92
    I think you should be able to do better. If you look at the fitzmall prices, they are usually $3k less then MSRP (including rebate etc..). I am assuming you have $500 rebate and you are not taking the rebate instead of 3.9%. So I would say somewhere around 27K would be a good deal.
    But This is very by region, I am not sure which region you are in and how many dealers are around but I would say ~$3K under MSRP is a good deal. Now, if you really like the car, you may take $2.5k under MSRP.

    Hopefully this will help.
  • gerri1gerri1 Posts: 11
    I am in the market for a 2009 RAV4 and here is a quote I received from a dealership in the Bay area:
    2009 Toyota Rav4 4WD Ltd V6 in Black/Ash interior (model 4453)

    Black/Ash Leather

    FE - Emission
    BC - Integrated Back Up Camera
    QZ - Extra Value Package included Navigation, Moonroof, JBL Stereo
    TO - Towing Prep Package
    CF - Carpet Floor Mats/Cargo Mat
    DK - Preferred Owner's Portfolio
    MSRP - $31554.00
    Dealer Invoice - 29,426.00
    VIP Sale Price - $29,926.00
    There is a cash incentive of $1,000.00 for the Rav4 which ends May 4th, 2009.
    I've asked why this 'incentive' suddenly ends tomorrow and awaiting a reply. Question is if this is a good deal or not? I think the OTD purchase price should be no more than $28,500 based upon what I am seeing. What do you think?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    TDA is short for Toyota Dealer Advertising a fee that Toyota adds to the invoice price.
  • fitmissfitmiss Posts: 12
    I am picking up a new RAV4 in a few days. I added:

    Body Side Molding
    Cargo Tray
    Wheel Locks
    Mud Guards

    All is well except the dealer doesn't want to give me the cargo mat since I am getting the Cargo Tray. I thought it was a 5 piece set. Even though I'll have the tray, it sort of bothers me that I won't have the cargo mat as well to match the others.

    What do you all think? Can I buy the cargo mat separately to match the other 4 pieces? If so, where and how much do you think it would cost? Maybe I should take the mat and buy the cargo tray myself?

    Thanks for your opinion.
  • newbeeenewbeee Posts: 10
    Thanks funguy123!

    I have already put down a deposit for the car. For $300 more, I get a Remote Start, cargo net (not the same one as it comes with the car), and the 5000miles maintenance service for free. It came out to be $28k even.
    I finally agreed to that price because there are only 3 dealers in my metro area, and 2 of them have managers who came out and told me off immediately when I offered $27.5k. Also, I'm getting the color I want with only options that I wanted instead of all the added stuffs I don't care for.
    Overall, I know 28k is not be the best price out there but I'm very happy with the decision since a month from now, I get to drive a brand new car instead of continue to drive the old car until a "great deal" comes along. ;)
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92
    If you add things up you got the good deal. Remote Statr (~300 to 400) + free maintenance. This will make up for the few hundred that you are going to pay.
  • abchin486abchin486 Posts: 78
    what???? you mean they are goin to increase the corolla incentives s version past $1750? That is INSANE!
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    local dealer says Rav4 rebate goes from $500 to $750, financing stays at 3.9%. not much of a change.

    looks like almost everything else they make but the rav gets 0%. corolla is listed as $1000cash or 0%/60 months
  • newbeeenewbeee Posts: 10
    Can someone please verify whether Rav4 incentive did go up (from $500 to $750) or not??? I thought it did, according to these links:

    ....but on shows $500 rebate, ends 06/01/09 ??!!!!
  • genuxgenux Posts: 2
    It seems to be region specific. In SoCal, it's only $500. In the Central states, it goes up to $750. The best "source" I have for this is site: AV4
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    don't have the specific numbers but i got a price of $12,865 out the door yesterday with my trade in of a 2007 toyota yaris hatchback-auto-18,000 milespw/locks. that price includes ttl etc-i can either take the rebate which brings it down and additional $500 or get 0% financing. it had the qv package on it and car mats. i am shopping this or a new crv-how does this price sound? chicago area
    this makes the rav about $283 more than the crv but has the rear privacy glass included in the package-roof rack-etc.
  • cy23youngcy23young Posts: 2
    Purchased Rav4 this weekend. My sister referred me to Camelback Toyota. Sales person named Mohammid, not sure of spelling name correctly. No hassle, which what I wanted. Researched cars and it lead me to Rav4. Test drove and finished the deal under 2 hours. Was not sure about 4 or 6 cylinder. After driving 4, I felt it had enough power for me. There is a $500 incentive right now. I had a trade-in 2000 accord lx for $3500, which was a good price because I did have a couple a dings and chips. Paid $19100 OTD. It was a good experience and no b.s., would recommend the sales person.
  • genuxgenux Posts: 2
    Based on this price, did you get the base RAV4? Were there any other options/packages you installed? I'm still debating between the base CR-V, base RAV4, or base RAV4 V6. From what I can tell, insurance on the CR-V seems to be slightly cheaper, and their resale value seems to be a bit stronger. Driving experience for me seems to be at par, except the CR-V felt a little stiffer to handle.
  • i1101001i1101001 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Thought I would post this here since I learned much before buying our new Rav4. We were split between the base Rav4 4wd and the new Subaru Forester, but eventually went with Rav4 for the better seats, better engine, and 4wd only when we need it (live in upstate NY near Lake Ontario). We wanted the base model with 4wd, and only the base value package (daytime lights, roof rails, etc) and wanted the pacific blue. Went to the only dealer within 2 hours who had a blue car and worked out a deal in under an hour. Was not able to get edmunds invoice because they claimed dealer advertising fees were part of their invoice and were non-negotiable (I was also told this at 2 other dealerships, so did not push the issue). Asked 24000 OTD, they countered with 25000 OTD, eventually settled at 24,500 by getting 22,5000 dealer invoice (base invoice + dest + 350 in dealer ad fee) and only sales (1800) and tag/title (200). he dropped 350 off car to get to invoice and dropped the 100 dealer prep fee, so I felt that I had gotten the best deal I could considering we wanted that color and were unwilling to drive 6 hours to fitzmall. After we agreed to the price, the F&I guy was quite easy; I simply told him right as we walked in the door that we had agreed to 24500 OTD. He barely mentioned any warranties, etc.

    This was my first new car experience, and I have to say I was quite pleased with the whole process. I did not see much unethical behavior, and did not deem the dealer ad fee worth walking out on because edmunds takes an ambiguous stance on whether that is really just dealer profit or a legit invoice fee.

    I worked with Dorshel Toyota of Rochester NY and would recommend them.
  • novacouplenovacouple Posts: 18
    I almost bought one a few months back but decided to wait out the bad economy (probably a mistake). Best price I found was at Laurel Carmax, where they sell new Toyotas. They now have a loaded 4WD, V6 with everything but navigation listed for $28,026. You can see this price online and most dealers will meet or slightly beat it.
  • Anyone think you can offer 19k in a cashiers check with rav4 base 4x4 no options and get one in ohio? Fitz mall is around 21k, I figure you get 1k discount due to new graduate and someone who wants to make quota.....Yeah that would need to be a perfect storm.
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