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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drolixdrolix Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    Just paid $24700 OTD for

    2009 Rav4 AWD
    extra value package
    dealer installed heated leather seats
    Carpet mats

    How did I do? Thanks
  • tingtingtingting Posts: 1
    Could you please tell me which city are you in? It is really cheap and the cheapest price I get in Houston is almost 23000. That is really a big difference.
  • tree329tree329 Posts: 6
    I have a 2007 rav4 ltd jbl radio but I'm disappointed that it doesn't show what song or artist is playing. I have friends with cats that are older and cost much less that has this feature.
  • hello,

    I'm new to Los Angeles and want some help with my purchase of the RAV 4.

    I'd like to find other recent out-the-door pricing on the 2009 RAV 4 sport, which would contain the following specs:
    -4x2 (FWD)
    -Options package = "QX" = Sport Extra Value Package-
    -Dark charcoal fabric interior (NON-LEATHER)
    -black exterior

    What is the best price out there?
    Thanks very much!
  • Here's a few quotes that I have received that I know are legit and no hassle here in Boston. All prices are plus tax, tags and the $250 doc fee

    Rav4 I4 4WD base Sticker $24019- quoted 22k even.

    Rav4 Sport I4 4WD Sticker $25870 Quoted $23900 with FE (50 state emissions) QX (Sport Extra Value Package (savings of $1000)-includes Daytime Running Lights (DRL), black roof rails and cross bars, power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade, AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer with integrated XM Satellite Radio receiver (includes 90-day trial subscription), MP3/WMA playback capability and six speakers)) and CF Floormats
  • I was quoted $22,000 for a completely bare 4cylinder AWD Rav4. I didn't want (that really means I didn't need and didn't want to pay for) any extras. The salespeople were great and the process was painless, but I think that is high given that the msrp is $22,900. I really want to do business with them, but once I came back home and saw the msrp my whole attitude changed. Please give some feedback. Thanks.
  • lolita88lolita88 Posts: 1
    hi, there, to me , that is really a good deal. I am in the Burlington area in VT and the prices are so high here, I would like to drive to Boston if I could get a price like the one you get. Could you give me more information of your quote and the contact infor of the dealership? Thanks a lot!!
  • vargarvvargarv Posts: 1
    Hello~ Does anyone here have experience buying 2009 RAV4 Base 4WD 4-cyl 2.5L with Extra Package(including 17" wheels and rear privacy glass) recently?

    I want to know some experiences and expected OTD prices for it, and I live in Rochester, Minnesota.

    Thank you!
  • krisudhakrisudha Posts: 2
    I am in the market for the Rav4. I found two similar base 4wd 2009 Certified Pre-owned vehicles with the following pricing from the SAME DEALER.

    1. Base 2009 4WD - 10K miles - $19,000 - White
    2. Base 2009 4Wd - 8K miles - $24,000- Silver

    Apart from the colors, there is no other difference in feature (from what I see in the advt and what I heard from the dealer). Even the carfax shows both the vehicles are corporate fleet lease vechicles owned by a single owner for approximately 6 months and no problems.

    I am more interested in buying the one that is $19,000 (plan to bargain it to $18K + TTL). Anything fishy with this one as I see a $4K difference in the price between the two? Please help.

    Thank You!
  • Ira in Manchester only got down to $22,000. Tell me, how hard was it to get them down to $21,500? I wonder if they would do that for me if I showed them your post? Either way I am so glad I read this. I was almost ready to jump on Manchester's offer.
  • jenp1jenp1 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a Silver Toyota Rav 4, Base Model, 4x2, no extras for $19,500. $22,000 out the door. I live in Santa Monica, California.
  • thanks for the message.
    v6 or v4 engine?
  • I've got a 12+year relationship with a dealer in town, a 30 year relationship with Toyota. I want to by a 2009 RAV4. The sticker price is $29281 - it includes:

    RAV4 V6 4x4 Sport
    Sport Appearance Package
    Sport Extra Value
    Tow Prep
    Backup Monitor Mirror
    Auto lights on/off
    Floor Mats

    I told them I had been looking online and saw that the average price for this vehicle was $27200 BEFORE the $500 rebate, and it INCLUDES the $800 destination. So all that's left would be taxes, tags and their document fee (27200 - 500 x .0317 + 60 + 340 = 27946 - OTD).

    Their final offer to me was $29344. They pulled out the supposed factory invoice - which showed their invoice price as around 27300+/-. I noticed and questioned an additional charge of $500 for holdback - I said that I shouldn't have to pay the holdback - it makes no sense - that's what Toyota returns to the dealership. I was told, literally, "there's only one holdback, just one, that's all and that's it." WHAAADDDD??? Blah blah blah lick kill moist - if he had said that, it's just as informative, but at least it would have been entertaining!

    Anyway, they let me walk. I've just searched fitzmall and found the exact vehicle with an internet price of 26806 - which includes freight. Add in the taxes, tags, and I've got a total right around 28000. I live in Northern VA, what are the implications of buying in Maryland? Could I still get it serviced in Virginia - or would they let the hammer fall and nail me each time I took it in for routine service (yes, I am paranoid - but this process is just so insane it makes me paranoid!).

    Am I expecting too much - could it be because it's in Northern VA? I told them I had looked at the CRV but didn't care for it as it resembles a mini-van inside & out, but I also looked at the Nissan Rogue - which is a very nice vehicle, and I like that transmission. Granted, it's only a V4 - but it's also much cheaper - and I know a number of people with Nissans' that have had them for 8-12 years, so I think the quality is somewhat comparable.

    My first choice is the RAV4 - but I can't get it in the color I want, they don't actually have it in stock - they've got to get it from another dealer and when it gets here it'll have over 100 miles on it.

    I just don't get why they'd let me walk, after 12 years - my car is serviced there - REGULARLY - I just shelled out $2500 to get my camry's rear seal and other things fixed (I plan on giving my camry to my parents).

    Looking forward to your thoughts and advice. . . Veronica!
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    If you choose to purchase your vehicle from Fitzmall you can have it serviced at any Toyota dealership, you are not obligated to have it done at a certain dealership as the initial warranty is from the manufacture and not the dealership. From the sound of things if Fitzmall has what you want I'd buy from them if the local dealers refuse to budge on their price.
  • Jenp1, I'm looking to buy the exact same car and was wondering where you bought yours? Thanks!
  • danioyuandanioyuan Posts: 1
    Hi, jenp1, does the OTD price include tax and everything? Thanks.
  • Did anyone purchase security alarm as an option on RAV4? If so, how much did you pay for it? I'm shopping for a RAV4 I4 base model with value package, and can't find any already installed with security alarm? The dealer told me their customers are not interested in buying things like security alarm, mudguards, etc. :confuse:
  • When I was leasing my RAV4 in April, the dealer offered me the alarm for $23 a month for 36 months. If you do the math, that's $828. I thought that it was high, but he said that they go for about $700 but a little more if you want to spread it over the lease period. I didn't get it. I just got the gap coverage in case it gets stolen for $7/month.
  • Does anyone have a hint at the rebates or financing deals for RAV4 in August?
  • cableman2cableman2 Posts: 3
    I am from Rochester, NY. I am interested in buying a new Rav4 4-cylinder 4x4 with the extra value package (daytime running light, tinted windows, 17 inch wheels, roof rack). Does anybody have an idea on what i should pay for this. Has anybody bought a car similar to this and got it for a good price? thanks for the help.
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