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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • For what it's worth: I live in north NJ -- I bought my 2009 V6 Limited RAV4 on July 27 (the first "official" day of the C4C program), and got the full $4500 C4C plus a discount of $1500 off the sticker price. I have absolutely no complaints about the deal I got. Dealers might now be getting more reluctant to discount these cars since demand has gone up. Guess it still pays to shop around.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I just checked there're only 4 RAV4 left in one of volume dealer in MA, Boch Toyota
  • 09 rav4 basic
    with 17in alloy wheels
    6 cd changer

    18.2k otd! w/ cash for clunkers trade in

    not sure if mazda was worth 4.5 or 3.5, either way i feel i got a good deal
    remember tax in cali is close to 10% :surprise:
  • paul007paul007 Posts: 30
    I paid $24,921.13 (Thomasville, GA) for a Limited Rav4 I4 in Blizzard Pearl (extra $220) and non-nav Convenience Package ($1,360). The CFC $4,500 voucher was then subtracted. This was done on the first day of the program before the dealers had a firm idea of how well the program would be. I suspect that I would not get the same deal today as many Toyota dealers have quit discounting. Unlike other areas, there are no Rav4 rebates being currently offered in the Southeast.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 208
    kydfdx is correct. Demand is way up and inventories are way down. Even Fitzmall is now selling its two Limited models for $500 over invoice. Couple weeks ago it was $500 under invoice. I am holding off, too. The market is too screwy right now and probably won't settle down until the 2010s arrive in September.
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    2009 Sand base 4x4 4cyl with EVP, floor mats, mud guards

    $21743 + $218 doc/DMV - clunker $4500

    $17461 OTD

    this is from McMinnville Toyota, taking delivery of a special order made about 2 weeks ago when C4C started - as of Friday they did not have any new RAVs left on the lot
  • canngacannga Posts: 20
    I found the RAV4 that I wanted, limited V6 loaded, in Southern California for 500 off plus 4500 Clunker.

    I want to pay cash for the car, but the dealer, for reason that I don't know whether to believe, wants to structure it as a loan from Toyota Financial, and guarantees that I will incur NO FEE, NO PENALTY, NO INTEREST. In 30 days or so, he stated I will receive a bill from Toyota Financial. At that point, he stated if I pay off the loan, it will be exactly the same as if I pay by cash.

    His reason is that they want to be guaranteed payment by Toyota since he's not sure if the clunker program will reimburse. I want to walk because I think there is something fishy and he's trying to make extra money with the financing.

    Before I walk, I thought I would check the forum first, since he states this is done frequently without any extra fee to customer. Please advise.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    You should walk if they don't take the cash and await the money from govt because they put up the sign as C4C participating dealer.

    I know dealers are not sure how long will it take to get that big bunch of money from uncle sam, since everyday the major deals are with C4C program.
  • 2009 RAV4 base FW (4x2) Auto with QV package(17" wheels, rear sun-glass, top steel luggage shelf) and floor mats
    $16,320 OTD price ( trade-in: cash $4,500 for clunker).

    Excellent SUV!
    Runing at 26.7 mpg so far most on highways.
    Only complaint is back door should be lifeted up, not on the right hand side.
  • Hi Rhyflare,

    Could you happen to tell me what dealer and person you made the deal through?

    I have been trying to get the same specs Rav4 but most dealers are asking for 22k!!

    I remember my relative got a Rav4 back in 2007 limited 4x4 4-cyl for 22k OTD!!!

    I would greatly appreciate your help,

    Thank you

  • $1200 under MRSP for a Limited V6 4x4 w/CY, TO and carpets mats. Got $3500 off for my old clunker. Cut the deal the first week of the CFC program-waited 10 days for car to arrive. S. Illinois.
  • Correction:

    the First Time home buyers Tax Credit is a "Credit." You get 8k, it's not a 8k tax deduction.

    If you make 60k/yr the credit is actually like receiving a 10k pay raise for that year. assuming income tax + 15% fed + ss and this and that. It is a great deal.
  • I am in Raliegh NC and I'm shopping for a lease on a Rav4 base model with the third row seat. It seems like no dealer in NC wants to lease a Toyota at an honest price. Best offer so far is 23,500 msrp , sell price 22,500. Salesman gave that price before he knew we were going to lease it and then got pissed after he found out it was a lease. Anyway Toyota is advertising a Rav4 lease deal of $2699 down 239 a month 36 months based on a $22,500 sales price. So the dealership offered a monthly payment of 273 total with taxes included in the payment. after looking at the contract I got pissed and walked out, they added a $550 maintenance plan and a $980 administration fee bringing the purchase price up to 24,000 something. I guess that is how they justified the monthly payment. After contacting other dealerships it seems like they are all playing the same game around here, I am tempted to drive up to NY to buy the car because they have a better (cheaper) lease program. $1999 down $199 a month. I guess my question is, how much should it cost a month to add on a $1,000 option (third row seat)?
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    There must be some kind of kickback, interest reserve, or volume incentive he is gunning for by making you go through TFS. Just make sure the contract says there is no pre-pay penalty.

    I'd make a mention of how he's probably doing this for a cash-to-dealer incentive and throw in some floor mats or something for it.

    I did this in October 2008 with my 08 RAV4 LTD loaded, signed for a 12% interest rate (dealer gets an incentive/kickback from it), paid it off in full 4 days later in cash. Got free all-weather floor mats and detailing package to be used within 1 year, reminds me to use that soon.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    I would definitely shop at a new dealer, and do NOT mention the lease until you have a firm purchase price. Then, mention the lease and everything will be based on that.

    You can do much better than those lease deals advertised by Toyota, as they are a starting point for negotiations. They only do like $1,000 off MSRP, and then you have to do a huge cap cost reduction to get the payment down.

    Is the car you're looking at the Base 4WD or 2WD? 4cyl?

    On the 2WD 4cyl plus third row seat, MSRP is 23,240, invoice 22,300. You should be able to do $22,300 at the most, which is invoice, so the dealership makes the holdback + any incentives going on under the radar.

    Don't know EXACT numbers, but payment for a 36month lease based on $22,300 sell price with $1000 down, is $265 a month excluding tax. This is with the third row seat.
  • Thanks for the replys. Just to clarify I was helping my mother-in-law lease this rav4 and the sad thing is that due to her age she can't or won't just jump in the car and travle to different dealerships to get a good deal. The only deals we were being offered over e-mail were way worse so I told her to just go with the first deal. The bottom line is she loves the car and is happy with the deal so I just left it alone. thanks for your help.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    This is Toyota site special lease for RAV4 - - - - - 4_lease.gif/page/photo.html#pic

    $219 mo w/ 1999 due at signing ($1,130 DOWN) ... should be BASE 4X4 2.5l

  • apache1apache1 Posts: 2
    Hi ,Please let me know if the price you paid ie 20,820 includes destination and ttl

  • apache1apache1 Posts: 2

    I went to a dealer in dallas,texas to purchase

    2009 toyota RAV4

    Model 4430 5-door 4X2 SUV

    and this is the price he quoted

    Base MSRP $ 21,500 (He refused to go below MSRP for only standard options)

    D/P/H $ 855

    Window tint $ 319

    Mat set $ 199

    Rebate $ 1000

    Total Selling Price $ 21,873 + TTL

    Is this a good price, Please advice, we are a first time SUV buyer


  • lori56lori56 Posts: 19
    I don't know how important this is for buyers out there, but the new Rav does not have back seats that tumble as well as come out. My 2004 Rav's seats tumble and can be totally removed which creates additional cargo space. You can place stuff right on the floor of the vehicle. With the new model, you're placing stuff on top of the back of the seats. You're missing that space between the floor and the top of the back of the seats. This may not seem crucial - but if you need to pack up the Rav, you need all available space. The only 2009 models that I know of whose seats still tumble at least are the CRV, and I've been told the Outlander (which I have not seen first hand). That ability to at least tumble the back seats gives you access directly to the vehicle's floor....

    Perhaps this might be of help to someone out there comparing the vehicles.
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