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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes, its a better deal. Check in
  • 2006 does not contain side curtain airbags buy 2007
  • Hey Car_Man: Do you know if Toyota is offering any incentives on the 2010 RAV4 limited edition in TX. Thanks for your help!!
  • will give you current incentive information by ZIP code.
  • What did you pay for the "car" itself? or, the amount that dealer pockets.

    For comparison, you have to strip out such 3rd party cost as tax, title fee, etc.
  • I wound up purchasing an 2010 Rav4 Base 4WD. Sticker was around 24,200.

    Prices are identical as far as I can tell. The dealer I was at had an 09 and 10. The 09 had good lease incentives and a 3.9% Toyota backed loan but I did not like the color combination.

    I wound up getting 1000 off of MSRP on the 2010 and got financing at 4.9% through Bank of America. I could not get much more than than on the 2009.

    To me the only reason to buy an 09 is the lease incentive. I could have leased the 09 for 218 month out the door. ( With 3K down )
  • Thank Ted. I checked out some RAV4's this weekend. I didnt like any 09's in stock. The dealer ordered one 2010 for me at invoice +$300 - any company incentives at the time of delivry (2010 incentives on the RAV4 are not out yet).
  • A reporter is looking to speak to consumers who have recently purchased a compact SUV in the past six months. If you’ve downsized from a larger SUV, please let me know. Please send your daytime phone number to by Friday, October 2, 2009.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • Do you mind I ask where are you and which dealership? Thanks
  • Ncaler, I am in Houston, TX. The dealership is Sterling McCall Toyota on 59 and 8. Good Luck !!
  • send me your email address and I will forward that quote to you
  • Hello: I'm a new poster. I'm looking to get a new RAV4. I live in SW Indiana. Can anybody suggest a "high volume" dealer in this area who will give a great price? This will be my first Toyota, and so I have no idea. Perhaps such a dealer doesn't even exist. By the way, what percent off MSRP should I target as a "good deal"?

  • Did I pay more. This is with QY package and backup camera.tinted windows, option.
    Can any one tell me if I ended up paying more. It almost matches with TMV with options.
  • iah_naiah_na Posts: 5
    Dosth: Now that you have the car. Enjoy the ride without worrying about the numbers. You got a good deal. Have fun !!
  • Please send me your quote.
  • Hi, I just moved to Seattle area. I am looking around for a 2010 Rav4 sport AWD. I've asked around and been offered around 25,000 before TTL with extra value package by a bunch of different dealers, making OTD at 28,000. Is there any chance I can drive out below 26,000? If I switched to 09 model, how much could I save? Thanks!
  • Looking for rav4 sport #4442 MSRP $26500 qx,mats,muds ,locks. Shooting for under $300 x 36 , no $ down except 1st + mv NEW YORK DEALERS SUCK
  • That's asking a lot in my opinion. I got a 2009 Limited (msrp $28,500) in April for $350 (nothing down), that's the best I could with aggressive negotiation. That was after looking at a few different dealers.

    I got it at Queensboro Toyota.
  • @plaza auto mall #4442 $26200 $296 x36 + 1st +75 mv + 75 paperwork fee ?
    +12.50 tire tax .On 09 only one left in red . Want the black looks 100% nicer
    with non painted side v mirors. I hope the 2010 incentives are argresive
  • Looks like they raised the MF and raised resid. same promo 199 =2199 down
    but its gonna cost you another 1000 to buy .like to know MF and resid #s
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