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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tarmsnt......Check out message #3094 since you are in the same area. You may save a bundle.
  • browngoat....If the true MSRP in the window stickeris $24,109, the invoice should be about $1,700 less. If they are offering a $1481 discount, that is pretty good. If there is a $500 rebate in your area, like in many areas right now, you should get the vehicle for $1981 below MSRP.
  • Hey puneecar, I am not very familiar with but I just did a comparison between truecar and edmunds. I priced out identically optioned Rav4 Ltd and got the same MSRP from true car and edmunds but true car showed the invoice to be $594 higher than edmunds showed. Do you know why that is? I just checked some Fitzmall prices too and they seem to line up with truecar's higher invoice price. Wonder what the difference is.
  • I just bought a 2010 Basic RAV4, FWD, 4 cyl, with extra value package and floor mats

    I got an internet price quote by a Toyota dealer at NC research triangle area.
    $20,286, plus
    dealer fees $499,
    tags and inspection $147,
    tax (3%) $608
    Net out-the-door=$21,541. This is cash price, cannot be combined
    with the promotional financing by Toyota.

    To qualify for "college graduate $1,000 rebate" I have to finance the car. So, we worked out the following deal that I accepted.
    Net OTD=$21,483, with 0% 36-month financing (financing amount=$21,483) and I signed over the $1,000 rebate to dealer as down pay. Alternatively, I think I probably can finance $22,483 and pocket the $1,000 rebate.
  • I just got Toyota 2010 RAV4 BASE 4x4 AWD with third row seating for
    $25,370 (OTD). Wanted to know if this is a good deal in NJ area or not?

    Please suggest
  • Since you have already got the car, the fairness of the price is a moot issue unless you can renegotiate the price.

    OTD price is meaningless to others unless you detail the other costs, like tax, title, dealer charged fees, etc. Since I have bought cars (last one, a 07' Lexus) in NJ before, I can make a rough estimate on the deal you got. After 7% tax and options, the deal you got is a decent one, although not a steal (but who has a steal?). In general, car prices in NJ are lower than those at most mid-Atlantic and New England states.
  • My dealer is telling me I can't get QY and TH. They say Toyota won't make heated leather seats in the QY along with a third-row seat. Can only get factory fabric seats with third-row option. I see your post was in Jan '09, so maybe things have changed. Are your first two rows leather?
  • Is Toyota offering the $500 rebate on the RAV4 in TX? Thanks!!
  • Not that I've heard only incentives I've seen are 0% for 36 months, 2.9 for 48 months, and 3.9 % for 60 months.
  • Hi all:

    I am hoping to purchase Rav4 Limited V6 with QY package, Backview mirror, tow package... (FE BC PC QY TO)

    The port installed options include - CF BM MF (carpet mats, body molding, mudgaurd)

    1. What does "port installed" mean? Is this something the dealer installs?
    2. The price I am quoted is $29300, while MSRP comes to $31,442. Is this a good price?

    3. What does "dealer holdback" price mean, its something like $500, is this something the dealer can potentially pass onto me?
    4. How much can the dealer afford to give below invoice price? I am guessing he gets the car below invoice or there are some incentives he gets...

    Your answers would be very helpful.

  • 1) Port-installed.. Options installed by the distributor at port... They can add them to the Monroney sticker, usually.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 1. The port installed options are installed at the port of entry before the car is shipped to the dealer. Those options should be included on the sticker price in the window. Different ports install different options. Seems odd but that is the way it is. I have heard that if you want a car without some port installed option, you can special order the car so that when the port receives the car from Japan, they will not install the option on the car they are directing to you. It might be difficult to find a dealer who will work with you on this but it is something that can get done.

    2. Your price is $2100 off MSRP and a pretty good deal. Not many will get a better price.

    3. Dealer holdback is money heldback by Toyota but eventually given the dealer when the car is sold. $500 is in the ballpark. A dealer can potentiallly pass it to you but I have never known a dealer who even wants to talk about it, much less pass it on.

    4. There is no answer to this question because it varies from dealer to dealer. It is also affected by a lot of different factors that frequently change. One example is when a dealer meets its quota, there may be some incentive from the factory. If a dealer has a monthly quota of 20 vehicles and the factory tells him he will get an extra $100 for each of the vehicles he sells during the month if he meets his quota, he might cut you a very nice deal if it is the last day of the month and he just needs to sell one more car to meet his quota. He could even sell the car to you for a loss just so he can collect the $2000 incentive from the factory. If he is not close to his quota, he just might try to get as much from you as he can not really caring a lot whether or not he sells you a vehicle. If it is a large dealer with a 100 car quota, he may be looking at getting an extra $10,000 for meeting his quota so he has a good reason to make you a better deal just to get the sale.
  • Live in Central Jersey and just bought the above with QY, CF, MF, and WL. Car price is 26717 (msrp 28539) plus 1870 sales tax, 299 doc fees, and 409 license plate, registration, title, etc. I visited three dealerships over 4 weeks periods to seal the deal.
    I believe I got a good bargain and would like to thank those who had given the advice.
  • I just leased a Rav 4 limited 4cylinder with extra value pack including back up camera for $268 a month 36 months 12000 miles a year with $2500 down. MSRP is $28834. How did I do.
  • cyhocyho Posts: 2
    I used this board during my buying purchase so I would like to contribute

    I bought a 2010 Rav4 Base FWD, 3rd row, EVP, floor mats, side molding for 21850 after rebate. After TTL it was 24105.16. Im in N. California. I took the 500 rebate

    21833 was's great price. So 21850 is pretty good

    Good luck
  • Just inked the deal in the Atlanta GA metro area on a 4 cyl. RAV4 Sport gray metallic with value package, floor mats and tonneau for invoice $21,853 and out the door at $23,822.

    My insurance company has a partnership setup with so there was no negotiating. The internet manager contacted me within the hour verifying the price and ready to setup delivery. The experience was incredible and as painless as it gets.
  • So you paid $2000 above invoice?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    He said he got it AT INVOICE plus taxes, fees, etc. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.... :confuse:
  • Im jealous

    i had a tough time with dealers over 3 wks and best i managed in Sept '09 was 26.6k OTD after NYTax for 2009 base 4x4 +ThirdRow. (Dealer Cost at the time was 22.7K w a quote of 23.9 w/ minimal fees)

    If only i were able to wait 2mo.s for the new wave of 2010 models. sucks to have been in the post ClunkersRebate market for 2009 vehicles.

    got my best deal from Lawrence Toyota after a horrible experience at East Coast Toyota, both in NJ
  • I paid $1900 under invoice. I should have worded that differently and also failed to mention this was on a 2010 model.
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