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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • albert72albert72 Posts: 141
    I went to the dealer this past Saturday for a test drive and they had several equipped the way I wanted. Having spent a week with a RAV4 as a rental, I knew I liked the way it drove so I was ready to do a deal.

    To my good fortune, the salesman was a jerk and I walked out. If Toyota handles this properly, in the long run it could work to their advantage but resolving their issues is very complex and could take quite a long time. Determining the problem, re-engineering and implementing on the production lines as well as fixing existing inventory is not going to be easy.
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    I couldn't beleive all the stories told by Toyota Salesmen. I wanted a vehicle that was not available at any dealer. The first Salesman I went to told me I could not get them to "build" me a RAV4 to my specs. But he told me I could possibly get one "tweaked" coming off the line.

    Next I went by another Dealer and the Salesman told me he could get one built to my specs. And I ordered one. Then he told me, as the first salesman had told me, I could not get one built. But, as with the other dealer, he told me I could get one tweaked coming off the line. Later he told me I couldn't do that either. But he would keep looking.

    And still later the accelerator issue exploded. So I cancelled my order last week.

    Now I understand that they have stopped Sales and Production in an attempt to resolve the acceleration issue. Let's hope they get to the bottom of this. I think it is good that Toyota finally owned up to the problem rather than trying to brush it under the carpet the last few years. After all "reliability" is what Toyota is based upon.
  • We leased a 2010 Rav4 Limited last week at Prestige Toyota in NJ. I spoke with the sales manager today, he said that our vehicle was manufactured in Japan (a "J" in the VIN number) and that it was not effected by this recall. Is that true? I wanted confirmation from Toyota, but their "Customer Experience" number is jammed and they are not accepting calls at this time. Any Toyota experts out there to confirm?
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 390
    I think what goes around comes around. Toyota has been pretty arrogant riding high on past reputation while offering lesser warranties and charging higher prices for some time. If the quality is so good one would think offering a better warranty would cost them little, right? Well I think they will now have to play catch up to win people back into the fold when other manufactures are offering more for less. (safety recall will have to fix things for free, but reading of people paying $900 to fix their RAV steering because they are just outside of 3yr/36K doesn't bode well for the "quality" image)
    I once considered buying a RAV-4, but that swinging door, lesser warranty and inflexible higher price sent me elsewhere. I hope they learn from this and the consumer will benefit.
  • According to Toyota, only cars manufactured in North America (i.e. US, Canada, and Mexico) have the accelerator problem. Cars manufactured in Japan have a different accelerator mechanism/design. If this is true, your RAV4 is probably ok. However, since this information is from Toyota, take it for what it's worth.
  • You mentioned "2009 4 cylinder FWD for $19,500 with 13,000 miles" - Is $19.5K is selling price or drive out (OTD) price ?. Similar to this car I found 2009 4 cyl FWD base 18K miles certified the dealer is quoting me $19995 drive out price. I tried to negotiate for $500 less but he is firm on his stand. Is it a good price ?
  • Wow, we were very close to leasing a RAV4, but given the recall issue we are going with something else!! We also had the good fortune of a terrible sales person that continued to give us inaccurate information about inventory and dealer trades etc so we backed out and now we are thankful that it was a bust.
    Best of luck to toyota on trying to fix this PR nightmare! :lemon:
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 390
    Yes, when I looked in 2007 they just didn't budge on price or accommodate. There are plenty of other fish out there with better warranties that want your business without an arrogant attitude.

    Here's a list of some to start comparing with: s/

    (be sure to hit the "more" button to get as much info as you can)
  • That was the asking price and they claimed they couldn't move from that because it cost them money to get it certified. This gave me the 7/100,000 drive train warranty. The out the door price had to include license, tax, etc. It also cost me a HUGE $125 for them to take care of the DMV stuff on it!!!!!!! That's insane, but you don't have a choice. For $125/ vehicle, I'll stand in line all day. :mad:
  • It's my understanding that my Rav, with the JP in the VIN, means it is made in Japan and is not affected by the recall. I also understand that Ford buys the same accelerator and has said and done NOTHING! I bought a Toyota because I was burned multiple times by GM V-6's with bad intake manifold gaskets. GM KNEW about the problem as early as the late 80's and never did a thing about it. It prompted a class action suit that has now gone by the wayside because they filed Chapter 11. :mad: I happen to commend Toyota for owning up to the problem and jumping right on it rather than having to be dragged into a lengthy denial and refusal to fix process.
    On a different note, in the short time I've had my Rav 4, I have noticed that many things are opposite what an American car is like. You don't give the stalk a quick push down for one sweep of the wipers, it's up. You don't pull the light stalk toward you for high beams, it's away. I guess it's a matter of getting used to it, but it feels weird. I live where we get a lot of snow and slush. If you have to brush snow off the windshield, you had better not brush it down toward the hood. If snow gets pushed under the lip of the hood, you'll block the washers, which are a BIG necessity in sloppy weather. I also think the heater could put out a little more heat than what I am getting. The CD player is the first I've ever been disappointed in. It has very bad/ tinny treble. I don't understand why the automatic transmission has 3 and D next to each other. I would have expected them to be separate in the line of choices. If you aren't watching for it, you'll tend to go into 3 and that ups the RPM's at speed and cuts fuel mileage.
  • The latest I've heard, second hand, is the pedal is a smoke screen. The real problem is in a program/ chip in the computer!! Why would a gas pedal problem suddenly cause you to increase in speed without any input from you?!!!! :confuse: If it IS a glitch, then it would affect all of us, not just American made vehicles, right? Do they make the real fix while you're waiting for them to fix a bad peddle?
  • Toyota announced $1000 loyalty bonus plus 0% Apr for 36 months on 2010 Rav4 after the accelerator recall. Best offer I am getting for 2010 Rav4 Base 2WD 2.5L 4 Cyl is $20600 (inclusive of $1000 loyalty bonus) +TTL. Is it a good price for this trim ? Thanks for your input.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    We went to test drive a RAV4 last night. We figured we could use this negative PR to our advantage and negotiate a deal on a vehicle that most would not want to touch with a 6 foot pole. The sales guy was a really nice guy, took us on a test drive... I was not terribly impressed with the smoothness of the 4 cylinder, but I come from a long line of silky smooth Honda engines.

    When it came time to talk price, he would only bring it down to invoice... I was looking for a steal, not invoice. I told him if they change their mind, we are only around the corner from the dealership. I figured $20,000 for a 4 cylinder AWD RAV4 base was a fair offer, since it has been compromised, and we are WILLING TO TAKE IT OFF THEIR HANDS :blush:
  • I was also thinking along the same lines but best offer I got for 4 cylinder FWD RAV4 base was 20600, what was the dealer offer to you on the 4 cylinder AWD RAV4 base ? under these circumstances, what to do think will be a fair price for 4 cylinder FWD RAV4 base ?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I was also thinking along the same lines but best offer I got for 4 cylinder FWD RAV4 base was 20600, what was the dealer offer to you on the 4 cylinder AWD RAV4 base ? under these circumstances, what to do think will be a fair price for 4 cylinder FWD RAV4 base ?

    Their final answer was $22,500, which is pretty much the invoice. My expectations were $20,000 or less on compromized merchandize. Which is not out of line, IMHO, considering that not too many people ar elining up to buy these, right now.

    I have a feeling that once the recall is completed, Toyota will forcus on getting people into the dealerships. I would imagine there will be a loyalty incentive, which we will not qualify, but they may also be a competitor incentive, which we will qualify for.

    I think a FWD RAV4 base should sell for $18,000 or so, since it is also a distressed mechandise.

    Most retail stores will throw distressed mechandise at 50% off MSRP when they want to get rid of it. Toyota may have to do that soon.
  • The problem is that the dealer will certainly not sell at a loss. Unless Toyota comes through with some large incentive to the dealers, I don't think this situation will make a whole lot of difference. Fitzmall, for example, hasn't changed their internet prices listed on their website. If you are lucky, you might be able to get them to lower the price one or two hundred dollars but one or two thousand below invoice will never happen at the dealer level. Only Toyota can make that happen.
  • Which dealership is offering the extra loyalty incentive on the RAV4? The dealers I've called are stating this loyalty incentive is only on the corolla, camry and prius. Can anyone confirm that this is on the RAV4? And is it in addition to the current $1000 cash to customer?
  • I just bought a base RAV4 at OTD of 21750. there only has $500 bonus cash back.
  • vansmack9vansmack9 Posts: 3
    edited February 2010
    I bought my base rav4 w/ added bluetooth for 21,250.00.this included the 500.00 rebate and the 2.9% financing for 60 months. Took a bit of haggling for this price. I put my 3000.00 down pmnt on The toyota rewards Visa which is 3000 x 5pts=150.00 credit on toyota serice/parts. I think anyone interested in a rav 4 should look into buying one now or in the next month or so.
  • Can you guys please post where you bought the car?
    Because simply telling everyone the price you paid doesn't really help anyone.
    I can go around and said I paid $15000 for a Rav4 2010 and it won't help
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