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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Southern Calif.
    Toyoto of Cerritios
  • Would you mind sharing your selling price ?
  • (from 2 posts back)

    I bought my base rav4 w/ added bluetooth for 21,250.00.this included the 500.00 rebate and the 2.9% financing for 60 months. Took a bit of haggling for this price. I put my 3000.00 down pmnt on The toyota rewards Visa which is 3000 x 5pts=150.00 credit on toyota serice/parts. I think anyone interested in a rav 4 should look into buying one now or in the next month or so.
  • Thanks for the info,
    If it is O.K, can you please provide the breakdown of price ? I want to know the actual price + fees like freight, doc fee, Tax and tags. Also how much was for bluetooth option ?
  • I contact dealer in regard to RAV 4 Limited 4WD V-6. He quoted MSRP $31,478, and would sell it to me for $29,421. I email back, and made an offer of $28,331, which I stated was a reasonable offer of 10% off sticker. No response as of yet. The vehicle mention appears to be loaded. I'm also, looking at a Honda CRV EX-L 4WD. My wife like's the CRV, but I like the RAV4 mention above ( except for rear tire on out side)

    Any one out there whose been looking/shopping for a good deal on the RAV4 feel my offer is reasonable or too much?
  • The dealer got back, and stated mark-up was not much, and would sell the RAV4 Limited V-6 AWD to me for $28,721. However, I did notice this Limited RAV4 came with cloth interior, and not leather.
  • I have a 2010 RAV V6 Limited w/Navi and I just installed the usb interface kit from Toyota. I plugged in my iPhone and the screen on the iPhone says this kit is not intended for iphone and puts my iphone in "airplane mode" and will play audio from the phone however the navi touch interface controls do not seem to work properly. I'm thinking it is because I have iphone and not ipod or itouch. Has anyone had success using the navi interface touch controls via the usb kit for any of these apple devices?
  • $2700 off MSRP is a nice price. Congrats.
  • I understand there is a lot of difference between AWD systems. If you take a RAV4 on a flat stretch of pure ice and floorboard it, what happens? Can you get all 4 wheels to spin at the same time?
  • Below is another response from dealer that I'm interested in buying a RAV4 Limited 6cyl. I ask for a price on another model, Limited 6 cyl FWD. I was surprise by below answer. Also, I'm about ready to purchase, but wife like's the Honda CRV EX-L AWD. I like the Honda, but prefer the RAV4 Ltd 6cyl. It's a tough choice. Maybe I should flip a coin, and go with the coin pick.

    "No problem with the names, it happens all the time! The Limited I had sent to you does have leather- it is included in the Premium Package near the bottom of the equipment listing. Unfortunately Toyota does not sell the front wheel drive Limited model in the area of the county, only the base Rav4 is available in this region in the front wheel drive model. You would have to go to the Carolina's to purchase a front wheel drive Limited. Dealers this far north can not even preference an order on the front wheel Limited. Please let me know if you should have any other questions or concerns!"
  • I had 120K on my 2005 AWD CRV SE and loved it and was getting ready to buy the new 2010 with the new 180hp motor. I had looked at the RAV when I bought this one but didn't care for the styling. I just bought the 2010 RAV Limited V6 4WD and couldn't be happier. I was concerned about the gas mileage but around town get 20-21 mpg (not as good as CRV) and on the highway just got 28.8 mpg going uphill from 1000 to 4000 feet at a distance of 250 miles (going a little over 70 mph and about 2000 rpm so this motor is almost idling) which is as good as the CRV I think. The V6 motor is amazing if you need the power and I really like this over the CRV. I bought the car over the web using the American Express auto program and paid about $2600 under MSRP which I thought was good so I showed up at the dealer only to pick up the car, great buying experience. I would have most likely been happy with the new CRV as well but I think the RAV for me was a better choice. It has the keyless starter which my wife likes a lot (doesn't have to find the keys in her purse), it is a little bigger inside, the styling is new last couple of years, the oil filter is in a much easier to replace location for us DIY'ers and I'm hoping the reliability will be as good as the bullet proof CRV, I would recommend you get one made in Japan (J is first character in the VIN) as they have no issues with all this latest recall stuff. I also ended up with the Navi which I really didn't want as it locks out most functions when the car is moving but in my area when you get the car with the options I wanted, the Navi is always there. I kept my Garmin as a back up.
  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    Glad to hear you were able to buy a Base FWD V6-5spd. I'm using the "Toyota Configurator" at and can't put this combination together -- FWD requires 4-cylinder 4-speed. Can that be right? I just started looking at RAV4's and don't know the history.
  • Can anybody please share the OTD price they paid for a 2010 RAV4 Base 4WD in northern NJ?

  • skyla003skyla003 Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    We just bought a Silver 2010 base rav4 4 cyl 2wd with Ash interior today and even though i consider myself to be a savvy carbuyer, it was like pulling teeth getting them to play ball on the sticker price. Usually i buy my cars either as left overs, or when factory incentives are at their best, but this time round we absolutely needed a new car in a short time frame and it made the haggling process more difficult. Maybe it was my mistake in thinking that because of all the bad publicity that the ball would be in my court and make the process quicker, but it just wasnt. One nice thing they did was since we already had outside financing going in, they actually beat it by a .5%. All in all it was still a good buying experience as they never made us angry or made us feel small while haggling, so heres the details:

    Purchased in the Lehigh Valley Area in eastern PA
    50 State Emissions
    Base L4 EVP Package
    Black Roof Rails w/Crossbars
    Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat (5-Piece Set)
    Daytime Running Lights
    Rear Privacy Glass
    Wheels: 17" 5-Spoke Styled Steel

    Sticker Price: 22,794
    Negotiated Price: 21,250 (and it took 2 hours and saying ill just walk to get them there) and 20 minutes of that was the salesman and sales manager rhetoric about how theres nowhere to go without factory incentives
  • digitalusadigitalusa Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    Msrp: $25,580 . Paid OTD $23,500, with 7% tax in Fulton co. Georgia, with 14 miles on oddometer. Again, its OTD price ! . This is the best time to buy the TOYOTA cars !.

    I tried to buy the same car, actually different car with MSRP of $24,500, 2 month ago, and could not get at that price. The best was $25,000 !

    v6 power is awsome. only complain is the cabin is not that quiet.But then, we have the radio and cd's to play !

    If you are not scared of the recalls, get the car now ! before toyota fix the problem and the crazy discounts will disappear.
  • Does any body know when Toyota Rav4 will get rid off that silly rear door?
  • I think the total makeover will be in the 2012 model. Until then, I doubt the rear door will change.
  • I have a question about that American Express auto program where your price was $2600 under MSRP. I plugged in a 2010 RAV Likited V6 4WD and only got a savings of about $1600 under MSRP and that included the $500 incentive. I am in Oregon. I wonder if those numbers are at all dependant upon the participating dealer. We only have one Toyota dealer in our time and maybe they demand more. Any thoughts?
  • cyrusdcyrusd Posts: 25
    I got a quote via phone for this vehicle:

    2010 RAV4 4-Cyl FWD Limited Blizzard Pearl with these packages:
    BC (Backup camera)
    QY (Extra Value which includes JBL audio, sunroof, bluetooth, leather...) and
    CF (Premium Carpet and Rear cargo mat)

    Sale price: about $24,188 (includes the $1,000 Loyalty and $1,000 College Grad Rebate) -- I said "about" because I was dealing based on the OTD price.
    OTD price (6.25% tax in texas): $25,900

    This is the lowest price I got.
  • "If you are not scared of the recalls, get the car now ! before toyota fix the problem and the crazy discounts will disappear."

    Toyoya Corp, owes it's dealerships, employees, and the consumer a lot more then what's out there now. Sale's employee's lost mucho $$ because of mis-management, and shady workmanship. Toyota Corp. should have mega discount's on all Toyota models, and the $$ loss is on them. The consumer would gladly buy Toyota vehicles, and dealer employee's will get back $$+ from what they lost during the past months. Inventory amount's would quickly disappear, and Toyota could become #1 again.
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