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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92
    isn't there 15000 mile service that you have to do? How much does that cost?
  • abbotsburyabbotsbury Posts: 10
    Sorry to take so long to reply to you. haven't been on the site lately.

    I got the internet sales mgr addresses for ~ 25 dealers in the Baltimore/DC region and then sent emails asking them to make an offer. I ended up buying from FitzMall; however, frankly if I had spent another couple days I could have knocked another $200 off of the price based on several dealers who came back to me after I had closed the sale.

    I found that the spread on quotes was pretty wide at first... $1000 or so. However, after I went back to them several dropped very low. FitzMall is the most price competitive as their dealers don't work on commission, evidently, and their advertising expenses are low. I used their offer to get several others to drop their bids. Ended up with one dealer who seemed to really want to make the sale (probably to get the car off the lot) but he was late... I had already bought from FitzMall.

    Best wishes with your shopping. Do it from the computer. There's absolutely no upside ever to walking into a dealership and talking price with a salesman. I didn't have even a phone conversation with a single person until the third round of bidding as I was ready to make a deal. And I never left my desk chair the whole time. All the price info is out there and on your side.
  • dealovedealove Posts: 6
    was looking into RAV4 and built the base model with 3.5L, 4X4, 5 speed automatic with backup camera option (along with extra value package, adds $834 in Indiana) on toyota website and sent to dealers for quotes. So far I got:


    MSRP of the build was $27,151. I looked at edmunds and realized the above quoted prices were merely invoice prices. How low do you think I should go?

    Also, I am a recent graduate, so I can use the $1000 rebate through toyota financial though I would like to pay it off within a month.
  • I've been shopping for a 4 cyl. FWD, pretty much a base model. I could not get a dealership to give me an Internet quote. Then, another little game they play is tell you they have the model you want (in my case, a J vin #'d car to avoid the gas pedal recall), and when you get there,...they've just sold it. But they have something else to show you of course, and naturally, it is either not what you wanted, or a model/color that no one seems to want. I had that happen with 3 dealerships before I caught on. As for the rebate, it is actually marketing support money from mfr to dealer, so not an actual rebate. It amounts to $1,500, good thru Aug. 2d, and the dealer is not required to pass it on but be sure to let him know you are aware of it and that you want it worked into your price. I would certainly drop 10%-15% below the msrp. The invoice is what the dealer supposedly pays the mfr for his cars, but there are various credits from the mfr to the dealer that do not get passed along to the buyer. Good luck in your negns. I got fed up with the sneaky, underhanded "Toyota Way" and am buying a Subaru Forester.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92
    Where do you see $1500 mrfr to dealer? I don't see anything on
  • I see it under marketing support. I'm in S. Florida. I don't know if it's any different outside of my area. It was supposed to expire on June 1 but was extended, apparently, to Aug. 2
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92
    you are right, it's there for S. Florida. We don't have that in midwest. We do have $750 customer cash back though. So I guess you guys have $750 more discount.
  • After weeks of deliberation over various cars, I finally bit the bullet and bought a 2010 RAV-4 base model, 4 cyl, Extra Value Package, & no other extras. With my trade, a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS, 111,000 mi o(n which CarMax previously offered $2K,) I paid $18,250 out the door, including 6% sales tax, fee to transfer tags of $90, destination of $800, and some other minor, misc. fees. I compromised on color: took a white vehicle which, here in Florida, is cooler but so boring. I just wanted a basic model at minimal cost. SE Toyota typically imposes Admin Fee of $650 from which they will not waiver, that in addition to the dealer's fee of approx. $700, over which you are free to battle the sales mgr, but good luck there. In SE Florida, we currently also have a Toyota incentive of $1500 marketing support/mfr to dealer, that is typically being passed along (at least in part) to the buyer. So....can anyone tell me how I did? I am awful at negotiating prices -- being a female, if I think I detect even a particle of patronization by the sales staff, I grow hostile and walk away from the transaction. Thanks for your feedback!
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I'd say you did very well, glad you were able to get the deal done.
  • But now, there is the level of concern about the safety of the vehicle. After reading so many opinions on these forums, seems that general consensus favors all 2009 Toyota vehicles are a danger at present. Any thoughts on that? (I know there is a forum that that topic; have spent some time there and I confess I'm a bit "rattled" by what I've read)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Well I'm no expert but Toyota has been working the issue hard and from everything I've read they seem to have addressed the problem pretty well. Some have complained about the shims installed and then didn't like the way the pedal felt so they requested the pedal be replaced and that seemed to correct the problem.
    Have you noticed anything unusual with the accelerator feeling? If so I'd have them check to see if a new pedal was installed or just the shims. Hopefully by now the problem has been fixed at the dealership already.
  • Haven't noticed anything odd in the accelerator. I do think the brake pedal is mushy and travels to far before engaging. I read on one of these forums that is a possible side effect of the changed accelerator pedal - don't know why one would affect the other. But I have a Denso pedal, which I thought was excluded from the recall/fix?
  • maq4463maq4463 Posts: 45
    Helped my sister last night in buying her new Rav4..ironically she went in to buy Camry..I asked her to looked into Rav4 also..she loved it...and decided to buy it instead of Camry...she had 2005 Honda Ody with 87K to trade...she bought from Koons Toyota in Fairfax...

    Here's her deal...
    2010 Rav4 Base FWD Final price 21,000 + Dest+TTL
    Trade in 10,850
    She financed at 2.9 for 60 months from Toyota Financial

    They tried to sell her usual GAP ins, Extended warranty, 4 year oil change blah, blah, blah...but I shot them down pretty quickly...overall good experience...sales person was very nice and courteous...took too long in the Finance dept...I guess it was late Sunday evening...

    We insisted on getting the "J Vin" because the excellent quality was so evident (specially in interior trim) that it was a no brainer...was the last on on the lot with J vin...had small scratch that they will fix ...but we still got the "J"

    The most appalling part was the quality of Camry..I was Shocked at the trim and fit and finish on Camry...test drove a fully loaded V6 SE.. the top of dash was all crocked over the clock....plastic trim(where the center column meets the center bin) miss-aligned and sharp edges...sticker MSRP over 31K..what a piece of crap....I rented a 2011 Hyundai Sonata last month and it was sooo much better than class...
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I've read in places where they mentioned a brake override system being installed in some of the higher end Toyota's but didn't see it mentioned for the RAV4's. I sometimes wonder just how closely the software issue was looked at and whether that played any part with the problems encountered.
  • lyndamdlyndamd Posts: 10
    I am in the Baltimore/DC market and looking to buy a RAV4 by this weekend. Got a high bid from a dealer in Baltimore (compared to what I'm reading on here, $2K higher) but sent out Internet quote requests and am awaiting some reponses. Looking for a 2010 base model fwd with value package. What model did you purchase? If you wouldn't mind passing on who you bought your car from or who ended up contacting you after you purchased your car, that would be great. Thanks.
  • Too bad you're not in S. Florida. I got a super deal from Delray Toyota. My salesman was helpful, courteous and sincere. Believe me, I spoke with different salesmen at various dealerships for over 4 weeks. This guy, although young and new to the sales game (or maybe because of it) was a class act, as were all of the people that I dealt with at Delray Toyota. I am not easy to please, am a cynic and will walk out the door and never look back if I'm displeased. This was a very easy & pleasant experience, although it took a long time on a Sat. evening. The sales manager was helpful but not in my face or pushy in the least. Not patronizing, not annoying, just darned good. So I bought the car, after hedging and hesitating at every other dealership that I visited.
  • ram12345ram12345 Posts: 3
    edited July 2010

    Is this a good price to pay for Toyota RAV4 LTD 4X2 (Model No 4450C) with the Extra value package, That includes Daytime Running Lights, Power Moonroof with Sunshade, JBL AM/FM 6-Disc CD Changer / Integrated XM Satellite Radio. (Includes a 90 Day Trial Subscription. At End of 90 Day
    Period, Requires XM Radio Subscription) / MP3/WMA Playback Capability / Hands-Free Phone Capability Via Bluetooth and 9 Speakers (Includes subwoofer) in 7 Locations, Premium Package. (Includes Leather Seating Surfaces / 8-Way. Adjustable Power Driver''s Seat with Power Lumbar Support / Driver and Front Passenger Heated Seats / 120V AC Power Outlet)

    Dealer is asking $25,026 plus ttl&f. This includes a $750 rebate which I have to give up for 0% for 36 months,1.9% for 48 months or 2.9% for 60 months.

    I specifically did not want the GPS system,because, it would not come with bluetooth capability and no 6 CD changes as well as no sub woofer speakers, which is odd with Toyota.

    Also, please suggest me if I should go with any other model if there is any issue with this particular one.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92
    I heard Toyota will redesign 2011 RAV4, is that true? I know it comes out in Aug/Sept time frame, in that case I might just wait for 2011. Hopefully Toyota will put 5 or 6 speed trans instead of just 4 they have now. I can't believe they still have only 4. All of the comparable cars have either 5 or 6, it's about time Toyotaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Other then that i like RAV4.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    hopefully also they'll move the spare tire to hidden location like the cr-v, which is now a much nicer looking vehicle becuase of that, imho.
  • acehawkacehawk Posts: 20
    Looking for a v6 sport 4wd. What kind of pricing are you guys seeing lately?
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