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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • what is MSRP?
  • guy30guy30 Posts: 3
    The MSRP was 24,900$.
  • 3k Off MSRP, you did good. Specially for under $25k sticker.
  • guy30guy30 Posts: 3
    Thank you funnyguy123. I aprreciate your response.
  • rav4fanrav4fan Posts: 5
    Sean did you receive the $1,000 college graduate rebate on your deal?
  • rav4fanrav4fan Posts: 5
    After seancamry posted about his deal from Prime Toyota I decided to Google them and request a quote. I received a price of $22,233. I then sent them a link to this topic and seancamry's post. The salesperson said that he spoke with his manager and he remembers this person and that he received the $1,000 college graduate rebate and that's how he received such a low price. I then noticed that in the salesman's signature on the e-mail he was located in Roxbury, MA, and seancamry stated that he bought his from Saco, ME. It turns out there is a Prime Toyota in each of these cities. I called him out on this and asked him how his sales manager remembers this person when he bought his in Saco, ME. He told me that both dealers have access to each other's sales. I then called him out saying that at first he said his manager said he remembered seancamry and now he changed his story to him 'having access to the other dealer's sales'.

    This person also asked me how they could sell that car $2,000 below invoice without any rebates, to which I replied 'seancamry did receive a $750 rebate'.

    After I told the salesperson that I lived six hours away he told me that if I would stop by they could offer a competitive price. Yeah, I'm going to drive six hours without a deal done. After calling him out on his shady tactics I received an e-mail from a sales manager. He gave me the same crappy price as the first salesperson did, $22,233. So this person expected me to drive six hours to get the same crappy price? The first salesperson said they would work out something close to what seancamry got.

    45 Minutes after I posted here and asked seancamry if he did indeed receive the $1,000 college graduate rebate, paxson3363 registered and called us losers. Keep in mind I did send my salesperson a link to this topic, so I really believe that it is him. lovetoyota Is probably one of his salesperson buddies. The manager insists that their web software blocks them from registering for websites like this but I bet they used a blackberry or mobile phone. The sales manager later told me that the salesperson made a mistake and insisted that I make mistakes (no, I don't deceive people), but never actually said that the salesperson was lying about the $1,000 college graduate rebate. What an experience with this dealer.

    And to the two salespeople who posted above me, I may be a nickel and diming loser, but at least I don't have some crappy internet sales job. I'm paying with cash too, thanks to all of my nickel and diming, I bet you'll never be able to do that.

    I do not recommend buying from Prime Toyota in Roxbury, MA. Shady all around.
  • rav4fanrav4fan Posts: 5
    The reason I just wrote all of the above is because there were two posts calling us losers for trying to nickel and dime dealerships and we give salesmen a bad name. I know it was the shady salesmen from Prime Toyota in Roxbury MA who wrote those things. Those posts have now been deleted.

    Anyway, I still want seancamry to confirm that he did not receive the $1,000 rebate. I know you're reading this Prime. You can't fool me, I'm too smart. And you owe me $500 since you couldn't beat the other dealer's price that I sent you, as soon as I buy it from them.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 42
    I saw the two posts above you before they were deleted. I have been looking at Rav4's prices in the past 2 months. I am just waiting for the right time. I don't mind being called nickel and dime as long as I walk into a dealer knowing what I want and have a deal in place. I can't force anyone to sell me the car if they don't want to. Back to the topic, has anyone here purchased a Rav4 limited 4 or 6 cyl without Nav. in So. Cal? What's the price you received before taxes and fees. Thanks
  • rav4fanrav4fan Posts: 5
    Prime is a joke. They have a $500 guarantee if they cannot beat another dealer's price and when I asked for information about it they e-mailed me a link on their website that said 'see a salesperson for more details.' So I responded again asking for details and they tell me to stop e-mailing them. Prime doesn't have time for me, they have other customers to screw. There is no $500 guarantee. I can't say that I'm suprised though.

    I had a great deal worked out with another dealership but they did not have a red one with gray interior. I considered buying the black forest color but decided against it.
  • yaskazyaskaz Posts: 7
    edited August 2010
    2010 RAV4 / V6 / 4WD /LTD
    Extra value package1
    rear camera
    floor mats-

    $28,190 plus 479 doc fee and tax/reg/tag etc.

    any idea if this is a good deal?
  • kwhatkwhat Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    Rav4 4WD with extra value package and third row seating:
    MSRP: $25,054
    Negotiated Price: $21,250 (including $750 rebate incentive)
    Additional fees: Sales tax, registration fee $125, and docking fee $299.

    Deal or can do better?

    If the Toyota dealer is not advertising the 2 year free maintenance incentive, does one still get it direct from Toyota or does it need to be negotiated with the dealer?
  • You make no sense you dope...I wasnt even talking to you or about you. Pay with cash? Yeah, right. If you could pay anything with cash you wouldnt be in here saying..'do i have a good deal? like the meek person that you are....
  • pgo1pgo1 Posts: 9
    I am looking at certified pre-owned vehicles, including Rav4s from 2008-2009. There does not appear to be any low interest financing on certified Toyotas (as there is on VW's--1.9%). The only language I have seen on Toyota websites is that CPO vehicles are eligible for Toyota's "new car financing rates." Does anyone know what APRs and loan lengths are available from Toyota on certified cars?
  • Hi, I've been negotiating for a few days here is the final offer I got for a 2010 RAV4 4X2:

    Out of the door price: 23,500 with 1.9% APR. Lifetime warranty powertrain. 2 yrs free maintainance.

    What do you think? Also, will I regret for not buying the RAV4 4X4 later on? I currently live in Michigan. I really want the 4X4 but I can't afford it at the moment.

  • I was looking at a certified Matrix, and they offered 1.9 % APR. So I guess it depends on the dealer.
  • kwhatkwhat Posts: 3
    Seems high to me. I just paid $21,250 for a 2010 Rav4 4WD with extra value package and third row seating. Financing for 2.79% (60 months) and 2 years free maintenance.

    Are you sure there is such a thing as lifetime warranty powertrain???
  • $21,250 for a 2010 Rav4 4WD with extra value package and third row seating??
    Wow..what a good deal!! How long you had to negotiate?

    I just called a different dealer and they told me they
    can only go as low as $23,300 for a 10 rav4 4x2.

    Yes the dealer told me it's life time warranty.
  • kwhatkwhat Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    I did the whole negotiating online over a dozen emails. Went in today to sign papers and they offered me a slightly better financing rate than my credit union so I took that too.

    I saw the lifetime warranty thing offered by some Michigan dealers after reading your reply. Make sure you read the conditions. It has a lot of strings attached (maintenance, non-transferable , etc.)

    Maybe ask them to re-quote you without this lifetime warranty? Or find a dealer that doesn't offer it. Nothing is free in this year. That's probably why you are being quoted so high. You are paying upfront in a way.
  • rav4fanrav4fan Posts: 5
    edited August 2010
    Ja..I mean paxson3363, do you usually call customers 'nickel and dime losers' and 'dopes' to their faces or are you just an internet tough guy?
  • 2010 RAV4 with the extra value pkg1,
    MSRP is $24994. OTD price $22900 drive out (includes everything, tax, title and registration. etc).
    Is this a good deal?
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