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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited May 2012
    The prices of RAV4 will keep going down probably... but then we do not know if the RAV4 with those particular options that one desires will be available or not... as the production of RAV4 2013 must have already started (and there may be only so many 2012 models to sell) and 2012 models are a close out.

    For example being in snow belt of Michigan.. for me 4WD option is very important, but then I may not get it, if I wait too long.
    On the other hand... if lot of models with sunroof option is left over, those prices may come down.

    At the same time if MANY buyers are waiting for prices to go down and few 2012 models are available (dealers receiving calls from the buyers will sense it i.e. demand vs. supply) and may actually not budge in their deals on 2012 RAV4's either. i.e. many points to consider here..... But then an equally competitive Honda CRV is always there :)

    Well it is your personal choice in the matter, and the amount of risk you are willing to take, while waiting for prices to go down.

    I will watch this forum for some time to understand the demand vs. supply and price trend.
  • barguglbargugl Posts: 26
    According to this chart, they are taking build orders from dealers for the 2012 until September. 2013 model won't see production until December which means delivery to dealer in January or February of 2013. Given that we have yet to see any sort of unveil or leak already of the 2013 and we are already at the end of May, I'd have to say that this is probably right.
  • hvn0506hvn0506 Posts: 5
    edited May 2012

    I considered many other options before buying the RAV4. I considered another Honda Fit, the CRV, the Ford Focus, the Mazda CX-5 and Mazda 3, the Hyundai Elantra GT (won't be out until July at the earliest) and Accent, and the Prius. Basically, all hatchback/5-door versions with decent gas mileage.

    After going through all of that, and getting quotes for all the cars, we thought the RAV4 was the best bang for buck. It would give us the ability to grow into in a few years as we start our family and get more pets, and the incentives were just right.

    If the Hyundai Elantra GT was already out with a known MSRP, we may have put off the buy until it was released. Alas, they still haven't released it, and because we don't know how the market will look in a month or two down the road, we decided to purchase now.

    I have no qualms with the price I paid for my RAV4. Got it at Beaman Toyota in Nashville. The lowest quote I got was from Toyota Direct in Columbus, OH for $20.8K after $1000 customer cashback (not including grad cashback).

    good luck to all who are considering buying a car. It wasn't a particularly enjoyable process, and salesmen do not make it easy. Just be sure of what your price points are for each car you are considering, and do not waiver from it. If the dealer refuses, you can and should walk. More likely than not, unless your price point is completely unreasonable, they'll budge, especially if it is end of the month.
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited May 2012
    LOL....... bargugl..
    How did you get this information...??

    What else do you know about RAV4's
    May be for once we should put all buyers in strong position....
    So far it is always the dealers who are in strong position.

    Hey Toyota RAV4 buyers... You all got to share your winning stories with us..
  • barguglbargugl Posts: 26
    Found it on this Rav4world thread: -rav4-2.html#post915781

    Lot's of good Rav4 info on that site, both good and bad. I'm not a dealer or a salesman if that is what you are implying.
  • Naa... bargugl...I know that you are not a dealer or a salesman...
    My sixth sense already told me so...

    In fact we all in this form appreciate all the help/information you can provide...
  • I just bough a 2012 rav 4 limited. I has carpet mats and premium plus package. The msrp was 27385.00 My purchase agreement says 24496.00. We then added tax and title etc.
    I got 0 percent financing for 60 months.. Does this sound inline. A little late I know..
  • shipwrecktshipwreckt Posts: 4
    edited May 2012
    Here is my final offer from a local dealer. This is for the RAV4 base FWD with the upgrade value package that includes the sunroof, privacy glass, etc. I was hoping to do better but I am about to run out of time to cash in on the 0% for 60 months. I also got the Edmunds rebate to utilize so the final OTD after Edmunds will be $22417.24.

    I could have gotten a few hundred less at a competitor but this dealer also gives a lifetime engine and powertrain warranty for the life of the vehicle while I own it. I am sure that it has plenty of caveats but figured it would be worth a few hundred extra in case of receiving a catastrophic lemon of a car.

    MSRP $24,675.00
    INVOICE $23,898.00
    Special Internet Sales Price
    (Includes Current Cash Incentives If Any) $21,898.00

    - TRADE $0.00
    NET $21,898.00
    TAX 3% $656.94
    DEALER FEES $499.00

    OUT THE DOOR PRICE $23,167.24
  • swat123swat123 Posts: 9
    Got today one I was looking for and probably at a good enough deal.

    Base 2.5L FWD with 3rd row and value package + floor mat at $21,600
    Took $1000 rebate on top of this
    Will apply for $750 edmunds now

    Final after fees and taxes (8.25%) out of door in CA is $21,950 (after $1000 rebate and $750 edmunds).

    I could have got another $500 off from base price but in entire Northern CA, only 3-4 Rav4 were available with 3rd row package during this memorial day weekend and all but one were in white color, which I didn't want!

    Tip: If you are looking for base (w/o 3rd row) - you may try to get in $20,500 to $21,000 as cost. If you are taking base + moon roof - you may try to get anywhere from $21,00 to $21,500

    Good luck!
  • Congratulations on your RAV4 Purchase :) Join the family.

    Chopperkid200... how much did you pay OTD..?

    Will you please give the price break up?
  • micro44444micro44444 Posts: 2
    Congrats swat123. May I ask which dealer in CA you got this price from? Also, can you list the best quotes that you received from other dealers in Northern CA. I am in the market for a LX 2WD RAV4 and the best I have received so far is 23092$ after the 1000$ rebate. Thanks!!
  • jliubicjliubic Posts: 1
    I got the 2012 RAV4 Sport 4x2 6 cyl (with sunroof, roofrack, etc for 25,600 + t&l) minus the rebate and my cost was 24,850. did you also get the $750 rebate from Toyota thru
  • hattrickhattrick Posts: 2
    Bought a V4 4WD base model with the value package in Northern Virginia. Out the door price (includin tax title tags and all rebates applied) was $23,000. Was this a good deal??
  • It is definately better than our deal.. Did you also get the $1000 graduation Rebate..??

    Congratulations on your new RAV4..... :)
  • lanpingdlanpingd Posts: 3
    Great price, can you share the dealer information? :)
  • May 31st... end of the month.. is actually a good day to get bargains...
    Many dealers are trying to reach their monthly sales target...

    Enjoy your car buying experience...
  • swat123swat123 Posts: 9
    micro44444, most of the south bay dealer are at cloud 9 as there is lot of demand of toyota here.. the sales folks are arrogant and not willing to work with you... But, you can try to negotiate via email first then by phone. I went as far as Merced while making an inquiry. The palo alto and stevens guys were particularly rude and so was dublin.
    The fremont guy (Jay) was reasonable to deal with and should be able to give you the deals I mentioned (or at least will work with you to come close to it). Though I bought from another dealer as fremont didn't have the car I wanted. I bought from stockton but he went back on his word for couple of things and I had a bad experience just dealing with him. Ultimately, I got the car I wanted but I would not recommend that dealership to anyone for any purchase, very rude and zero customer service, they trap you to visit and they play games. Sales person I dealt was nice and she went out of her way to personally help where she could.

    Good luck.
  • Went in to sign the paperwork last night and they tried a financing trick saying I couldn't get the Toyota no interest financing but got me some other at 1.5% trying to make a few hundred off me. I then said that should make me eligible for the $1000 customer cash back. They tried to say no but ultimately caved.

    2012 Toyota RAV4 2WD with moonroof upgrade package
    $20898 plus tax, title, fees, and the paltry interest=roughly 22,500 OTD take off another 750 Edmunds equals about 21750 OTD.
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited June 2012
    So I guess.. you have got $1000 customer cash back .. and loan for only 1.5% interest rate... that is awesome ...

    We went for the $1000 rebate.. and they gave us loan at 3.99 %.

    Congratulations. Enjoy your RAV4 :)
  • psk3psk3 Posts: 6
    Purchased Base RAV4 four cylinder, two wheel drive, with third row seat option in DC metro area today (5/31). Went with my own financing from credit union for 1.99% (72 Mos) and received $1500 discount from the dealer.

    Price break down:
    20283 + Tax, Tags, Fee= $21500
    Edmunds Discount = $750

    OTD Price = $20750
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