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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Our family always bought new cars ...
    Did you try shopping for a new Limited Toyota RAV4 V6...
    Being a close out year 2012... who knows.. you might get very lucky...

    Good Luck with your Toyota Purchase :)
  • pointx2ypointx2y Posts: 4
    Got the Rebate $750 yesterday!!

    #3766 of 3861 Bought Rav4 Ltd 4WD V6 by pointx2y
    Jun 03, 2012 (4:34 am)

    Price paid $28k - $2500 rebates ($500+$1000+grad rbt $1000) = $25,500. Tax Tag title OTD Price $27,500. 2.25% TFS finance. The usual premium and premium plus packages.
    MSRP $31679, Invoice (as posted by dealer) $30101. There was some more room to negotiate but missed!

    Submitting $750 edmunds rebate tomorrow!

    Hope this info helps.
  • hvn0506hvn0506 Posts: 5
    I thought the rebate expired already?

    In any case, it's not a bad price. Once I get my rebate in the mail, it would have cost me $19K (before TTL) since I got an additional $1000 student rebate.
  • nztoyotanztoyota Posts: 3
    I finally got the rebate yesterday, with the help from Karen at Thanks Karen! If you ever have any problems with your rebate, you can contact Karen directly and she is really helpful on this. I think the rebate processing company is not professional enough and the representatives sometimes do not understand how their system works. Good luck for everyone!
  • psk3psk3 Posts: 6
    Online status for my rebate says mailed on 7/18 but not recieved it yet. I called customer service with no help, I have to wait until 8/18 for them to look in to it.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Glad to hear you received it! You're very welcome and always happy to help. :shades:

    For interested readers,please note that this rebate expired on July 1, 2012. For more info about Edmunds incentives, please see this FAQ: .aspx

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • We got the 2012 Rav 4 Limited in Blizard Pearl with the premium value package and auto dimming mirror. We paid 28,041 + Tax (9.8% in WA) and $150 documentation fee. They didnt charge us any other fees.

    What do you think of this deal?
  • It's hard to say without more info about the specific vehicle. Is this a FWD or 4WD? 4 cylinder of 6 cylinder?

    Assuming this is a 4WD, v6 with leather seats, I don't think you did that bad, but you could have come out a bit better with more research in hand.

    You might have been able to get another 2-3% (or $600+) out of the deal with some hard bargaining. And it sounds like you didn't get the benefit of the $1000 cash back that's being offered. And sucks about the 9.8% tax. I have 6% in MD.
  • So, I'm armed with a bunch of quotes on virtually identical vehicles.
    2012 Toyota RAV4 Base 4WD v6
    The prices I received are remarkably similar:

    A couple don't include the freight/destination fee ($810-1,000 for these dealers), but the others do. All purport to have subtracted (as in, included) the $1000 incentive/rebate being offered in this area.

    The "factory-installed options" at invoice are basically:
    Value Pkg ($29)
    Tow Prep Pkg ($142)
    Alloy Wheels ($392)
    Exhaust Tip ($52)
    Cargo Floor Mats and Cargo Mat ($140)
    Mudguards ($64)
    Options at Invoice - TOTAL: $819

    One might not include the exhaust tip, another the cargo mats, or both so that explains about a $200 difference between the dealer quotes.

    Add on taxes (6%), processing ($200), tags/title ($300?) and with no discount on the options, my calculator can't seem to come up any less than $26,200 or so (already minus dealer holdback of 2%), and I'd like to get out as close to $24,500 as possible.

    What's my negotiating tactic? Free options? Just negotiating the OTD price? Help!
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi ! I am from Quebec and I will replace my fantastick Rav4 2007 for a 2012. First time in my life that I will replace my car for the same type of car. My Rav 2007 V6 Sport have 185000KM still run fantastick. The engine run really smooth and suspension steering everything run perferct. I had my (mineral)oil change every 8000KM. The only problem I had recently is to replace the water pump, it was really noisy and now back to normal no noise and smooth running V6 engine. In general it is really impressive how this car is fun to drive in the city and on the hignway during all seasons, especially during winter in the snow... so much fun ....My freinds wants to buy my Rav2007. If I didnt have an allocation from my compagny to buy new car every 5 years I would keep my Rav2007 for years ... :shades:
  • Boch toyota north attleboro ma.

    Black ,4WD Base with Value package - 24500 MSRP.
    price paid 22,700 and 0% financing from toyota.

    they gave a little less for the camry i traded in but it had quiet a few issues and the gremlin check engine light comes on and off even after spend 1k in the last 6 months.

    My mother in law is happy, so is the wife....secret to a happy life .
  • Congratulations on your RAV4 Purchase.

    You have a very good deal here :)
  • Um...what do you mean expired July 1? This is from our rebate email:

    "Purchase or lease a NEW 2012 Toyota RAV4 from dealer stock before August 5, 2012."

    We bought on July 12 and submitted July 24. I assume both of those still qualify. Next week it will be 8 weeks. Status still listed as Pending.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Please send an email via our Contact Us form. Be sure to include your name and the email address you used on the submission. This way the incentives team can look into it and get back to you.

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • Karen - thanks. Got your email last week. Still not showing as paid. It's 8 weeks tomorrow.
  • I just bought a new Rav4 '12 Limited with Premium Plus Package 2WD 4Cyl. With OTD price $28700, bought this in Long Beach, CA. It has Auto-dimming backup camera as well (don't really see the use for such a small car).

    Some advice: Do get dealers compete on OTD price is the key, don't deal with dealers that can't give you OTD price. If you already on test drive a vehicle on another dealership, DON'T DO IT AGAIN at the next dealership. They will INSIST you to test drive again, look at the car or whatever, because this is their trick and way to make you distracted and forget your MAIN MISSION, which is sit down and buy the car.

    I went to 3 dealerships and they always insist me to test drive even I said NO. The don't like to see if you're determined and focus, therefore distraction and misdirection are needed to loosen up your guard. So good luck and be careful out there :)
  • Looking to finance a new RAV 4 for about $30,000. Any thoughts on how much the charge for GAP insurance will be??
  • kgurungkgurung Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    What should be a good deal for RAV4 Base Model + value package?
    The vehicle will be registered in New Jersey. For New Jersey the sale tax is 7%.
  • gene22gene22 Posts: 34
    Came here looking for idea on prices. Sadly, it is close to impossible. There is ZERO reason to include tax and various fees. The only fee other than cost of the car that would make sense is those MANDATORY doc/processing fees that dealers charge which is really the cost of the car. Everybody has different taxes and has nothing to do with your deal.

    Also, unless you give the MSRP with options, most comparisons are pretty much a waste as well. Who knows WHAT you are comparing.

    Please make this worthwhile by giving the MSRP and what you paid before taxes, trade in, etc.
  • I'm eying a rav4 base model (2.5l, FWD) and the MSRP mentioned in the toyota site to be 22k+. However when I look through the dealers web pages most of them have either sport or limited trims. I was wondering what if a customer want a base model and dealer doesn't have it in the lot? also, does anybody has recent prices paid here in upstate NY for the base model? I saw some have paid around 20k (which are really good deals) but no idea of geographic region.
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