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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Carman,

    Please advise the October MF and Residuals on the 4 cylinder Limited models..36 months/36,000 miles...

    Current deal is $2599 down/$189 month for base model. Looking to do $0 down on a Limited model. Been getting quotes all the way from $290-$320...anyone have any input on those quotes?

    Wife is prego need to save every cent! Thanks!
  • alg63alg63 Posts: 1
    Base MSRP 24050 had upgraded value package $1145 and additional installed anodized running board, mats and tinting $1000. Total installed options was $2250 fees, del etc just under $900 Total just over $27k. Used Consumer reports car buying service and guidelines. OTD just under $22K with NC sales tax and fees. My credit is really bad and this dealer went to bat for me. 7.99% which many may think is high but considering very recent and ongoing credit issues i was satisfied with this. Also happy with trade in price. I did add 7/70 full coverage/service under $1000. I plan on keeping this car until it dies or i die whichever comes first so the extra piece of mind is worth it to me
  • airlineairline Posts: 3
    edited October 2012
    I've been looking for quite some time to replace a 2003 Toyota Highlander. Looked long and high and at many many different makes and models. The current Highlander as new is not the price I wish to pay. I looked very hard at the Toyota Matrix and Scion XB, or as I like to call it, the X Box. The current production Matrix seems smaller in the back (with seats folded down) as compared to the previous Matrix and it's former twin, the Pontiac Vibe. As for the XB, I like the design and roominess in the back with the seats folded down, but just cannot get used to the speedometer, etc. being stuck in the middle. The XB rides great and has a lot of pep with the 2.4 liter engine, as does the Matrix with the same engine, but that stuff all in the middle of the dash just didn't work for me.

    I then started looking at other makes, and being a Toyota owner since my first Camry in 1990, the other makes just don't cut it for me. Yes, Kia and Hyundai look really sharp, but after taking test drives, they just don't have that Toyota "feeling". Honda didn't appeal to me, although I looked at 2011 Element, which I thought was overpriced, but had a lot of room, especially when you remove the back seats. I even looked at the gas-stingy non-hybrid Nissan Versa, but that car feels like (and inside really looks like) a cheap car, sort of reminds me of the Yugo from the mid-1980's.

    Probably the closest I came to purchase in this process was a Subaru Forester. I liked how the car handled, but the prices were not all that great, and in the ultra-competitive car crazy Los Angeles market, you don't see many ads for Scooby-doos (as I call them), let alone "ad car" prices. I do feel comfortable enough knowing that Toyota owns 20% of Subaru, and Subaru produces Camry's at their plant Indiana for Toyota, and Subaru is building the new Scion sports car at their plant in Japan, but replacement parts for the Forester are much more expensive than Toyota. Maybe that's because local Toyota dealers are more aggressive with their over-the-counter parts pricing with coupons, on-line specials, mailed to the home flyers, Costco discounts, etc. than what local Subaru dealers offer. I really liked the Subaru, but price is the issue, so, I passed on the Scooby-doo.

    As my long story continues, one recent evening I was perusing Auto Trader and came across several RAV 4's that to my initial look appeared underpriced, and I just assumed they were salvage title vehicles. As I kept looking through the listings, I soon noticed that these were offerings from Hertz Rent-A-Car, model year 2011, with mileage ranges anywhere from 32k to 50k miles. Some were branded by Hertz as "certified", and others were not. I later determined that "certified" by Hertz are the nicew and not so beat up rentals that are brought to the Hertz used car lots and detailed, dings taken out and made to look "pretty" on the sales lot.

    When I first began my car search, I ruled out the RAV 4 because in my mind, it is basically the same size as my current Highlander, and cost a lot more money than I paid for my Highlander in 2003. I didn't even give the RAV 4 another thought. When I saw the listings from Hertz, I started to research the RAV 4 once more, went to my local dealer and sat in a few, opened the hood, rear door, back seat and just generally played and pulled on them for a couple of hours one afternoon. The RAV 4 has a different feel than my current Highlander, but shares many of the same attributes, and has a very spacious front cabin. You don't feel closed in as you do in many of the newer small SUV's. During my test drive at Hertz, the RAV 4 was fairly quiet on the freeway and to me, and plenty of pick-up with the 4 cylinder engine. The plus is that this vehicle comes equipped with 4 wheel drive which will come in handy during the winter when we go up to the mountains.

    Long story short (the whole process of purchasing a vehicle through Hertz requires another post), I purchased the following:
    • 2011 RAV 4, 4 Wheel Drive
    2.5 Liter, 4 Cylinder Engine
    • Vehicle has 33k miles
    It's the base model, with the only option being the Value Package which includes P225/65R17 tires and 17" steel wheels, Daytime Running Lights, Privacy Glass and a Roof Rack with cross rails
    • Adding Toyota New Car Warranty through Midwest Toyota, as vehicle has less than 36k miles, and less than 3 years old
    Obtained 2.99% financing through the credit union
    • Price: Original price was $17,450, less $1000.00 October sale discount, less $300.00 for being a Hertz #1 Club Member, less $25.00 for an overcharge on the DOC fee as compared to what was advertised. Sale price: $16,125, plus $80.00 DOC fee (not a mandated fee), plus 7.75% sales tax, plus $27.25 for state mandated title and transfer fees. That's it. No hidden charges or fees (other than the DOC fee)

      To me, $16,125 for a 2011 RAV 4 with 33k and 4 Wheel Drive is a great deal as compared to what I see other used RAV 4's advertised for in the Los Angeles market.
  • Purchased it yesterday from a dealer about an hour away. Spent about 2 weeks negotiating with a few dealers (I dropped one immediately after they said it was a "loser of a deal").
  • Is the OTD price including the NC sales tax and fees. What dealership did you go to and who did you deal with? I live in Georgia and have not found that good of a deal yet. Anyone use a dealer in Georgia for a RAV4 recently?

    Thanks for sharing your information with the group...very helpful.
  • Hi All,

    I am planning to buy Rav4 with Premium plus package and Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity. Can some help me with the recent purchases near EastBay California.

  • Hi,

    Any one in Virginia has recently brought new RAV4 Limited 4*4 4 cylinder engine . I just want to know the msrp price , as it is year end .

  • Hi Rajsuv,

    Did you had a chance to by Rav4 Limited and let us know for how much you have brought it.

  • Just purchased a 2012 base V6 FWD with QW and CF packages for $23,091 (+ tax & license). Window sticker pricing was $26,325, including the $845 delivery fee. There was then a $540 "Extra Value Package MSRP discount", yielding a final sticker price of $25,785. Did NOT opt for the the $750 rebate, took the 0% financing instead. This was a rather hasty buy, as there are not many of the 2012 V6 FWDs "base" models still in stock, and the 0% financing offer ends Feb 4.
    Can anyone comment on this pricing, or provide comparisons to other recently-purchased 2012 FWD V6 models?
    I usually do literally months of up-front analysis before purchasing a vehicle, and the entire process of researching and buying this RAV4 was completed in 3 days. In retrospect, I hope I was not too hasty ....
  • lnylny Posts: 7
    Just purchased 2012 Rav4 AWD V6. Paid $24700 + tax + $132 DMV. MSRP was $27345.
  • kevin0017kevin0017 Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    Priced a little over ~31K, about 32K w/ NC tax.

    Is this a bad deal ? I'm looking at the prices paid for 2012 models and the avg price on truecar and it's about 25K.
  • adam2edenadam2eden Posts: 3
    edited February 2013
    with value package, fog light and carpet mats, a dealer give me a OTD price of $24500 after NC tax and DMV.

    Is this a good price?
  • adam2eden -

    What was the price of the vehicle itself? It's hard to compare pricing if you include tax and DMV, which is different in each state.
  • adam2edenadam2eden Posts: 3
    edited February 2013
    I only asked for OTD....NC tax is 3%, not sure about DMV, DOC fee here is 499. I asked the agent in an email if he could sell the car for 24000 and he said yes and now I am wondering if there are more room in the price. This seems like an area thing, the sales who gave me this price is 2 hours away and it seems they still have quite some V6 fwd there, while sales here seems to have a hard time to find them and are very reluctant to give me anything below 24500.
  • adam2eden -

    Edmund's own "TMV" for this vehicle is $23,980 (prior to any rebate), and I know that is higher than what a dealer is really willing to take for these "last-year's unsold inventory" straggelers. I just paid $23,091 for a base V6 FWD, and I think I could have done a better if I hadn't been pressured by the end of Toyota's 0% financing offer. You need to be able to negotiate face-to-face, and know what the dealer actually paid for the vehicle (NOT "invoice"). The dealer will not give you his best price over the phone or via internet, you need to be in his showroom, appear like you're ready to buy, and have all your info in folder so the dealer can see that you're serious and have done your homework. If you are able to negotiate a price that you're willing to pay, don't get suckered into purchasing any of the junk that the dealer will try to add at the end (extra warranties, paint protection packages, window serial number etching, etc.). As we get further into 2013, dealers will be more and more anxious to unload any remaining 2012 inventory.
  • Does the price $23091 include the doc fee? Here it is $499.
  • adam2eden -

    Not sure exactly what you mean by "doc fee", but here's how it was broken down. Beyond the 23,097 vehicle price, there was:
    1. Total state licensing fees: $259
    2. The dealer's "documentation fee": $80
    3. An "electronic vehicle registration or transfer fee": $16.60
    4. Sales tax.

    If the $499 "doc fee" you mentioned is only the dealer's fee for filling out the paperwork, then it's totally absurd.
  • Anyone have any prices paid/etc? looks like the LE are getting snapped up as noone wants to pay over a grand for a silly sunroof.I'd like to know what deals are out there despite salemen BS about 'it's a new model, no discounts'.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    A lot more difference between the LE and XLE than just a sunroof: alloy wheels, fog lights, heated mirrors, roof rails, dual climate control and better seats. Seems worth it to me.... ;)

    Prices? Looked at a new XLE today at a local dealer but they admitted it wouldn't sell for much below sticker. BUT, over in Spring, TX a dealer is selling for over $2500 off MSRP..... :)

    Dealer I contacted in SC last week was offering at $250 under invoice which isn't too bad either.....
  • Being offered new 2013 LE AWD with Floor/Carpet Mat and roof rails plus dealer installed Leather seats
    $25899 incl 845.00 delivery not incl tax in NJ. Tough to tell the Leather seat in the whole picture.

    Any thoughts
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