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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • @rav41213 said: Yesterday I bought a 2013 Rav4 XLE from the suburbs of Atlanta - Magnetic Gray with Ash Fabric Interior. Added Options were Navigation and Carpet Floor & Trunk Mats. MSRP $26,634 (including added options). Negotiated OTD price was $24,000 , including all taxes and fees. . Once thing I observed is that most of the in-stock inventory has multiple options already installed (ToyoGuard, Paint protection etc) which you may not want, but the dealer will still try to make that money out of you. So you would have better luck with the price if you locate a vehicle in their inventory with just the options you need (or nothing at all, if the option you require can be added at the dealership) .

    @carbuyernow1 said: You have achieved great price in my opinion. Can you please share the dealer info. I live close to Atlanta. Thanks in advance.

  • rav41213rav41213 Posts: 2

    ******carbuyernow1, I bought it from Cherokee County Toyota in Canton, and I fixed the deal through Dave Wheaton who is the Internet Manager there. I checked with him if I can quote the price for referrals and his response was "_ The price I gave you is one that in all honesty I cannot repeat.. We did that price solely to make our year end numbers...We would probably be about $400-$500 more on the same vehicle"_. But I would still highly recommend that dealership for the excellent buying experience. I was able to fix the entire deal over 2 emails and I got an OTD quote in email (which very few dealers give). So no haggling once you reach the dealership, straight down to paperwork... **

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