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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • karlzunikarlzuni Posts: 20
    Are you saying there is a difference between the invoice and the "dealer price"? What does consumers tell you that isn't on the invoice? The invoice the dealer howed me included the holdback (about 2%). thanks.
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    Just got a Natutical Blue Metalic Base 4x4. The car is from the dealer inventory and comes with options:

    GY Curtain & Side Airbags
    DR Roof Rack
    CF Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set
    CD Tonneau Cover
    AA 17" Styled Steel Wheel
    RL Daytime Running Lights
    EF Rear Bumper Applique
    and Portfolio Extended 6 Yr/75K warranty

    MSRP without the Extended warranty is $23,764, with Edmunds invoice of $21,453.

    Paid $23,284 total after all taxes, registration, and fees.

    Price of the car is $19,744. This include $400 college grad rebate and dealer fees. So final cost to me is $19,344, about $2,000 under invoice. I fall for the extended warranty offer at $1,500.

    I have to say that I don't particularly like Toyota interior though, I think Honda do a much better job on the interior of their cars.
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    Forgot to mention that the catch is I have to financed 85% through the dealer and they charge very high interest (if you go through with them you will end up pay 23K after 5 years).
    I can pay off the loan after 4 months, so I plan to transfer most of the balance to my credit card with 0% APR on my first bill, and then pay off everything on my 4th bill.
  • wfcnywfcny Posts: 7
    I did not even ask to see the invoice. Two of my options negotiated were not installed in the vehicle so the invoice was of no value to me. I showed the dealer my list of options and their price as reported by Consumer Reports. The dealer did not refute my prices or holdback. It sounds like the prices quoted on Edmunds might favor the dealer.
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    i assume the $23284 total includes the $1500 for the warranty? otherwise your numbers don't make sense :)
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    in my experience edmonds tmv is almost high, although i assume that's because it's an average of price shoppers who get deals, and uninformed who pay way too much.
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    Yes, it include the warranty, taxes, and everything. I actually pay $22884 after the college grad rebate.

    Warranty cost quite a bit. We did have few problems with the 03 Honda Accord we got few months after it was introduced. Consider this Rav4 is also the early production lot, I guess I am paying for a peace of mind.
  • greg36greg36 Posts: 6
    which state you are?
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    The dealer is in Long Island, NY.
  • bmarchandbmarchand Posts: 16
    I am curious if anyone has used CarsDirect to buy? I thought it was supposed to be hassle free and cheaper but I think it may end up costing me more. They located the car I wanted but it had two unwanted money making items for the dealer, Security System Upgrade and Toyoguard Plus Protection. These seem to be adding about $1000 to the price. Is there anyway to get them removed? I live in SW FL so have no use for the rust proof, am getting leather interior so no need for the fabric protection and I belong to AAA so I don't need the towing. Anyhow, I was quoted for a RAV4 V6 2WD Limited, with moonroof, side curtain airbags, JBL AM/FM CD, daytime running lights, leather interior, and the two unwanted items at a cost of $31,048.73. Then I was told that they might only give us $500 for our trade in, plus we have to pick it up at a dealer somewhere in Florida which could be as much as 8 hours away. He has not responded to my inquiry of the dealer. I think I recommend staying with your local dealer.
  • bmarchandbmarchand Posts: 16
    I had the same experience. We drove up to Germain Toyota to find one RAV4 (Everglades Green) that we wanted to test drive but they could not find the keys. Also my experience at Ft. Myers Toyota wasn't much better. I did test drive one through them but the salesman was disinterested because I had started an internet inquiry and had a salesman assigned. I finally set up an appointment with the internet salesman for a Sunday. I drove the 50 miles from SE Naples to Ft. Myers and was stood up by the salesman. I guess the receptionist got nervous because we got there promptly at 11:30 a.m. when our appointment was and at 11:50 she called him only to find he wasn't coming in and to have someone else help me. Needless to say I left and went to Ft Myers Honda to test drive a CRV and Honda Pilot, much more accommodating dealership. I have just about given up on the RAV4 experience, maybe I will just get a VW Passat Wagon again!
  • I am wondering if we were at Germain the same day as you, or do they just claim to have lost the keys to every new Rav. We also were trying to drive the everglades green rav 4 v6 limited. It was in Feb. and they were having "Latin Fest" on a saturday. I had a appt. to drive it and the saleman dumped me for another couple. Several people wanted to drive it but they said they could not find the keys. Ft Myers Toyota has been very accomadating- they did find an everglades green car for me but it sold. All of SW Florida is supposedly getting an allotment of Rav 4 Limiteds on Monday May 1st- I have an order placed with three color choices so I will let you know if I get one.
  • mandrillmandrill Posts: 7
    could you tell me the name of the dealership? this is the exact configurations I want for this vehicle. did you go through a very hard negotiation? thank you!
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    The dealer is Victory Toyota on Burnside Ave, around JFK.

    I actually didn't have to negotiate at all. The price was on the dealer's ads (but it's for the model without side airbag).

    If you are not in the area, I suggest you call and check if they have the car for you.

    I called the dealer and mentioned aboutu the ads. The salesperson asked me if there's any particular feature or color I am looking for. I told her I want a base 4x4 in either blue or silver, she check stock and said they have one blue. She didn't say it come with side airbag, but I reconfirm that it is for $18,995.

    When I went to get the car I work with another salesperson, but she honor the price given that I just graduate from college (total price is $19,774, which is $18,995 advertise price + $400 college grad rebate + 349 Dealer fees). We went for a test drive then start processing the paper work righ away.

    I drove 3.5 hours to pick up the car, and I think it definitely worth it.
    Good Luck.
  • steve98steve98 Posts: 18 did get a great deal!! Where was the dealer ad listed at...newspaper, TV? Also, when was the last time you saw the ad and did it list a base 4WD model for $18,995?
    I'm down here in NC and dont think I could make a trip to NY but maybe I could have some dealers match the price of $18,995.

  • mandrillmandrill Posts: 7
    Thank you buddy! You information is very helpful to me. I am 2.5 hr away from there and sure I will make a try. But where did you see their ads? I just found address of this dealership from toyota. They even don't have a website! When you were at their parking lot, did you notice their inventory level? are there many cars? thanks again!
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    It was a newspaper ads, I saw it on Friday Apr 21. The ads was for the base 4x4 with similar option with what I got except for the side airbag.
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    I believe the ads was on the NY Post.

    I didn't notice their inventory. I saw couple of them with "sold" sign on.

    They do have web site, I think it's
  • robwar1robwar1 Posts: 11
    Thank you for your help. I'll check them out !!!
  • robwar1robwar1 Posts: 11
    Thanks for your helpful guidance. I'll check out Neil Toyota...
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