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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    If you pay at the mid point between MSRP you left a bunch of money on the table for sure.

    In the east there is no problem getting a RAV4 for $500 over invoice if you work at it a little. And I am not talking about just taking anything. I am talking about getting what you want. You may wait a month or two but you can get it. Except for Limited with leather and RAV4 with 3rd row. Hard to find. And it is possible to get what you want close to invoice if your lucky. Remember if you pay invoice the dealer still probably makes a $1000 on a well equipped RAV4 in the end. And you can buy at a mall and your local dealer will be glad to see you if you have a problem and need service. They get paid by Toyota to fix stuff.
  • i lived in Queens. But I work in Deer Park. So it is ok for me to fly @ Islip. Tkz for yoru infor. R u going to get one?
  • After about 4 days of emails and visiting Toyota dealerships, I bought an '07 RAV4 i4 LTD with JBL stereo, sunroof package for about $400 under invoice ($24400). I think the key was printing out the prices from Fitzmall as a starting point. Their prices are $400 over dealer invoice (which probably includes Toyota dealer advertising fees). Then I just kept shopping around at various local dealerships until someone was willing to dip into their holdback. I added aftermarket heated leather seats for about $1300. Expect to pick it up in about 10 days. CAN'T WAIT!
  • Sounds awesome and a pretty good price. Good luck. We have the base model for about 6 weeks (980 miles) and love it so far.
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Are talking Edmunds invoice? That would be a very good price indeed. If you are talking $400 below an invoice price that includes advertising, that would be just a tad over Edmunds invoice. That is still a very good price. I haven't notice any posts on this site or at where anyone has purchased a RAV for near Edmund's invoice. Fitzmall's 06 models are going for $200 under their invoice. At that price, the buyer is paying about $200 over Edmund's invoice.
  • Sorry hit enter too fast.
    RAV4 V6 Limited
    Now specs: Factory install Access. FE EJ HD LA PC RL SR TO
    PC - Blizz White the only color with a surcharge
    Port install Access CF

    vehicle accessories total 3649.00
    Only 2 accessories not being purchase
    1. 3 row seat
    2. entertainment (dvd)
    (I think this is a fully loaded Rav4)

    Vehicle quoted price out the door 27834.00
    no taxes as it is out of state buy but no other add ons either.

    The other quote is for the same options minus color ($220.00) (different dealer) 28200.00. Has the color that my wife wants coming in, in a few weeks he believes since it is in transit. We'll see. First dealer will credit me back the TDA the seecond dealer will not. This seems to be the biggest price difference.
    PS thanks this is a great site for open communication on these purchases!
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Anyone can fly at islip. I can tell you how to get a RAV4 for less if you are a serious no nonsense buyer, ready to buy and take the truck as soon as it comes in.

    I got mine last week.
  • Edmonds invoice for the RAV4L (I4) with moonroof and JBL is $23,200. TMV is $24,800 which is $400 below what you paid which is a very good deal. I couldn't getbany dealers to "dip" into their holdbacks. That's a no no. They have to make a profit. I called around and the best I could do was $500 over invoice. I guess I could have flown to these automalls and save some $ but to me it wasn't not worth my time.I got a fair deal and I'm very happy with my RAV4. I paid $23,500 give or take a few dollars. I think I got a fair deal.
  • Forgot to mention I got a pacific blue, ash interior RAV4L with floormats and JBL upgrade. I'm in the SE region.
  • Actually, the invoice for the car I bought on Edmunds is $24221 (with TMV being $26346) because of the way Toyota adds on options as a package. You can't individually select options. You have take the whole package of options together (carpet floor mats, JBL stereo, moonroof, daytime run. lights) so the Edmunds invoice/TMV/MSRP listing can be deceptive.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Are they still charging a fee to get blizzard pearl color on 2007 Ltd.'s? I had to pay an extra $200, and that wasn't even the color I wanted, but the only one they had.
  • I just ordered my 2007 RAV4 2WD V6 Limited, Savannah (champaign), including delivery charges, $24,274

    Tow package $128
    Moon roof $720
    Daytime running lights $32
    Auto dimming mirror with compas $225
    Full 5 piece floor mats $134
    Mug gards $50

    Total $25,563 (allegedly, this is dealer invoice)

    plus $200 extra profit to Fitzmall
    plus $19 for temp tags

    Total drive out $25,772...will have to register and pay sales tax in Texas.

    Refundable deposit to order $500.

    Will drive it back to Central Texas, probably in February, 2007.

    None available in USA.

    Being ordered from Japan and estimated to take 4 mongth to get here.

    I expect to like the vehicle. I hope to get about 25 mpg with 80% highway driving.

    I've never owned a Toyota.

    Decided on this one based on Consumer Reoports and other owner comments.

    Local dealers have none in stock and will not order you one for less than $250 or so under invoice. They were not interested in ordering anything for me from Japan, but only offered to find something close to what I wanted from stocks that have alreadyh been ordered and are available from the regional supply of vehicles.

    I offered several dealers $1,000 under MSRP and none would take my offer.

    So, based on info on this forum, I went to and got one for less.

    Have to go to the Washington DC area to pick it up and incure extra cost in doing so, but I didn't mind doing that in order to get a good deal and exactly what I wanted (hopefully).
  • I live in Central Texas too. How does the State Tax work on that type of purchase?

    Do you pay the tax in MD (or wherever you buy the car) and then pay the difference (if rate is higher) in Texas when you get it back here.

    Or do you pay all of the tax in Texas??
  • i am serious to get the sport edition, but donno should i get i4 or v6. which one do u get? can i add the JBL sound system w/ bluetooth on sport edition? this is the one of the main reason i want to get rav4 besides cr-v. and can u please teach me how to get lower price.
  • rae07rae07 Posts: 1
    Looking for a 4wd ltd v6 in the states surrounding Colorado(5 hours radius of Denver). Has anyone received a deal in this area? Seems RAV4s are so scarce in Denver they are going for full price when they become available.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    You can get JBL in Sport if your region gets cars that way. NY does not for example. Go to Toyota web site, do a build and price using your zip code and you will see what you can get in your region. If no JBL there then you would have to go out of region to get it.

    I got the V6 with out JBL in NY.
  • 4 Cyl or V6.... It is a personal choice. We got the 4 cyl as when we drove it it appeared to be sufficient. But, we live in the middle of Ohio where it is all flat too. The best test is to drive both for about 30 or so miles and then decide. The MPG is so close that it really doesn't make that much difference. The only V6's our dealership had were high end models anyway.
  • They are so stupid! why they don't do it in NY area. Maybe they think NYers earn more then anyone else?
  • It is my understanding that when you get the vehicle back toTexas, you go to your local county tax office to register the vehicle and they access the sales tax and the license registration fee at that point. You will have to have proof of your insurance and pay both amounts at that time.

    Both have to be paid before you can register your new RAV4.
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