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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just wanted to thank you homerfan for the information in your posts.

    The information allowed me to get several bids which I am still working on. Still looks like Roger's is the best price.

    I copied the breakdown of your deal and plugged in my options ie: Sport V6 ect... I then emailed the different dealers. Worked like a charm.

    Soon I will have a solid price and order I hope.
  • I cannot believe you bought a RAV4 V6 in Classic Silver with the 3rd row seat and for such a good price! I have been trying for months to find one I guess I live in the wrong region of the country
  • Hello packrat4,

    I couldn't believe he negotiated the warranty down so much, for the best Toyota extended warranty even. I brought in all my research via "the folder" and had all the prices. I was thinking he was trying to meet his monthly quota.

    My dealer was Champion Toyota in Philidelphia.

    Good luck.
  • Hello susieq4,

    I looked far and wide for this vehicle as it was very specific and every dealer told me that Toyota makes 10% with these vehicle specs. That didn't help me at the negotiating table but I looked in other regions other than the one here in the Northeast. Pennsylvania was another region over so I took all my dealer prices and made them compete for the best price. It was pretty much "if you have this specific vehicle at this price", match it or I move on. This process is not for the impatient as I contacted over 25-30 dealers and got 3-4 great prices for in stock or locates. I hope this helps you in your quest for the RAV4 as it was definitely well worth the effort to find the car and deal.
  • It suddenly hit me this weekend that I would like to have a RAV4. I was driving past our local dealer, whom I have never had luck dealing with in the past, and noticed that they had a used '06 4cyl Limited with 6900 miles sitting on the lot. I stopped yesterday...after running some numbers on my take it for a drive and see where we would stand. The RAV4 rides and drives like a dream. I am definately sold on the vehicle. This one has all of the features that I want, JBL, moonroof, DRL...but is the wrong color. It is tan...and I really want red.

    Their list price is $22,995. They offered me $15,495 for my '05 Camry SE 4cyl (with wheels, spoiler, JBL, dimming mirror, trunk mat and net) with 31K on it. The salesman went nuts over my car...said that he had never seen an SE in desert sand. Said that he would probably take it for his demo if I traded it.

    $7500 difference for a one year newer car, with 24K fewer miles, that was $4K more expensive when new. I am thinking that it isn't a bad deal. Invoice plus $300 on a new '07 similarly equiped would be $24,500. I have never paid more than $300 over invoice for a new car. I doubt that I could find a local dealer willing to sell for that now. A guy who works in my building just bought an '07 Limited V6 and only got $800 off sticker.

    What do you guys think? Should I bite?
  • Just bought a new RAV4 2WD Sport on FEb 24th from Koons Toyota Tysons in N. VA. I got it for UNDER INVOICE. OTD 23,088. It has moonroof, JBL 6 CD, DRL, all mats, Pinstripping, tonneau cover. Why by a used car for that price?

    also in Maryland,,, all sell the RAVS for invoice or maybe $100.00 over. In Maryland they only charge $100.00 for processing fee. In N. VA. they charge $289-349.00 for it.

    This RAV is so much better and much built more solidly than the CRV. Be aware that the CRV has a very poor view out of back side windows with the new design. And their second row does not fold flat or slide back and forward. I have owned Hondas for the last 10 years but very disappointed with the new CRV design. Plus it is such a hot car, they are selling it for MSRP plus freight. Best internet price i got was 200.00 under MSRP.
    RAV's are in abundance down here and Maryland.

    Local dealers could not believe the deal i got from Koon's but this place is always mobbed with buyers. They sell a ton of cars. I am very happy with everything. don't buy a used one. go online to see prices down here.
  • I just completed my Rav4 purchase. Here are the details.
    Maplewood toyota - whitebear lake Minnesota

    Rav4 base
    Savannah metalic/Taupe
    All wheel drive
    17" steel style wheels
    5 speed automatic trans

    TO towing prep
    DR roof rack with crossbars
    CF carpeted mats including cargo area
    RL daytime running lights
    CD cargo area tonneau cover
    GN cargo net
    FE 50 state emissions
    EF Rear bumper applique

    sticker Price $25,750
    supposed invioce $23,313

    purchase price $23,546 ($233 over invoice)
    6.5% sales tax $1,531
    title & transfer $355
    doc&process fee $50

    final OTD price $25,482

    Good luck to all on your purchases
  • A dealership in the Cincinnati OH area is trying to locate the Rav4 with 3rd row seat I wonder if pennsylvania is in our region I was told IN KY and TN are How hard they are searching I don't know I assume you plugged in various zip codes in auto search engines to find the dealerships to call
    I still cannot believe that you found the RAV4 I wanted and got it for such a good price You must have a talent for negotiating
  • Rav4 base
    Nautical Blue
    17" steel style wheels
    5 speed automatic trans

    TO towing prep
    DR roof rack with crossbars
    CF carpeted mats including cargo area
    RL daytime running lights
    CD cargo area tonneau cover
    GN cargo net
    FE 50 state emissions
    EF Rear bumper applique

    sticker Price $24,384

    purchase price $23,085
    6% sales tax
    title & transfer $98
    doc&process fee $0
  • aollingaolling Posts: 9
    I have been enjoying reading of everyone's purchasing experiences on the RAV4. I am in the very early stages of getting price quotes on the RAV4, 6cyl., Sport with moonroof. It appears that everyone is saying a deal that's $1500 to $2000 off MSRP is a great deal. In anyone's opinion, is it smart to walk into a dealer and just flat out say...this is what I will pay. For example say it has a $26,000 MSRP and a $23,000 invoice. Should I just walk in and say "I will pay no higher than $23,500 on this vehicle". I guess the bottom line is I am inquiring on the art of negotiation. Thanks for your opinions.
  • This was my technique, it really boils down to sticking to your price and if you are not in the rush to get a car, making the dealer do all the legwork for you. I got the price for my vehicle without even stepping into any dealership (besides test driving the vehicles of course). I started by going to the Toyota website and plugging in your zip code. Make a 25-50 mile radius and start looking at the President Award dealers first and start emailing your best price and exact specs. Email and repeat. Once you have a ballpark on the range of prices, you can figure out what kind of deals are out there. Make sure you tell the dealers to fax/email you the exact spec of the vehicle you are looking for (VIN #s would help as well). Some of them will try to give you a good price and then ask you to come in and finish the deal or test drive. Try not to do that because they will try to sell you hard once you are in their home turf. Once you have in hand the best prices with your specs, go into details about fees and extras. At this point, go for some freebies and make sure to get everything in writing. You will begin to get a feeling of what kind of dealers you are dealing with. Make sure you have all your info and email/call the various dealers with the latest highest price and some will try to beat or match them...if not, move on and thank them for their time. Once you filter out all the prices and feel comfortable with the dealer, you can put a refundable deposit and wait. Good luck and let me know if you want to know anything else about my dealer experience.
  • I too am looking for a V6 sport, 4 x 4, and it seems the ones without the moon-roof and fancy stereo are very hard to find, they have that one accessory package. So far, the best I've found is invoice + 5%.
  • eagle21eagle21 Posts: 24
    I was just reading about your trade. I also have a 2001 Honda Accord. Can I ask what was your mileage that they gave you 11,900? I'm just curious. I just hit the 80K mark and I am thinking to get the Limited V6 AWD too!!!

    Allan ;)
  • I don't know if this will help, but I'm looking to buy the V6 4X4 and got an estimate on trade in value for a 95 Accord with 98.000 miles, they would give me $2000. Snort. I'll keep it for my kids.
  • aollingaolling Posts: 9
    I have been offered $9600 for my 2001 Tacoma 4x4 extra cab with 91,000 on it. I am hoping to still get that trade in amount higher on a RAV4 Sport.

    A question....Is the 6cyl. all that much better than the 4 cyl? I won't be towing anything heavy. I am thinking for the savings, I might be just as happy with the 4.
  • acatacat Posts: 1
    I have driven both. The V6 is very fast 0-60 in a bit over 6 seconds according to CR, but the 4 is plenty quick. The 4 I drove seemed to handle more nimbly,(the 4 cyl has a tighter turning circle too 37 ft vs 39) and stop more quickly. The gas mileage difference seems more noticeable in city driving. Unfortunately in Colorado you cannot find a dealer with a 4 cylinder Limited. You must order it in. :cry:
  • I was about to close the deal on a V6 Sport 4X4 with the moonroof and stereo option with a dealer in California, and luckily asked to confirm that sales tax and registration could be done in Colorado. Not so, double checked with local Motor Vehicle Dept, by law all cars bought in Calif have to pay Calif sales tax and unless they are taken out of the state on the back of a truck, have to be registered there as well. 9.5% more.

    So checked up in Denver, got the same price. For fun, I phoned up the Toyota dealer 70 miles away in Durango (who aren't on the web) and the guy has one just in and will match the Denver and California price. Tax and Tags is 4.9%.

    I'm off to buy it.
  • wolfzr2wolfzr2 Posts: 20
    I sold my 2001 Accord to a friend of mine, I didn't trade it in. Sorry. :)
  • Made the deal agreed on price of the car rav4,23085. Left a deposit on the car at which time they disclosed that when they brought the car in to do a final inspectin they found a scratch on the front bumper cover and would need a day to get it replaced that was Wed. and since I was waiting for my check from the Credit union that was fine. But now that my check is here I called them to pick up my car and they said it wasn't back yet, it was supposed to be back two days ago. Are they playing games with me and should I ask for some compensation?
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 208
    flyingbrick3....I would probably give them a little more time if you are happy with the deal. If they are replacing a part, sometimes there are shipping delays if they have to order it. If it is a body shop item, sometimes they get a little behind, too. I don't see why they would have any reason to be playing games with you. They would rather have your money than sit on a car and pay interest on their loan, unless they are just plain stupid.
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