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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • khunter1khunter1 Posts: 5
    JC Got several internet quotes from Denver dealers in late June. The reason to avoid shopping in person trancends your busy schedule. It is more effective for getting the best deal, at least that is my impression.

    Got what I thought was a very good deal and below invoice on a sport V6 from Burt toyota, total deal worked out on internet with a smidge of phone work at the end. Drove 250 miles, and past 2 much closer toyota dealers to buy at Burt Toyota for the best price by far. Another dealer was a bit lower but came across as shady and they had terrible customer reviews regarding ethics, so I went with Burt for a few bucks more. No reason to waste your time in the dealership to negotiate. You can get dealer ratings for denver area dealers at

    A couple real eye openers in there.

    Best bet, IMO just directly request a price quote from each dealer's website. That mostly generated what I was looking for--e-mail price quote. Just ignore to ones asking you to 'come on in'.
    Know the pricing data and e-mail numerous dealers directly and hold your line at something just below invoice and see if you get your price. You'll know your best deal when you see it after a couple rounds via e-mail with 5 or more dealers. One or more will want the deal much more than all the rest.
  • jessy2007jessy2007 Posts: 8
    Could you please give me the dealer's info? Thank you!
  • I emailed a dealer with a bid on a 2007 base model 4cyl 4x2 Rav4. I based my bid on the Invoice price on Edmunds and MSN Auto which is $19378 which I told him, but the internet manager insists the invoice is $20917. That's quite a big difference. Even with a destination fee it wouldn't be that high. Is he just straight up lying to me? Has anyone bought at the $19k invoice price? He doesn't want to budge from that and I don't want to start that high.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    The difference in price may be including the advertising fee which added with the destination fee may account for the difference in prices. I too have been looking at the same model, first quote I received was $23,500.00 out the door so needless to say I walked.
  • Must be a big advertising fee and not one I'd pay. I asked twice for him to give me a list of all the fees and costs that went into the price he gave me which was $21335 + TTL (too high imo) and he just kept telling me to come in. That's one thing I dislike about this dealer, they always want you to come in (like I don't know why) and they don't like to tell you how they're getting their prices. I was also considering a CRV and never had any problem getting a OTD price w/ a list of all the fees from them. Are all Toyota dealers like this?

    The salesguy also told me there were no 2008 Rav4's coming out, but I've read here and other places that there are.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I have the same problem with the Toyota dealers here, most will either quote you MSRP plus TT&L or say come in to the dealership. I've read postings from some of the sales people who post here and they look at internet sales as something they don't want to mess with. Have a couple of more dealerships to check locally and if it's the same I'll move on to either the CRV or Rondo.
  • Yeah, sales people probably don't like it because we can avoid the pressure we'd get at the dealership. That's one reason I prefer the internet, not to mention, I'm not going to waste my time running back and forth to dealers all over Houston just to get prices that I may not like.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I know what you mean, hate having to go to all the dealerships and while I am interested in the vehicle will not play games as other options are out there.
  • bu756bu756 Posts: 1
    I have got a quote for RAV4 V6 4 X 4 Limited and was wondering if it was a good quote or there is room for negotiation...

    Below is the quote...
    FE 50-ST EMIS
    TH 3RD RW ST

    Price: $27,763.00 + TAX + TAGS

    Is this a good deal. Any input appreciated
  • A dealer is offering me a toyota RAV4 for $22000.00 (w/o tax)

    These are the specs:

    2007 Toyota RAV4 V6 FWD(2WD)
    Mileage : 6000 (Single owner)
    Limited Edition with Sunroof
    State: Illinois

    Since I don't have much experience with automobiles, I am at loss in determining if this is a good price. Could you please provide some input.

    Any help is highly appreciated.
  • raejuneraejune Posts: 8
    Received the OTD quote for $27476. This price includes the following configuration: FE, RL, TO, GC, CF, S6 and $176 for choosing Blizzard White Pearl color.
    The dealer is at Houston, TX.
    Is this a good deal? :surprise:
  • raejuneraejune Posts: 8
    How much is your OTD? I think it's very fair price at Texas. Would you mind give me the name of the dealer?
  • I purchased RAV4 Limited V6, 4WD for 26010+State Tax+Doc fee
    Is it a good/fair/bad/worst deal. Appreciate if you can rate it.

    Tow Prep Pkg
    Day time RL
    Moon Roof
    Cargo Mats
    Wheel Locks
    Mud Guards

  • rsun1rsun1 Posts: 5
    Your price is good, only $200 over the invoice.
    I am looking for the simailar RAV4, Please let me know where did you buy this car?

  • docmaasdocmaas Posts: 4
    Just bought a Nautical Blue Base V6 4WD model with alloys, 6 cd radio, applique, tonneau, rails and mats for $200 over at Bob Bridge Toyota in Renton, WA. Great, fast service. Nice car. Prep could have been a little better but no complaints. Also got the Toyota extension 0 deductible to 7 years 75k miles for $850 after an initial offer of $1150.


    p.s. Read in rav4 forums that the 2008s are on the dock in Portland so dealing might start getting a little easier.
  • I want a 07 Rav 4 Limited V6 4 WD. The only options I care for are the Cargo Mats( You have to get that right?) and the daytime running lights. I am in the metro NY/NJ area (07470 zip).

    What price should I try to negotiate for?

    I am trying to get internet quotes from 6 dealerships right now. Also, for anyone who is getting internet quotes, I advice you to sign up for It is a phone filter. It gives you a new phone number and when people call that number it gets forwarded to your landline or cellphone. But the really cool thing is that when they call you, you can either answer the phone or listen in on the voicemail. It's like having a secretary.
  • Hi rsun1. I bought the car in DCH Brunswick Toyota, NJ. The price is 26100, not 26010.

    Also, Can someone advise how important/useful is to get Extended Warranty 7years/75 K and maintenance package 4 years 55 K if it is at 1000 each.

  • Hi sdedmunds, It is hard to get a car in Limited with just DRL and Cargo mats. I think most of the Limted's V6 come with Tow Prep Pkg. The best price would be 300 or 400 less than edmunds invoice with the options. I just bought the car yesterday which is 250 over invoice. If it is not very urgent, I suggest to wait for another 2 weeks, by the time RAV 2008 will be hitting the US roads. Already in canada (

  • kiranuma,

    One of the dealerships I sent out for an internet quote is DCH Toyota. I think we must be in the same area. Did they give you a quote over email or did you walk in?

    Also, you mentioned your total was $26,100 which was $250 over invoice. Yet looking at the edmunds invoice with the options you mentioned, it should have come out to $25,350. Did you get some other options or was $26,100 including taxes and registration?

    I don't know if I can wait another two weeks. If I do how much of a price reduction will I get? Based on your comments my target price right now is $25,300.
  • rsun1rsun1 Posts: 5
    How did you come up the $25,350? Correct me if I am wrong.
    Following is the invoice $:
    Base: 24,132
    Moon roof: 720
    CF( mats): 126
    Tow : 128
    Day Running light: 32
    Destination: 685
    Total: $25,823

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