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Chevrolet HHR



  • sdasda Posts: 308
    edited October 2010
    I have had the dealer look/listen to the issue a couple of times. They said there was a TSB on the issue and they did the suggested repair. No difference. At my next service I mentioned it again and also pointed out the the headliner was loose near the front opening of the sunroof. There are two velcro fasteners to hold that area up. They came loose. I could get them to refasten, but it would separate within a day. At this point, the dealer said to make an appointment so they could secure a loaner for me. Long story---they ordered a new headliner and did a full replacement. No more noise. Great job, and nice experience. Hope you enjoy your HHR. I've been pleasantly surprised and pleased with ours.
  • I do not have a sun roof but have the noise. From what I can tell there is a wiring harness that runs in that area. I took out the middle dome light and put two several sections of pipe insulation between the roof and headliner. Still have a small noise but much less than before. Based on what you say I am going to check with dealer on a more complete repair. I like the vehicle very much! I appreciate the info. Thank you.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    My 2010 HHR 2LT did the same thing, a noise coming from my sunroof lining every times I drove on rough roads and even over a small bump.
    Went to my dealer and they told me that they will probably have to take off my sunroof and re-install it to see if this could do the trick. I wasn't to interested will that procedure and I was leaving for my summer vacation in a couple of days.
    Went on with my trip (6,000 miles) and to my surprise it stopped doing it all by itself.
    Now I'm trying to duplicate that sound by driving on rough roads and bumps that I can find and nothing.
    I guess the reason for this is that the materiel was new and had to be worned a bit or take it's place.
  • Last weekend it was pretty cold and when I drove over a small lumps (not a hole) at normal city speed I could hear a weird grinding noise coming from my shocks/springs (front and back) while driving over them and after that every lumps I drove over it did the same sound.
    Coming back it was a bit warmer, took the same road, everything was normal.
    It seems that every time the temperature is cold, I can hear that grinding sound coming from the suspension and as it gets warmer the sound goes away.
    It's not a steady sound, it makes it only when I drive over lumps.
    My HHR is a 2010 2LT (sport suspension).
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Have you taken your vehicle into your dealer? If not, I would recommend taking your vehicle to your dealer of choice. Please keep me updated on your progress,
    GM Customer Service
  • joef8joef8 Posts: 4
    I came to this forum because I recently spotted an HHR on the road with the "Bel Air" logo on the raised side of the hood. The logo was in the old style script font. Otherwise I didn't register anything unusual about the vehicle. Did someone just stick a "Bel Air" logo on their hood for yuks? I had the impression if it was a real prototype that it should have had wood paneling -- this didn't.
  • For those living in the frigid parts of the U.S. and Canada…does your rear defogger turns on automaticly when you strat your HHR with your remote start?
    Mine does and stays on until I put my key in the ignition and turn it to the “on” position.
    Just wanted to know if this was normal.
  • I HAD A 2006 HHR 2LT and it did the same thing. Had to get the rear deforgger fixed 2 times. After they fixed it the first time ( warrenty ) it came back and it didnt come on with the starter. 1 month later, now out of warrenty it stopped working. Took it back to the dealership, they said it was another issue (burnt wires), and that I would have to pay for it... But when I got it back, low and behold it came on when using the car starter... Now I don't own a chevy anymore.
  • Sorry to tell you this but my friend has a 2009 HHR and he told me that it's normal for the rear deffoger put put itself on automatically when using your remote starter on a cold day.
    He showed me the paragraph in his owners manual and found it in mine also. So they worked on yours twice and then told you about a burnt wire issue and all the time it was normal.
  • I do not have a remote start and have not experienced the problem.
  • Dusterman...this happens only when using the remote starter. If I start my HHR normally nothing of this happens.
    When starting it with the remote starter and then turning the key in the ignition it's shuts off as soon as the key is turned.
    If you don't have a remote's normal that your HHR doesn't do it.. it activated by the remote starter.
  • My steering column rattles when I hit bumps and the rear left strut rattles as well as various other rattles in My 2010 HHr with 6000 miles. Took it to two different dealers and this is what happened:

    First Dealer looked at it in October 2010 twice and said they would have to tear the car apart and keep it a week or more to fix it and they said there was no guarantee on fixing it.

    The second dealer looked at it in early November 2010 and said nothing was wrong.

    What should I do? I love my HHR but it sounds like I got 106000 miles on the car instead of 6000 miles.

    I need help!!!!

    Any advice would do!!!

  • My HHR rattles and something feels loose in the left rear wheel well especially when I go down the driveway and down the parking ramp with groved cement you can really hear it and it is annoying. I brought I to the dealer and they say its fine that they can't duplicate it and I should just live with it and turn up the radio and I won't hear it!!!

    Can somebody help me or offer advice!!!

  • I have a rattle on my 2010 HHR LS with Auto that sounds like somebody left a screwdriver or wrench behind the speedometer inside the dash or behind the dash behind the steering column. Dealer says theres nothing they can do, its part of the car, live with it.

    Any advice!!!

    Why is it I take a Malibu for a drive and it sounds perfect and then I drive my 2010 HHR which is only 5 months old and it sounds like a Mexican rattle trap?

    Please help!!!

    I want to believe in this car!!!
  • Wow, I sincerely feel for you gentlemen that are having these problems with your HHR! I have a 2007 and have not had any of these problems. I cannot imagine what it could be, but it never hurts to get a second opinion, perhaps from a paint and body shop. That does not sound normal, and it should be something that can be remedied. The only complaint I could possibly have about mine is the gas mileage. One tank of gas gets me 340 miles, is that normal? Good luck with your troubles.
  • You didn't mentioned if your fuel economy was city or highway.
    Mine is a 2010 2LT with the 2.4L and on a tank of gas I 396 miles and highway 488 miles in summer, in winter it's a bit less.
    About that rattling sound, mine has one to but I figure it comes from the suspension (shocks) they make a squeaking noise when the weather is cold but usually no rattles nowhere.
    I love my HHR in every way and wouldn't change it for nothing else.
  • In town I get 21 miles per gallon and on highway I get about 27.
  • Well...that gives you around 338 miles city and 434 miles highway.
    Mine gives me 25 city and 30 highway but I'm a very conservative driver, I'm very light on the gas pedal and my stop and go's are very gradual.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    vagabondchef ,
    I apologize for your experience. If you are unhappy with your dealers’ diagnosis I would recommend getting a second opinion. Please keep me posted.
    GM Customer Service
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