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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Hello to everyone. First of all thanks to all of you for helping me better understand the GX and what target price to shoot for. I dropped by a few dealers today and received a price quote of $48,200 which includes Nav/ML/3rd seat, rear spoiler,tow,wheel locks,cargo net, mats,and lexus link,plus $2000 for extended warrenty. Do you think this is a decent deal?


  • can you purchase extended warrenty after you purchase ?
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    george05 - It looks like you have a good deal for $5000+ off the MSRP. But I wouldn't bother the extended warranty. The basic bumper-to-bumper warranty is 4 years/50000 miles. And $2000 seems too much for me just for another 2 to 3 years. Even I intend to keep the car for 6 or 7 years, I am still not consider the warranty because it is Lexus. If you still interested the warranty, negoiate the best deal from the dealer. My dealer first quoted $1300 for my 03 Camry for 6 yrs warranty. I refused and the lowed it at $585. I insisted because I plan to keep my for 3 years. This is another way for dealer to make profit beside the sale of the car, prep & handling fee (if finance through the dealer), aftermarket accessories and this extended warranty.
  • George, that pricing sounds too good to be true. What region of the country are you in, because every dealer I've spoken to has said they will knock off about 500-1000 off of MSRP. My advice is if you can get that deal don't hesitate.
  • $5K off seems far fetched, but if true, why wait?
    I picked up an '04 last week for $2K off MSRP on almost loaded GX all doc fees,bottled water fee, nice lounge fee, etc, included (no trade, finance,"protect ants" or extded warr.). Was looking for '03 but missed out-they were $1-3K off. Faxed, emailed and called dealers in 450 mile radius and took best deal. '04's were offered at list to $1K off. Closest dealers are min 100 miles opposite directions of me. Went with a dealer further out as they had the truck and the deal. I like the truck.
  • I live in the same geographic area and was wondering what other bids you got? (from which dealers?) I was also interested in knowing if you leased or purchased?

    Thanks so much,
  • I am trying to decide between these two vehicles. I have driven and like both. I am a bit concerned about reliability with the Volvo but like its looks, durability, and rear door setup. I have driven a Landcruiser for four years with three active children and am afraid we may be too rough on the Lexus. We are in Raleigh, NC, and the best the Lexus dealership will do is $1000.00 off MSRP. Anybody out there with pricing, dealership, and other suggestions? Which truck will be best?
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    what did you think of the comparison between the two when you drove them? I was not very excited by the Volvo. It was fine all around, nothing really to complain about too much, it just didn't do anything special for me as far as ride, power, interior, etc... I think it's attractive, but nothing like the GX. For reliability, prestige, and even value in this case, I like the GX. I'm in Greensboro and plan to go by the Kernersville Lexus dealership soon, I'll let you know what I can get on the GX.
  • bjoye:

    Thanks for the input. Please do let me know how you do at the Kernersville Lexus dealership as I had already thought about driving out there to look there and see about their pricing, stock.
  • Always interesting to see the discount price differences in certain regions.
    My first thought of getting $5K off MSRP on the 2004 GX is, "Wow! Is that even possible?"
    Now by the middle of the year and especially by August-September of 2004, I have no doubt the discounts will be $5K to even $7K.
    If I can only get $1K-$2K off MSRP, I would probably buy the 2004 MDX with side curtain air bags for all three rows since I can get $1-2K off MSRP on that, and basically pay $10K less.
    But I would definitely wait until the end of the year and get the $6-7K off MSRP on the GX.
  • I was offered a price of $50,200 for a fully loaded (Nav/DVD/Third row/Tow/Lexus link/...)2003 GX470 including the gold package. Is that a good deal? They ask for a finance rate of 3.99%.
  • That's a terrible deal.
    Seems like they offered you only $3K off MSRP. At this time during the year, you should get at least $5K off MSRP on a 2003 GX. If you work harder, you may get $5.5K to $6K off.
    Keep in mind that for the GX you mentioned, the mark-up is about $8-9K above invoice.
  • OH, by the way, you can get 3.69% financing from Capitol One (advertised on
    I've used them before.
  • MSRP on that car is 53950 (TMV is 52254). The gold package is about $600 plus installation. So I figured I got almost 5K off of the deal. You still don't think it's good? I offered them 49K, and they didn't even want to budge. I've tried to offer that amount to two different dealerships already.
  • In which city/area do you live? Are there other Lexus dealerships a couple of hours driving time away? As we approach the end of a fiscal quarter and if a relatively large dealership is close to making his quota, the dealership is much more willing to bargain and secure his bonus. Maybe the one you are dealing with is nowhere close or already has made his numbers and is not in the "mood" to deal. Call around for quotes from bigger dealerships not in the local area. A two or three hour drive seems worth a thousand bucks or two?
  • The absolute best way to get the largest discount of MSRP on an 04 GX (or 03) is "Do Not Talk to a Salesman"!!! Talk to the fleet manager by going through an Auto Buying Service or Club such as Costco or AAA. I have done it for the last six cars I have purchased and have save "thousands" on each purchase!
  • I live in Bellevue, Washington state. The two dealers I'm dealing with are the two biggest in my state. I've gone through Costco and AAA programs, and their prices are even worse than my own deals. I've checked around with other GX owners that I know, and they all paid much higher than this. If you know anywhere else that offer better deal I'm willing to try out. Thanks so much for your help.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    thanhple - The best deal that I have on 2003 GX is $5.6K off for Nav., ML stereo, DVD player and 3rd seat. I didn't ask for tow hitch because I don't tow. And I don't need Lexus Link. I believe it costs me $47K before tax, license & title. In the meanwhile, I already got $3.5K off on 2004 with the same equipment, now Nav. comes with back up camera. I am not a big fan of gold emblem package or extended warranty specially for Lexus. I feel like paying $1K to $2K for two more years of warranty. I would keep it for the gas money.
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