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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sicom007sicom007 Posts: 46
    You mentioned that it had TH (Third Row seat). Typically all cars sold in Calif. have Rear Seat Entertainment System (Mfr Code RI)automatically added with TH. I still think you are paying way over the invoice with what you described. Not sur how the market is over there but in So. Cal you can get it anywhere from $1000-$1200 under invoice. SO why not buy from here and get the car shipped?

    Please send the exact package codes and I can tell you what the car will cost approximately here in Calif.
  • trietngotrietngo Posts: 2
    Please send the info to

  • Has anyone found the KDSS functionality in a California car? I really see the difference in KDSS, but I know the cars are rare and they carry a premium price tag. Has anyone gotten a quote under invoice with KDSS (not the sport package)? Thanks.
  • sicom007sicom007 Posts: 46
    Done. Please check your email
  • sicom007sicom007 Posts: 46
    KDSS is not available in California at this moment for all 2007 GX470's. Atleast that's what all the dealers said (I called atleast 8 dealers in both Nor. & So. Cal). I wanted the dealers to do a special order from factory with KDSS but all of them said that was not possible)

    Finally a dealer did a factory order with the options that I wanted and took delivery of the car last Saturday (ofcourse no KDSS and XM).

    Please let me know if you have questions
  • speed6speed6 Posts: 5
    sicom007 - could you please send me the details as well? Much appreciated.

  • speed6speed6 Posts: 5
    Please send me the details at

    thanks much
  • dchungdchung Posts: 1
    Hi sicom007, can you please send me the info to

  • mikem15mikem15 Posts: 2
    Have gotten what I feel is a good offer but would welcome other feedback. I am looking at the '07 GX 470 with the $8,736 package (this includes the navi, 3rd row seat, rear entertainment, tow package, chrome exhaust, lexus link, rear spoiler). The MSRP is $56,086 and the dealer is offering to sell the me the car at $49,301. The truck is black onyx and I like the color but realize it probably is not the hottest selling color. They are quoting me a MF of .00265 for 15K/year, 36 month lease, 53% residual through Lexus financial. Lease fee up front of $600 with payments of $799 including tax (6.5%). Total due at signing of $1,100.

    By reading this forum, I feel the MF is good but am worried that the residual is low. With the entertainment package, shouldn't it be higher and around 56%? That of course would make a big difference in payments. Any one know of another leasing company or bank offering better MF or residual?

    This forum has been a great reference source, much to the dismay of the dealer!! Thanks for helping the little guy win one!
  • Hi Sicom007,
    Congrats for the new vehicle and also helping out members of this forum. I am interested in the car with the NAV and the rear seat entertainment (DVD). Could you please email me the dealer information. My email id:
  • karldkarld Posts: 5
    I was just offered a 2005 gx470 maxed out with nav and dvd etc. (not sure of nighthawk) for $46125. It has 16000 miles. Taking in BMW on trade. I am uncomfortable with buying from a ford garage. It was taken in on trade for a Navigator.....please advise me....
  • infonutinfonut Posts: 9
    My two cents...was offered loaded 2006 (w/o KDSS)for $47900. with 13K miles on it. But looking to buy new for no more than $500 over invoice max.
  • infonutinfonut Posts: 9
    Does anyone have names of good shippers, not too expensive. Plan to ship a new one from Calif. to Colorado and would like to be referred to one. So far best price is $590.00.
  • cfa24cfa24 Posts: 3
    After just a few emails I have been offered any GX 1500 over invoice. I will try to get this closer to invoice if possible. I will not be getting nav or dvd. Wanting Black or Silver. Anyone buy one in the Dallas area recently? What price did you get as opposed to invoice on your vehicle?
    Thanks for the help
  • gx470818gx470818 Posts: 16
    For about $3K more you could drive a brand new 2007 Gx fully loaded except the KDSS. I would never pay that kind of money for an almost 3 years old with that much milage. My 2c.
  • sicom007sicom007 Posts: 46,,

    Please check u'r emails. Sorry was out of town so could not reply earlier
  • Hi Sicom 007..

    I listed everything in my original note, BUT here ya go..
    Base MSRP - $46,635 +$ 715 Deliv
    NL - Nav/Mark Lev - $3,250
    TH - 3rd Row w/AC -$2,030
    BL Cargo Tray - $99
    C1 Cargo Mat - $92
    WL Wheel Locks - $79
    Total -$52,900

    OFFERED TO ME FOR $ 47,300

    Can you send me dealer contact who can do better?

    ED in NJ
  • sicom007sicom007 Posts: 46
    My 2c. Get the car shipped from Calif. You can get the GX (including factory special order with the options that you want) for atleast $1000 (or more) under invoice. I am sure shipping on a flatbed to Dallas won't be that expensive. Here is what you can try:

    1) Go to the local dealer and say that if he can give a car with couple hundred under invoice he has your business

    2) Else send me your email and I will send you the contacts of dealers here in So. Cal that can ship you a car for the prices I mentioned earlier.

    Personally I wouldn't do business with a Lexus dealer who is not ready to sell under invoice. Hope this helps
  • sicom007sicom007 Posts: 46
    edwardc3000 (Sorry for the long reply)

    So here is what your actual invoice should look like:

    Invoice MSRP

    Base Price* $40,571 $46,635
    Selected Options $4,419 $5,550
    Destination Charge $715 $715
    Levinson Audio Package $2,633 $3,250
    ThirdRow Seat/ Rear Air $1,624 $2,030
    (PIO) Wheel Locks $49 $79
    (PIO) Carpeted Cargo Mat $55 $92
    (PIO) Cargo Tray $58 $99
    Total* $45,705 $52,900
    TDA (Toyota dealer Adv fee) $583
    Dealer Invoice Total $46,288

    So If your dealer is selling you at $47,300 he asking for $1012 over his invoice. Remember he still has a dealer holdback and Wholesale reserve in excess of $1300 even if he sells you at his $46,288.

    A couple of points:

    1) How do I get the actual Invoice? Ask :) I always say that since I want to get a fair deal, I need to see the actual invoice of the car that I want to buy. Most of the times they just email or scan and send it to you. that is how I was able to come up the prices above (saw my invoice and added your package prices)

    2) Is the TDA negotiable? In my opinion yes but since it is early in the year and dealers are very bullish that they can sell the cars they are in no mood to negotiate. Since I got is way below invoice I was OK.

    3) If you are comfortable with that price and no one else is giving that price go for it. I would personally get the DVD player if I go for a Third row seat. However you can get the car shipped with from Calif. with more options at a price below invoice.

    4) With my experience (other members who bought in Calif. can chime in) you will not find a similar car in Nor./So. Cal. The reason is that any car with TH (third row seat) also comes with RI (rear 9" roof DVD player), Z1 (includes C1, GN, Wl), TO (Towing ready), DD(Rear Spoiler).

    Please send me your email id and I can send you the details or you can ask others who have received the dealer contacts from me to send it to you.

    Hope it helps and all the best with your purchase.
  • haaserhaaser Posts: 8

    I've used BT Express Auto Transport a couple of times and had good look.
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