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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • and in No. Cal. you have to order it and wait so the price is not soft here., esp. the ones for NVA/ML. $2000 above inv., that's just above $35K for NAV/ML option (?), would be very very nice here. Lucky Virginians.

    Same thing goes for 2004 TL. It goes for msrp (and a wait line) and guess what: It's pretty darn close to ES' 'actual' price now.
  • smabensmaben Posts: 2
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    I am interested in the dealer quoting 1000 over invoice price in N Va.
    please respond stonycreek
  • At Westside Lexus in Houston I received $1700 of MSRP ($37424) on loaded ES 330 (except VSC and Variable Suspension). They had to get the car from New Orleans dealer and had in one week. Excellent service in my opinion.
  • nomramnomram Posts: 2
    I just took delivery of a 2004 ES330 and am paying $500/month for 36 months based upon 20,000 miles per year (60,000 total). While the lease price might sound high, the nearest competitor was $65 more per month. I found the people at Prestige Lexus (Ramsey, NJ) to be very professional and honest. There's a reason why they are the #1 dealer in the Northeast.
  • nomramnomram Posts: 2
    When I was looking for a RX330, I called them. They ship from dealers in CA. I didn't go to them because of my concerns in being liable for damage during shipping and delivery.
  • I just took delivery a 2004 ES330 in Bellevue, WA. I paid $32,984 before tax ($625 destination included)with options: Heated seats, HID headlamps and Rain-sensing Wipers, Preminm 6-CD changer, SVC, Wood & leather steering wheel & Shift Knot, Power adjustable accelator & brake pedals with memory, Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks. Plus I got the body strip free (a $330 value). MSRP was $35,314.00, I only shopped with one dealer (but I did a lot of homework) and I insisted not to make any offer. I do not know whether the price is reasonable in our area.
  • What's in a body strip? Also, what'd be the price for one with NAV/ML in the dealer at Bellevue, WA? Do they have more w/o NAV/ML like most dealers? Did you have to pre-order or the car was in stock already?
  • gs123gs123 Posts: 1
    Although I bought a gs300, I'm sure Brannon Hills at Coliseum Lexus in Oakland could work a deal on a 330. He beat Longo's (El Monte) pricing on my gs300 and got me in under the October 01 license fee increase.
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    I got 1500 over invoice price for ES 330 with nav,but this dealer in N. VA is willing to go down to 1000 over inv for non NAV.
    what do you guys think.
  • luegoluego Posts: 13
    $1,500 over invoice is the standard discount being offered now. If you really do not need the Navi, $1,000 is a good deal. Of course, better deals could come in the next few months once the 04s start filling their lots.
  • What's the actual price for the es330 with nav/ml being $1500 over invoice? Less than $35K? Anyone can get that in No. Cal? Not too many people buying lexus in N. Va or what?

    BTW, Brannon at Oakland tried to sell his last es300 with nav/ml back in July/Aug for $36K thinking that he got the last one in Bay Area. There's very few left indeed but it just showed that he can be very greedy too. Don't know what he's thinking. Why pay a 300 with a price that can get you a 330 other than that you may not get one es330 to your liking by 10/1. Still...
  • You can check with the dealer for their inventory and availability of NAV/ML package.
    I was told that they have more shipments come in this month. I picked my car from their stock.
  • dbh126dbh126 Posts: 7
    Hi all,

    Just joined and wanted to post info on my experience buying my new Lexus ES330. I bought from Lexus of Orlando and the car had a MSRP of $33,444.00. I paid, $30,980.00 + Tax, Tag, and Title for an Out the Door price of $33,046.00. I have nothing but praise for the dealership, no hassles, very informative, very courteous. In and out in a couple hours last Sunday.
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    One of dealers I am bargaining said dealership charge adv money(LDA) which comes around 397 after all other charges.processing fees for dealers are different also (100-239)
    The I car price I am interested jumps upto around 32999 which comes to be 1600 over invoice before tax/tags and this is for Base +premium plus(as seen on
    what do you guys think.
  • Is that about just $1,000 over invoice. That sounds very good. Did they quote you that price to begin with?

    I am wondering can anyone get a nav/ml with a few pre-installed goodies (the top package) for $1K over invoice too. I've been to lexus dealers a few times and they always have very few with nav/ml, if any at all, in stock. They do have lots more non nva/ml in stock. And when you ask for it they say you have to pre-order one wtih nav/ml, esp. if you have a color in mind. Right away they are not willing to budge price much when they have to pre-order for you.
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    One of the dealers is ready to sell the nav/ml for 1495 over invoice price(best deal).
  • Does it come with VSC and AVS with an invoice price of $34,225? So you are talking about $35,720 for the top package?

    Where's that dealer if you don't mind, and is $1,500 over for NAV/ML a realistic target in all US regions?
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    This dealer is N Virginia.
    I am not sure whether I can give the name,as right now I am in nego with them.
    I have totalled all invoice price and will pay 1500 over total invoice price +tax/tags/proc if I buy one with Nav/ML,but I am not sure whether I shoud pay LDA (adv fees) or not.
    If you want their name email me at
  • babs43babs43 Posts: 13
    I'm seriously looking at the ES330 as my first choice of new car. Also looking at Infiniti G35 (real nice, but too small for me) and M45 (more money than I'd prefer to spend). I need help with a price. I got a quote on the ES 330 with VSC, HID, AVS, Premium Package, heated front seats and wood steering wheel, for $33,500. I'm thinking that's way too high considering the invoice numbers provided by Edmunds. For that price, I would hope to get the Nav System with the Audio package. Is that unreasonable? I need an expert opinion! Thanks!
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