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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It depends on what options are included. I suggest they ask the bank what the blue book is. I believe they fixed the transmission issues in 2005.

    Ultimately, it's worth what you want to pay. I have found that if you are willing to walk, you can get your price.

    I'd tell him you are leaning towards the Acura TL because it is new, new body, and loaded for the same price as the used Lexus. Also, the ratings are high. Then see what the price is. I imagine you should get it for $31000 or so. But, 5000 miles is not that much.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    For jschrock's benefit, here is hurstian's deal:

    hurstian, 2006 ES330, 1187, 11/08/2005, Dallas Area (Park Place Lexus), purchase, $35234, $30668, 87% MSRP

    The fact that you wrote in with your dealer's name speaks volumes that your deal is authentic.

    Sorry if I made an implied hit on your integrity and I won't do it again, since my actions do not encourage honest reporting by other posters.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637

    The gap between what Edmund's posters are quoting for 2006s vs Edmund's TMV is huge! Edmund's posters are getting their cars for about 87-89% MSRP while Edmund's TMV (based on actual sales numbers) says 97%-98% MSRP!

    This same discrepancy does not exist for 2005s. Posters report similar numbers for 2005s as Edmunds TMV quotes.
    This could be due to a number of factors. If Edmund's posters are honest with their quotes, then it means that posters are getting HUGE discounts from what other purchasers are paying.

    If the Edmund's posters are honestly posting their quotes, then I have no idea why the discrepency between TMV and posters' quotes would be as it is.

    Anyone out there have any idea?
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Ok, I'll break down and do it. Provide quotes, even with imcomplete data. I want the posters to see what other posters are saying they are paying lately for a vehicle:


    que2, 2005 ES330, 1059, 3/31/05, Little Falls, New Jersey (Tri-County Lexus) $35909, $31,800, 88.6% MSRP

    bayviewe, 2005 ES330, 1112, 10/24/05, Schaumburg,Ill (Woodfield Lexus), $37909, $32,500, 85.7% MSRP.

    deerblue, 2006 ES330, 1119, 10/24/05, So Cal (Longo Lexus),$39,694, $34,500, 86.9% MSRP.

    dshahs, 2005 ES330, 1117, 10/25/2005, Massachusetts (Lexus of Watertown) $38393, $34,500, 89.8% MSRP

    bhavinpa, 2006 ES330, 1147/1149, 10/31/2005, So. Cal (Longo Lexus, El Monte, Ca.), $37524, $33,200, 88.4% MSRP

    hurstian, 2006 ES330, 1187, 11/08/2005, Dallas Area (Park Place Lexus), purchase, $35234, $30668, 87% MSRP


    The following quotes are missing some info and are not as verifiable as the preceding ones:

    jpdeg, 2006 ES330, 1237, ????, ????, purchase, $35700, $33734, 92.3% MSRP

    california4, 2006 ES330, 1238, 12/03/2005, ????(????), purchase, $37595, $34000, 90.4% MSRP

    ficars, 2006 ES330, 1222, 11/24/2005, ???? (????), purchase, $35000, $31000, 88.5% MSRP
  • jpdegjpdeg Posts: 7
    Hi, just saw your post and question marks, so I'll fill-in/update.

    I received my quote on 12/3/06 from Lexus of New Orleans. Our salesman claimed he may have been able to knock off another couple hundred.

    That d/ship is our only one. I emailed the dealership in Baton Rouge, 45 miles away. I had to email twice, and eventually had to call the internet manager to get a price. He said that I should check the local dealership. I said I did, would he like to give me a quote and take my business from them. He said he could do $1400 off of MSRP.

    I told both salesmen that I would pay 90% of MSRP based on what I have been reading on Edmunds forums. One said that these price quotes aren't real, but are really "Christmas wishlist prices."

    I still haven't made a purchase. Neither place would go lower, and I feel like the car is/may be underpowered, but the price just feels to high for me especially considering the much hyped December to Remember.

    So, I'm still sort of looking. I can't decide. I'm considering a MB C230, BMW 325, or Saab 9-5. I really can't decide, and nothing has really grabbed my attention and desire, other than the Infiniti M35 (too expensive). I may just wait a while longer for the M.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Your deal is lining up with Edmund's TMV (96% MSRP), which is not lining up with the quotes on this thread, sad to say. I appreciate your input, since I believe you have a realistic, honest deal. After all, Edmund's TMV is based on real sales data, as opposed to the data provided by posters.

    Your salesman is correct in saying that the Edmund's quotes are not real. They are anonymous and can't be verified, but if the dealership is provided, at least there is some accountability.

    Don't know why posters would exaggerate their deals, but the recent deal quotes are certainly not matching Edmund's TMV.

    Perhaps when you get ready for a purchase, the price will come down or you will like the new body style better.

    I suspect that the gas price rise has made ES330s more desirable when compared with RX300s than they have been in the past. Maybe there is a shortage of 2006 ES330s.
  • jpdegjpdeg Posts: 7
    "Maybe there is a shortage of 2006 ES330s"

    That is a distinct possibility. In fact, one of the salesman told me that they are selling them as fast as they can produce them. I just didn't necessarily believe him. Also, when I first started looking in November, the dealership lot was FULL of cars, mainly ES's. When I went back in the beginning of December, the lot was basically empty.
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Posts: 23
    No, I was just quoted $32.5K after submitting from Lexus website.
  • That is exactly what my cousin paid for his ES. NO NAVI, MARK LEVINSON, VAS.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    You can kind of tell from the MSRP whether the vehicle has NAV/ML. Vehicles under about 35-36K MSRP generally do not include ML or NAV.

    32K MSRP is a very basic vehicle.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    This indicates how dynamic the situaton can be.
    If I needed a car in a hurry, at this point, I would look at this website and use the price quotes in it as a negotation tactic to give me confidence when I walk into a dealer.

    If I tried several dealers or internet quotes and none were "biting" at my offer, I'd check out Edmund's TMV to see what a realistic price might be. (The difficulty with using TMV is that you have to enter ALL the vehicles options to get a number, and that can be difficult to do.)

    Sorry if your negotiation tactic left you with less choice in vehicles. But it just shows that what worked yesterday or a month ago might not work today. In your case, you needed to move more quickly than posters have had to do in the past in order to maintain your choices. However, with Toyota, I have noticed that choices disappear fast.

    And, maybe you will have the option of picking up a 2007.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Another way to find out what the current situation for a particular vehicle is is to use Sam's Club car buying service.

    When I first purchased my car, the Sam's Club rep told me that Toyota reduced production in 2001/2002 due to the September 11 attack. At the time I purchased my car (March 2002), ES 300s were going for 94-95% MSRP because there was a shortage, and the Sam's Club rep told me I was unlikely to have much luck getting a really low price.

    The situation changed later, however, and until now, cars have been going for about 90% MSRP.

    Now it looks like there may be a scarcity again, if one believes Edmund's TMV.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    Thanks for all the good info. Do you have any idea what the cut-off date is for the manufacture of 2006 ES330s?
    Bye the way, what kind of mpg are you getting on your 2002 ES300?
  • I thought this was a big sales event but was told by the Austin salesman it simply means 2K off MSRP. We looked at an es330 with msrp around 35,500 w/ everything except navigation, according to salesman. 2K off doesn't seem like a great deal, but it is a very nice ride. We also looked at the Mercedes c230 and bmw 235i, but my wife liked the es over the more powerful 235i and the weak c230, oh and a tiny volvo s40. Shouldn't I be able to get more off msrp? They seemed to have a lot of them.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    It is hard to really state the gas mileage I get. It varies from about 16-19 mpg in town and 26-28 mpg on the freeway.

    Here is what I have observed however:

    1. One pays a very high mpg price for accelerating.
    2. One pays a very high mpg price for driving uphill. If one takes a two-way trip that is hilly, the lower mpg for the downhill part will not compensate for the higher mpg. of the uphill part. (A two-way trip theorectically equalizes the uphill/downhill portions there and back)
    3. One pays a very high mpg price for stopping at fast food prices, which requires lots of acceleration/ stop and go.

    As such it is really hard to tell whether the basic vehicle is providing good or bad gas mileage.

    The only way that two drivers can get good comparison numbers is if they both live in a flat region, and they both have the same amount of stop and go when they drive in town.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 148
    I couldn't have said it better regading mileage. I drive up a hill on the way to work and downhill on the way home. I notice the mpg drops precipitiously on the way up. Too fast starts cause the same thing. Doesn't go back up as quickly as it goes down. What I have noticed, however is that using 89 octane gas has made a significant difference.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I have always used high octane gas, probably because my 2002 user manual says to do so. Sounds like the later manuals say that regular is preferred, but my manual says that high octane is preferred. I have tried regular gas a couple of times, but I did not think I liked the performance as well. Of course, it could be all in my mind......
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Today I drove from Bakersfield, Ca. to Ridgecrest, Ca. The trip is 101 miles. I tracked my gas mileage on the way home only (all freeway miles).

    I divided the trip in two.

    For the first half of the trip, I averaged 20.3 mpg, despite the fact that it was all on the freeway: no stop and go. There is a steep grade between Bakersfield and Tehachapi, which explains the low gas mileage.

    For the second half of the trip I averaged 29 mpg, because there were more downill miles on the second part of the trip.

    The mpg for the entire trip was 24.5 mpg, all on freeways.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    I just have a quick question for anyone that may have a spare moment to respond....
    I am thinking about buying a 06 ES330 and was wondering what the overall driving experiences people have had with this car....I have read some of the consumer reviews.....and most seem positive.....but my question would be as such...
    Does the car have enough power to let's say merge on the highway?...pass on the highway? (quickly when the need arises).....does it do well while driving in snow country? (i.e. midwest)...and just the overall there any rattles in the interior?....allot of road noise? it the true luxury experience? We don't need a sports car that can go from 0-60 in 4 seconds....and we don't really want a car that is marketed towards the retirement age people (please, no disrespect intended to anyone).....the ES330 is in our price range and seems like it may fit the bill....but by asking current owners we can get a feel of what everyones we know in the end it is our decision....and it is either you like it or you don't....but any input would be much appreciated.....
    Thanks in advance......
  • pilot130pilot130 Posts: 319
    We don't own one but had the opportunity to use my brother in law's 06 ES330 for a three week period earlier this month (He was on an extended vacation trip and left it with us). It's an "all dressed" model with every conceivable option.
    Our experience was extremely positive. We found nothing of any concern and the overall driving experience was excellent for both city and highway conditions. the only thing we didn't use was the nav system so we cannot comment there.(didn't really need it)
    It rode well; handled well; was very quiet with no rattles or noticeable wind or road noise; accelleration was more than adequate; and it seemed not to notice the occasional time when there were 4 heavy duty adults aboard.
    It handled fine in the two really big snowfalls we've had so far this year; there seems to be more than adequate passing response on the highway; and we were pleasantly surprised at the very good fuel economy of this vehicle.
    Overall it was a very pleasant automobile to drive in--as good as any we've experienced. There was no doubt this is a luxury vehicle and we wouldn't hesitate to own one.
    One note of caution. Your inquiry will no doubt elicit a few negatives.
    One of those may talk to the hesitation issue which has been kicked around to a degree by some folks.
    There seems to be a concerted effort by a few outspoken individuals to have it declared a widespread epidemic, a serious safety hazard, severe when it occurs, affects many models of Lexus and Toyota, etc--generally a very damning criticism of this automaker.
    We would suggest caution in letting any such condemnations influence a purchase decision. Take one for a long test drive and decide for yourself.
    We didn't notice anything of the sort. In our opinion, the condemnations have been very much overplayed, and almost seem deliberate.
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