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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jacob2jacob2 Posts: 1
    Just purchased an 06 ES 330, MSRP $38,009, paid $33,600.
    Very happy with car, back and forth between the Acura TL and ES. Am feeling like I made the right choice.
    Many thanks for all the posts and info. This site was probably my best resource for researching and purchasing this car.
  • bought a ES330 from Prestige, NJ today. details --

    invoice $28,640 + optional equipments (ND, VV, HL, HH, FI & WU) for $4405. i paid $34,100 + $695 destination charge + TTL = $36,496 on road ($710 over invoice).
  • i am looking for a platinum extended warranty for my ES330. i was offered it for $1850 but i believe that is way too high. if you were able to get it for any cheaper, could you please post it here with the dealer name? thanks!
  • Update to msg#1310:

    bought a ES330 from Prestige, NJ today. details --

    invoice $28,640 + optional equipments (ND, VV, HL, HH, FI & WU) for $4405.

    i paid $34,100 (incl. $695 destination charge) + TTL = $36,496 on road ($360 over invoice).
  • sfusersfuser Posts: 1
    Just purchased '06 Lexus ES330 from Lexus of Bellevue, WA. It was the last one they had (they just sold the 2nd to last dark blue one while we were there!). Lovely Oasis Green Pearl/ash interior - very classy, we love that combo. Heated seats, 6-disc CD, 17" wheels, VSC, HID, power rear shade, wood steering wheel/shifter, power brake pedals, cargo net, trunk mat, wheel locks. MSRP 36,709, paid 32,250 + tax/license. Seemed like a great buy, our first Lexus, what to others think about this deal? Still have some doubts - maybe should have waited for '07. BUT this car is SO nice as it is
  • jfindleyjfindley Posts: 1
    I live in the Houston,TX area. I have called around to all the dealers and most have only 3-4 left of the 2006 ES 330 models. They are all configured the same, basic package, no Navs left, with a MSRP of $35,279. I found one dealer that was willing to quote $31,800 over the phone, but my guess is the others would be willing to deal also. Question is should I get a 2006 model at a good discount or wait and pay sticker on the 2007 model, which would be about $37,500? One internet sales guy told me that I would be better off waiting and getting the 2007 but I wasn't sure about his motives. A $3500 discount seems too good to pass up. What do you think?
  • Have negotiated for a 2004 with only 22.5K excellent one owner car for $24,000. Does it sound right?
  • oilcan2oilcan2 Posts: 120
    sounds ok,depends on options.
  • man12man12 Posts: 1
    Hi Car_man

    am negotiating a deal to lease 2006 ES330 for $383.29/month plus 6% taxes for 36 month, 12000miles/year.

    MSRP $34729
    Selling Price $30500
    Cap reduction 1499
    Bank Fee 600
    Motor Vehicle 189.50
    Tire Fee 7.50
    Doc Fee 105

    Payment 2808
    Monthly payment $383.29

    The dealer indicated MF .00245 and RV 56%.

    Is this a good deal?

    The only issue with this is that the car does not have traction control, vehicle stabilty control and wood stering?

  • gwyntersgwynters Posts: 9
    I've been waiting for the 07 to be available. My local dealer is just beginning to get cars. They offered me this deal on a 06.

    MSRP 38,904
    CapCost 34,955
    Residual 20,525
    MF 002350

    36 months with 15K

    Their offer is 560 a month with 2500 down.
    I ran the numbers and get 560 with 6% sales tax included and zero down. I'm I doing the calculation correctly? Are they using the correct MF and RV?

  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I would look at and go by book value and Edmund's TMV, if both are available for your choice.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I think a lot depends on how long you plan to keep the car.

    The biggest "con" of the older model is that it will be out of style sooner, and this includes the NAV. I believe that committing to a vehicle with no NAV for long term ownership may produce regret at some point. NAVs are great and those of us who have them would not want to be without one in the future.

    Another factor that may impact the decision is gas mileage. A long term purchaser of the ES3XX may wish they had bought a vehicle with better gas mileage.

    If it were I making the decision, and if I ruled out the desire for a car like the Prius on the future, I'd go with the 2007. Of course this assumes that the NAV is more advanced on the 2007 than on the 2006. In your case, you can't get a NAV at all on a 2006, so that would be a no-brainer to me.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    When I purchased my 2002 in March of 2002, NAVs were discouraged by dealers. In fact leased vehicles with NAVs were given lower residual values than were vehicles without NAVs. If you look at the Edmund's posts back then, you will notice that one of the biggest reasons for special orders was to get a vehicle with ML but without NAV. (NAV & ML were consistently packaged together back then.)

    I suspect that as dealers begin to understand how to operate the NAVs and as more and more people begin to own them, their desirability will increase. (I wonder if this has already happened.) Everyone I know who owns a NAV says that the availablilty of a NAV would outweigh other factors like color in selecting a vehicle.

    This is something to consider when thinking about purchasing a vehicle which you will keep for 10+ years. If you purchase a 2007, not only do you have more NAV options, but you also stand that chance of having the most advanced NAV system to date.

    On the other hand, with gasoline going where it is going, I might not buy an ES at all. I'd probably buy a gas-efficient car-but gues what - one that has a NAV.

    (Note the ES3XX performs OK-from a gas mileage perspective-for non-hilly freeway driving, but it is not exactly an economy car for in-town driving.)
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi man12. The money factor that you were quoted for this car is in line with Lexus Financial Services' current buy rate money factor for it. This is always a good sign. The selling price that you were quoted for this car is very attractive as well, assuming that the cap cost reduction that you mentioned is not being taken into account in the selling price that you mentioned. This looks like a good deal to me.

    You really should not make any sort of cap cost reduction when leasing though. If you do, you risk losing it if your car is totaled in an accident or stolen. Here's a lease payment based upon no down payment, just in case you are interested. According to my calculations, the zero down, pre-tax monthly payment for a 36 month, 12,000 mile per year lease of an '06 ES 330 with an MSRP of $34,729 and a selling price of $30,500 should be $435.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Greetings gwynters. The money factor that you were quoted for this car is in line with the current buy rate lease money factor for it. The selling price that you were quoted looks good to me as well, assuming that it is before the deduction of any capitalized cost reduction. If you lease this car, make sure not to make such a large down payment though. If you do, you risk losing it if your vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident. I always advise consumers not to make any sort of cap cost reduction when leasing.

    I just double checked the lease payment that you mentioned and according to my calculations, the zero down, pre-tax, 36 month, 15,000 mile per year lease payment for a 2006 ES 330 with an MSRP of $38,904, a cap cost of $34,955, and a money factor of .00235 should be around $500.

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  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    Are there any special Lease deals on the 2006 ES330 or 350 cars? I am busy and hate going to the dealerships and such. I have used a lease broker in the past and have done well. Spoke to a local South Florida dealer Sat. After three coverations he tells me he cant quote prices over the phone. Looks like I go to another dealer.

    Appeciate any suggestons. Considering the best deal I can get on a Lexus 330, BMW or similar class of car.

  • guys, did anyone buy an extended warrany recently for their ES330? i bought ES330 last month but am still out looking for a deal on the extended warrany. any great deals anyone?
  • agidolagidol Posts: 2
    Hi can you please tell me if this is a good deal?
    2006 ES330
    MSRP 36359 (includes premium package)
    Money Factor .00245
    Zero down
    12k/36 months
    $426 per month including 6% sales tax.

    My first time leasing... should I take this offer?
  • tturedraidertturedraider Posts: 159
    Just bought a non-cert 2005 ES330 with 20,700 miles for $28k + ttl from a Lexus dealer. They had just taken it in on trade and we chose not to have it certified. 30 months left on warranty. It's for my mom and she only drives about 6,000 miles a year.

    Perfect condition, one owner, Crystal White, new tires, HIDs, rear shade, six-disc, power pedals, trunk mat & net, wheel locks, heated/ventilated seats, wood/leather steering wheel, 17" wheels.
  • elmer3elmer3 Posts: 20
    I live in the Pittsburgh,Pa area 9 months of the year and 3 months of the year in central Florida. Does anyone have any good experiences with dealers (both price and service) in either of these areas. Thanks
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