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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks be02939. This particular discussion is for consumers to ask questions about leasing a Lexus ES 330, which I do not believe that it is providing lease support on any longer. Are you interested in leasing an RX 350? Lexus is running a special lease on it. Please post any questions that you have on leasing one in the following discussion: "Lexus RX 330 / RX 350 / RX 400h: Lease Questions". Thanks.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • I got a quote of $1615 + tax for a 7yr/100k warranty on my 2006 ES330. I think it is a reasonable quote. Has anyone bought a cheaper extended warranty for a similar make and model? Appreciate your help! Thank you!
  • mio999mio999 Posts: 1
    Price opinions apprecicated In Los Angeles I am selling my deceased parents 95 Lexus ES300 with 25,000 miles, black with chrome wheels,sunroof, CD Player, gold package. I had the fluids changed regulary and the car has had no accidents only minor fender dings. Any suggestions as to a fair price on this low mileage example would be appreciated.
  • telman1telman1 Posts: 4
    Just started looking for ES350 base w/Nav $41,822 MSRP. Have been quoted $37,122 cap (Seems too high), $2000 down, 15K-3x
    drive off 550.65 plus OC tax= not have the time or patience to deal with all the dealership drama.. What is the right lease price, anyone have a pleasant experience in Orange County, CA
  • I purchased ES300 from non lexus dealer for 19K with 55K miles in WA.
  • joeg1joeg1 Posts: 17
    I have a 2004 Lexus RX330 AWD with Navigation and am coming to the end of my lease. The vehicle has 73,500 miles on a lease which only allowed 39,000 miles. This will result in $8,625 mileage penalty. The buy-out is $23,900.

    Since I am so far over on the mileage is my best choice simply to purchase the vehicle at the buy-out price? Is there are negotiating on the buy-out price or the mileage penalty?

    Thanks for the help.
  • Hi All,

    I just purchased an IS 250.

    I think I got a good deal on the car except for the 'Tires for life program' that I purchased with it. I researched on everything else before buying this car but I made a mistake on knowing nothing about the Tires for life program.

    Anyway, does anyone know if Lexus dealerships would give me a refund on this.
    I bought it for $1,900 and I really think its not worth it. I had my car for three weeks now. I know if you purchased an extended warranty you have 60 days to decide and they will refund you if you choose not to continue with it.

    So please does anyone know and had an experience on this??? :confuse:

    Thank you.
  • ES330 about 14K mile sellling for $23800 is it a good price?
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