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Nissan 350Z Owners - Meet the Members



  • I have tried these when the headlights are off and the car is running and they have no affect. But thats ok because I still think that we drive great cars, have a good day.

    Mike, Fl.
  • We drove a Crossfire and a 350Z. There was no comparison -the power and fit/finish seemed better on the Z. Plus the Crossfire rattled some. We were going to go look at a red Z but the people bought it right in front of us - they looked like they were pushing 70! Never too late to have fun!
    We bought another - a 2005 black convertible with low miles. We had leather put in after we bought it and they did a perfect job. My GOD this car is scary fun - and scary fast! I have owned a 260Z, a 280ZX, and a 300Z but they didn't even come close to this little monster. The handling and acceleration are unbelievable. I wasn't too sure about the convertible part since we have never had one - but it's a blast. And the factory exhaust sound is pretty deep. I promise you, there aren't too many cars out there that can out-perform this thing. Some of the exotics (NSX, Lamborghini, Porsche turbo, and Corvette) could...
    but you can blow the doors off most everthing else out there. I live in the midwest and it's a hoot to scorch the SUV or pickup that's tailgating you or hogging the outside lane. Even my wife, a sedate driver for a long time, goes crazy in this thing. It's gotta be the funnest car we've ever owned.
  • I just bought a leftover 2005 350ZR Ulta Yellow and I have also noticed a change in my driving style. First time in years, someone has pulled up beside me and I just had to open it up a little. Just hit 50 here. Also own a Yamaha and have owned a couple of 2 seat roadsters in years gone by (Fiat Spider and Triumph Spitfire). But all in all, this is about the hottest thing I think I have owned (probably better than the 69 V12 Jag Coupe I owned in 79). Last car I had a ticket in was a 95 Mark VIII 10 years ago. I think it might be that time again. I live in Virginia where radar detectors are illegal. I might have to head down to NC and see about having one of those discrete ones installed.
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    This forum has been pretty quiet. Are there any new owners out there?

    It's been a year now since I bought my roadster. Still love it. I didn't drive it much over the winter, as it has summer performance tires on it and I'm too cheap to buy a second set of tires - and our garage is full anyway so would be hard to find a place to store whichever set is not in use.

    Anyway, wondering particularly if there are many women buyers? Most of the other Z owners I've met in real life or on-line are guys. Just wondering if there are more women like me who love driving a fun, fast roadster? To me, it's a car that works equally well for both genders - good-looking, fun to drive, reasonably economical for what it is, etc.
  • dadszdadsz Posts: 14
    Hi all,

    I've used Edmunds forums before to buy and maintain my 1999 Trooper. Now I've used them for my Z (2006 roadster - touring model). I was a bit surprised to see that there aren't many folks talking about their Zs here... interesting, I guess that everyone is out driving....

    My wife loves driving this car as much as I do, so it will be a challenge to see who gets the keys first when we go out! See you online...
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Hey there, congrats and welcome to the Z community!

    I think more people hang out on the Z enthusiast boards than in here. That said, I wish more people WOULD post here.

    So, give up the details - what color did you get? Did you buy new or used? I note you said it's a 2006, but wondered if you got a great discount on a new leftover '06 or bought used. (I bought an '05 in April '06 and got a whale of a deal. Redline with black interior, Touring Roadster.

    Lately we've been having some fabulous weather. I just drive around feeling sorry for anyone not in a convertible!
  • dadszdadsz Posts: 14
    Hi biancar,

    Thanks for the welcome! Here are the details which I posted in the What did you pay forum:

    Got the last one at the dealer in Annapolis. Silverstone with black top, black leather, mats, kick plates, wheel locks, out the door for $32,600 + TTL. MSRP was $38,675, car had 98 miles on it. Edmunds TMV for a certified used 2006 with 0 miles was $34,125 and Dealer TMV price was $32,889. I figured the certified used was the closest comparison point with the Dealer TMV price as the floor. So, I am a happy roadster today...

    I now have roughly 300 miles on the car! But it is raining here in Maryland today, so I used my wife's Highlander...

    I used to post as Tetonman on the Isuzu Trooper boards here on Edmunds, those folks were awesome to talk to about our trucks. I was surprised when I came to the 350Z forums looking for information that they were so dead...guess everyone is out driving....oh well, I'll keep checking here from time to time. But I'm also looking at some of the other Z forums so I can learn more about this great car and make some friends online to discuss the cars. I just haven't posted there yet, but most likely will over the next couple of days...
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    You did well! Very similar deal to what I got last year.

    I'm typing from Outer Banks of NC right now, and it's been raining all day here as well. Tomorrow also looks a little dicey, but then we get sunshine again. Such a great beach car!

    Maybe we can get a little more conversation started here... ;-)
  • dadszdadsz Posts: 14
    For me, it was the look of the car with the top down. I liked the bigger look (bigger as in bigger and beefier than the MGB I once drove or the Miata or SC2000 I looked at). In the dark silver with chrome accents, it simply is one beautiful car.

    Oh yeah, the research showed it was a good car too! I really like driving this car. Took it in the rain to the airport this morning and it handled just fine even with the summer tires. No race jockeying, but still pushing it a bit... ;-)
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    What attracted me most - well, I've been a fan of Nissans since forever, for starters.

    Last year I was convertible shopping and had been thinking of the new Volvo C70. But when doing the test drive (first day the dealer had it!) realized that while it very luxurious and all, it just wasn't fun to drive. Very disappointing since I'd been waiting for that car for a year.

    So, the next day happened to have my Maxima in for an oil change. There was a black Z on the showroom floor, and I asked the salesman if they had any others. (Not a fan of black convertibles, just my preference.)

    Well, turned out they were highlighting this beautiful red Touring edition, out front, which I hadn't seen since I'd entered from the service area.

    Asked to test-drive it, and absolutely fell in love with the handling, the comfort, the zoom-zoom factor. AND the fact that it was very heavily discounted, since it was a left-over '05. And of course I liked the looks, the smooth curves and rounded look to it. (Sort of like myself! ;-) )

    Next day I test-drove a few more 'verts, just for comparison, and nothing thrilled me like the Z. Like you, I liked the fact that it was bigger and beefier than the Miata and the Honda s2000 and the like, while being smaller and zippier and way more fun than the Volvo, the Solara, or the Sebring. I didn't drive a BMW, maybe should have.

    Anyway, day after that I returned to the Nissan dealer again, took the car out for a spin on the Beltway (I wanted to see how I felt with big trucks zooming around me), and it was fine, very stable and sure-footed.

    Negotiated a little more off the already-low price, and the deal was done. I'm VERY happy with it, just love driving it. No problems in rain, but I leave it in the garage if temps drop below 45 or so. Not a big problem in Virginia, if it's too cold I don't need to go out anyway, or will use the Max if essential.
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 242
    Hi biancar, nice to hear you are still enjoying your sweet roadster! No more doing laps around the beltway for me, I've recently moved to CA. Now it would be nice to have a roadster myself!

    Have you had to buy new tires yet?
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    So far, no. I have less than 10,000 miles on it. It's not really a daily driver, since we now split our time between the D.C. area and the Outer Banks. No more commuting for me!

    My deal came with the offer of new tires at 25,000 miles if I get all my service done at the dealer. That was ok with me since we'd been taking our Maxima there for 6 years and have been satisfied with their service. Guess that was Nissan's way of dealing pre-emptively with the tire wear issue. Which supposedly was much improved with the '05 model anyway.

    Since then, the dealer (Pallone) sold off the Nissan business to Sheehy. So far, so good - the service manager (who also owns a Z, but in coupe form) also switched to Sheehy so we feel that the service has been comparable.
  • dadszdadsz Posts: 14
    Hi Biancar,

    That's good to hear as I bought from Sheehy in Annapolis... they seem to be customer service oriented. We'll have to compare our notes on the two locations. ;)
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Yeah, please do! Only thing I don't like about Sheehy is they don't do bodywork. I've got a little ding on the door, and a slightly messed-up front bumper (someone rammed a shopping cart against my car in a parking lot, apparently), but I can't get it fixed at Sheehy, and I don't know a good body shop.

    Pallone did body work. When someone sideswiped my Maxima and tore off the mirror and scratched the door (also while my car was parked!) the Pallone guys fixed it perfectly. But now I think they only do Chevys.
  • dadszdadsz Posts: 14
    It might be a bit of a hike, but Duty's on Kent Island is a great body shop. They fixed up my 99 Trooper after an accordian crash on Rt. 50 last year. They fixed the truck perfectly and had it in and out of their shop in 3 days... I've seen other Nissan's in the lot (not Z's though) so I think they know what they are doing. They are also in State Farm's network as a preferred shop so I would think that other insurance companies would have relationships with them too (if that's the route you would go to fix the dings...).

    Since body work can be very profitable, it's strange that Sheehy in your neck of the woods doesn't offer that service...

    Bummer about people who don't know how to drive shopping carts or in parking lots.. :mad:

    I've started parking my Z as far away from other cars and cart return areas as I can... ;)
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    I do too, park it as far away as possible that is, but sometimes there's just no hope. Whoever rammed the shopping cart into me did it on purpose; the bashed up paint is more than just the casual scratch it would be if a cart just accidentally rolled into it. Sigh.

    The side door ding was probably an accident.

    Where is Kent Island? I'm just south of D.C., in northern Virginia.

    I doubt I'd submit it to insurance; I carry a high deductible so probably wouldn't get much of a payment above that, and then my premiums would increase anyway most likely, so probably not worth it.
  • dadszdadsz Posts: 14
    Kent Island is right across the Bay Bridge on Route 50. It's about 45 minutes from DC unless you are driving on Friday night to the beaches, then it's a bit more... ;)

    Duty's Kent Island Auto Body
    (410) 643-6692 | 207 Love Point Rd Stevensville, 21666

    Might be a bit of a hike from NoVa, but you'll get in and out faster than using a bigger city shop... just a thought.
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Ah, too far away from me. I'll try to find someplace a little closer. I got a recommendentation from the Sheehy folks for a place called "Spectrum Auto Body." Anyone ever heard of it?
  • usitawiusitawi Posts: 1
    I live in CA, are there any "350Z" clubs like the "Corvette Club"?

  • mx488mx488 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2007 350z grand touring new 3 months ago,my expectations where met regarding performance and styling.My concerns are squealing brakes(already replaced,made no difference)and recently rpm guage monitor isnt responding accurately.I have 3200 miles on it and will take it again to my dealer.Anyone else have had these problems?
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