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Nissan 350Z Problems and Solutions



  • I've spent the last 2 weeks shopping for an 03 350Z and at this point i'm backing off due to the tire feathering problems. I test drove five 2003

    350Z's during my search and 3/5 had the tire roar problem. One of the quiet ones had only 4000 miles on it and the other quiet one had BRAND new tires at 14000 miles.
  • furlyfurly Posts: 5
    i have a 2003 touring z brought it with 32 miles guess what at 6000 miles clutch was gone lets not talk about brakes need them every 6 months well nissan paid for the new transmisson or clutch now at 22000 same problem said thing is i dont run the car hard nice and pretty with navigation but the parts cant handle the speed
  • furlyfurly Posts: 5
    yes u know how to drive a stick i a have a 2003 z touring clutch went out at 6000 now im at 22000 again its hell
  • Do you know if nissan has fixed the tire wear problems for the 04' or maybe the 05' models? I am considering the Z but really am waiting for the issue to be corrected. I have heard that there is an alignment fix having to do with adjusting the camber or caster. It is suppose to change the way the car tracks therefore eliminating excessive wear problems.Some people report not having any tire wear/roar issues at all so it might just be the way these cars are transported on the trucks.Could be that the way they are loaded on the trucks might be messing up the alignment or tire pressures. I dont think that these delivery preps that the dealerships do even go beyond taking plastic off and washing the car nevermind verifying tire pressure/alignment.
  • tdb13tdb13 Posts: 1
    I am about to purchase the 2005 350Z performance model. I love the car and it's a blast to drive. I was wondering if the chipping and tire problems are with the 2005 models too? I'm a little reluctant to purchase because of these problems. I would like to make the deal by tomorrow. Unfortunately I got in a car accident and my car was totaled so now I'm in a position to buy immediately. I use to have a Mitsubishi 300GT. I loved my car and haven't found anything like it. Any info on 2005 problems I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks!
  • v350zv350z Posts: 1
    Well, I guess I'm relieved that others are having the same problem that I'm having with the rear tires. Considering all the problems, has anyone tried another tire other than the bridgestone potenza?


  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I believe my Father's second or thrird set of tires was a different brand. Unfortunately, he experienced the same feathering and noise problems.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    ...have any of you tried what the racers use -- the Nismo suspension upgrades? Pricey, but still they claim it has fixed the suspension just fine for them. Nissan won't do it, of course, because it would add a couple thou to the MSRP.


  • Well I've been reading the pros & cons on this car & I'm trying to make up my mind. I test drove an '03 350z enthusiast & loved it. I simply want to know if it's a wise decision to buy one or at least wise for me. It would be the newest car I've owned & the largest payment at $375mo. for 60mo. I just don't want to have any regrets. In short I'm scared & not sure what to do. I'm 34 with no kids, not married, really good credit & driving record. I don't wanna mess that up. Well the credit & driving record part anyway. Thanks for any help in advance.


  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Chris, I don't see how the car could mess up any of that. Otoh, if that's a lot of money for you, and your trade or money down is going to make it so the total cash outlay is crazy for you, then there's no car that's worth it, imo. And if you want Toyota or Honda reliability, buy Toyota or Honda and pray you get a good one. And if you want comfort and a relaxing, stylish ride, don't buy a sports car. You have to ask yourself why you're buying a car.


    Your comments suggest that you're not sure the Z is a good car for you .... if I'm right, don't get it. Too much hassle and too expensive to get rid of it later.


    Hope I've helped.

  • I own a 03 350Z enthusiast. Tire roar started 3 months after purchase. Was ignorant and not aware of significance. Received TSB in June 04, and Nissan gave me an alignment and new front tires. Roar came back again and Nissan once again replaced tires (said it was the tires) and insisted I pay for them. Did a litte homework and now aware of class action suit (see suspension problem. Will follow through with complaint to Nissan,and dealer. Will pursue Lemon Law and will contact newspapers if necessary, as well as spreading the word to Z owners. I like the car otherwise, I think Nissan should buy me new tires every year and give me free alignments until the problem is solved. What do you Z owners think?
  • Well that really sucks! I love the looks of the car & the one I test drove was a blast to drive. It's too bad they have this problem though. I really want to get a sports car & the Z & Vette are the only one s I'm aware of now that I really like without getting into an older car. I guess I'll just stick to my current car but I really want something more fun to drive & good looks too that I can & want to afford.
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Thanks for the info. I was shopping for a 2004 Touring last week and mentioned the tire and alignment problem to the salesman. Of course he said that has all been corrected and he acted as if it was never a problem. At another dealer the salesman never heard of this problem ever. I told him to go check Edmunds. I am thinking of sticking with my 2000 Celica GTS which is almost as fun to drive and I have not had any problems.
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Did you buy? Have you found out if the problems have been corrected? The salesmen I talk to know nothing about tire problems or alignment issues.
  • judyojudyo Posts: 1
    I have a new 350Z and the clutch just went out at 6,000 miles. The dealer claims that the vehicle has been abused and that Nissan will not pay for the clutch. They are basing this on their claim that the tire tread in the back indicates that the car has been run to hard. I do not abuse that vehicle; in fact, I have never had a vehicle that I have cared for as much. I am curious what you had to do to get Nissan to repair the clutch. Your situation sounds like mine. Please respond--I am facing a repair bill of over $ 2000.
  • I just bought an O4 Z. I had extreme difficulty backing up a steep driveway. I smelled my clutch burning and the car smoked too. Has this ever happened to you with your Z? Mr. Rodi
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    It happens with any car when you ride the clutch. What you smell is the friction plate which has overheated. It can get pretty expensive because, as the previous post suggests, it wouldn't be covered by warranty.


    You may want to practice -- most clutches take up much faster in reverse than even in 1st. Try it on a gentler slope and, rather than riding the clutch (engaging it part way) to 'creep' into your position, try to be more decisive. In other words, engage the clutch completely then, when you want to slow it down and nudge it into the last few inches, disengage the clutch completely, then engage in short stabs.


    It takes practice for sure.


    Hope this helps.

  • My dealer reimbursed me for the second set of tires after I contacted the regional office. I discoverd Nissan extended all 2003 350Z front-wheel alignment warranties for 2 years from in-service date which includes tires, not the 2004s. They were unable to tell me what happens after expiration, Nissan has not informed them. They are working on it. Don't buy a 2005 350Z folks, until you know for sure if the suspension design defect has been fixed.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    So, after the 2 year period the customer will be responsible for new tires?
  • my5thzmy5thz Posts: 1
    I have owned many cars. This latest one my 350ZR is great so far. I bought it in November 2004 in Ultra Yellow. New color for 2005. Well to make long story short. No problems yet except for excessive paint chipping.. You touch the car and it chips!. Mainly on the hood. So far I spoke with the dealer and they stated it was due to road debris. Ok yeah I know what hit the car to cause the chip but why is the paint so fragile. After I noticed this problem on my car I started searching the net.. Postings everywhere. I have had the car now for two months and have about 15 chips. This is really crazy. I now have a case number with customer affairs. Will keep you posted. Anyone else seeing this problem. To me I think it could also be a problem with the new paint color. Two friends have a silver and black on 2003 and 2004 and don’t have one chip on the hood. Any advice would help when talking to the Nissan folks. BTW none of the chips are to the metal only to the primer. Thanks
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