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Nissan 350Z Problems and Solutions



  • pbcuppbcup Posts: 6
    dear rjgcpa,


    i have the same problem with my 05 roadster. upshifiting into second gear gets "stuck" but doesn't grind. and clutch is fully depressed. dealer said it's normal, but i've driven sticks before and it's not normal. did you get it fixed by the dealer?
  • hof00hof00 Posts: 1
    Hi there to everyone from New Zealand....

    I brought my 350Z "Track" in early January.

    I have read on many sites, (Esp. USA), about problems with suspension set-ups causing rapid tyre wear. The dealer and others that I have talked to here have no knowledge of this problem.

    One of the first things that I did was to put "V" grove directional radials on as the old tyres were 18K old but the tyres that came off were o.k.

    How long is it before people notice undue tyre wear and what is the best fix?


  • When I asked the dealer what happens after the warranty expires they said they didn't know, they have not received any information from Nissan. I'm waiting to see if the tires feather again, it usually appears after 3,000 miles on my car. I'll call Nissan back as well and see what they have to say. I talked to an attorney and they think I have a case, we have to wait for a 3rd repair to claim the lemon law. The whole thing is a damn nuisance. I just want them to fix it!
  • I own a 03 350Z. Tire roar started about 3 months after purchase. I put on about 1120 miles a month. Another friend had to have tires replaced after 1500 miles. Another gentleman had to have his replaced around the time the first TSB came out in June 04, he owned at 2003 basic. I don't know how many miles he had. Trust me you will notice, the tire roar starts out suble, but gets progressively louder. Sounds like a warped tire up front. Right now new tires and alignment is the fix.
  • My paint chips very easily. I have a black 04 Z convertable. Anyone else have these problems? Do I hear a recall? I already fixed one probelm for 150. but I don't want to keep shelling out money?
  • I have just sold my 2003 touring 350Z. i could not get over 5000 miles on any tires. My car had problems with all the tires I tried. A friend of mine sells tires and said that he puts them on the 350 all the time and ha yet to find one the works well. I hate it because I lived the car but i could not afford the tire problem.
  • Can anyone verify that the excessive tire wear issues have been resolved on the 2005 models? I am looking to purchase a Touring model in the next few weeks.
  • You may not be aware that there was a defect in the 2003/2004 front end and suspension system that caused excessive tire wear. There are even some class-action lawsuits against Nissan. My dealer told me that Nissan agreed to provide free tires for life for the original purchasers of Z's with this problem.
  • I have a '04 350Z. I've had it for 7 months and I've encountered several problems.


    The rear view mirror was making too much noise.


    The "service engine soon" light came on twice(once after the dealer said the problem was fixed).


    The two front tires are wearing out uneven(I can actually see and feel the lumps) and the noise inside while driving is unbearable. The dealer told me that I drive it like a sports car. My first response was, "Well, it is!". Nissan would not replace my tires nor the tire company.


    Anybody else have had these problems? The other stuff was fixed but I'm afraid if I change the tires the same wearing out will ocurr.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    All I can say is go back and read the prior posts in this thread. As a matter of fact read about 3 posts up. Tire wear on Z's is VERY common. The dealer you spoke with is most likely hoping you will buy their "it's a sports car" response and go on your merry way. My Dad had the same wear issues with his tires on his '03 Z and Nissan bought back the car from him. Also, they paid for 2 sets of tires in the span of 15K +/- miles.
  • I'm aware that the '03 had problems with the tire wear but what about the '04 model?
  • my paint is very bad too,very easily to chip especially at the bumper,but i have bigger problem with tires like many others. supposedly the newest alignment settings fix the problem,previous one in TSB from 3/04 were not right. Lets hope that it will be end of this.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    From what I have read in this forum and in many trade magazine's, the '04's and some '05's have the same issue.
  • Bad paint job on my 04 Z convertible as well. I had about 3 or 4 on my hood alone. I had a body shop guy touch it up but it doesn't look "good".
  • I have the suspension defect and was told that the warranty for my 2003 Enthusiast was good for two years after service date. That would include free tires and alignment. They did not know what would happen after the 2 year warranty. Do you have a specific announcement, bullentin or proof that they will provide free tires for life? I will definitely bring it up with my dealer. Thanks for the info.
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Do you mean the bumper or the hood right above the bumper? When it chips is the remaining area left white?

    I am considering an 05 Touring vs an 05 GTO. I like them both but dont want to get into problems.

  • I have the same problem with my 2005 Enthusiast. First gear is fine. Then it feels and sounds like I have no synchro into second. It goes but with a big clunk. This happens only sometimes, mostly when the tranny has not been warmed-up completely. However, It will also occur at different times even after it has been completely warmed-up. I have the same problem going into 3rd also, but it isn't as pronounced as 2nd and rarely occurs. If i downshift into 3rd or 2nd its completely fine, no noise or anything. Go figure. I have 1,600mi on it and it feels horrible. Maybe the double cone synchro is a bad part.
  • If it's not too much trouble, can you give me some more information about what exactly your father had to do to get Nissan to buy the car back?

    I bought an '04 Enthusiast in March '04. By August (about 8000 miles), the tire wear problem was apparent. They replaced the tires and "re-aligned" the front free of charge, so I was happy. Now it's March '05, I have about 22000 miles and the problem is back, louder than ever. Took it in today and they said they won't replace it for free again - they wanted me to pay for another "alignment" - why would I pay for an alignment that didn't work the first time?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • I hate to hear and read about all the problems some people are having with their Z but I am glad there is a place like this to discuss them. I own a 03 Enthusiast and have only 5,700 miles on it. Sits in my garage most of the time as you can tell by my mileage. I have had no problems so far with anything. Maybe a little streaking on the windows but nothing else at all. I really love the car especially driving it but will probably sell it soon to get something else with a back seat. Looking at a G35 or maybe a Lexus IS300, don't know for sure yet. T.Morris/Ringgold, GA
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    It sounds like my father had some of the same experiences as you. He worked with his Service manager (who was honest and helpful) as much as possible, but eventually had to get a lawyer involved and let them do most of the legwork. Not really sure where he found the lawyer (I can find out if need be). But, after a couple of tire replacements and the Service Manager stating that there is no apparent fix to the tire wear problems, a lemon Law filing was started.

    Nissan originally blamed the dealer for not having the proper equipment to deal with this problem. The dealer (Service manager) was furious at this notion and responded to Nissan stating they had top of the line equipment and it was not the dealers fault. It was defect in the car itself. The lawsuit dragged on for many months but eventually Nissan agreed to settle the suit for $2000. My dad basically told them not to waste his time with such an offer. After about 4 months, Nissan agreed to buy back his '03 Z.

    An interesting side not: About 2 months after he returned the car to a local dealer, his Z was still sitting the dealers lot where he parked it. I wonder what happened to that car.
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