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Acura TSX vs Acura TL



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    I would get the V6 in the TSX. Perhaps it might be like the Accord, the V6 or the Navi will be the same bump in price. I might opt for the V6. I have my Iphone for navi.
  • carollee3carollee3 Posts: 10
    Call anyone tell me the horsepower rating for the 05 TSX please?
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Not many people know this, but there's a little website you can visit to instantly find the answers to all of your automotive questions. It's called, "" ;) - g.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

    Or, since you went to the effort to join (by the way, welcome aboard!), you can also find your answer here...
  • svanpalasvanpala Posts: 1
    Wow, 6 years old this thread! Most people don't understand the difference from not all, but the many pages I read. This is Acuras intention to make them look like different cars competing with say the BMW 3 and 5 respectively.
    But its simple if you dont work top-down like all the comments i've read here have.
    Bottom-up goes like this:
    Honda makes 2 accords. The Japanese Honda Accord is one. And the second is the same car that they stretched out to fit larger engines and larger people and they call it the American Accord. Then they lux them both up with acura emblems and such and sell basically very similar cars next to each other in Acura showrooms.
    But their biggest difference is the important one for consumers. Price. So its easy to choose. How much honda do you want? its like buying wallpaper. If you want 9ft 1in of Honda - buy the Acura TL. Interestingly the accord is larger (as per typical epa classification of wheelbase) than the TSX.
    Which is exactly how BMW are marketed these days. They're kinda all the same, just more of it including $. Except not really since the only real Acura that is Not a honda is the RL. Just like the only Real Lexus is the LS. So if you want honest value, the accord is the best. If you want more ego get the Acura and you'll pay the price with your wallet.
    So simple.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    The more I think about, the more I think you make some valid points. Personally I will only get the TSX if they really give me a super sharp price on a leftover 09. It may be closer to the EXL Accord wplus the (tech package). I am working on a lease and do like dealing with Honda all things being equal. Right now I want the best deal on a decent car so laoyalty may not hold for me.

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