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Honda S2000



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    BTW, how much does the Boxster S and the base 911 depreciate annually? I figure the base 911 loses about 6K in value every year. Any information on the depreciation?

    My 911S Cab is 2 years old, with 17,000 miles and, on a good day, I might be able to sell it for about $15-18k less than I paid for it ($7.5-9k /yr.). Trade in would probably be around $20-22k less. That takes into account that I got a great deal - bought a new 2005 model in September 2005 at a $10.8 k discount. However, that is also on a well optioned C2S Cab that cost nearly $30k more than a minimally optioned base C2 coupe. I suspect that a base C2 coupe would depreciate less. Although only $6k for the first year is probably optimistic.

    Good luck. Sounds like you've gotten bitten by the bug. After test driving the 911, the Boxster was history for me - but that's also because I have two daughters that, could (and do) fit in the back seat. We have a "family car" and in the words of Mastercard, that's "priceless".
  • habitat1,

    Thanks for your info. In your experience, how did you feel differently when test drivng a Boxster S and a 911? Can you describe it?

    I just felt that the 30hp more on the 911 is more than what it is on the paper. The 911 has a "brutal" acceleration while the Boxster S has a very strong one, meaning the Boxster S is always under control but the 911 could get lose on its tail if you're not careful or inexperienced.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I just felt that the 30hp more on the 911 is more than what it is on the paper. The 911 has a "brutal" acceleration while the Boxster S has a very strong one, meaning the Boxster S is always under control but the 911 could get lose on its tail if you're not careful or inexperienced.

    I have a 2005 911S with 355 hp and the 2005 Boxster S had 280 hp. So yes, there was a huge (75 hp) difference for me. But you are right, the 911 seems to have even more power than horsepower figures suggest. Perhaps that's because under hard acceleration, the 63/37 rear weigh bias shifts rearward even more and places all the weight over the drive wheels. In a 2005 Motor Trend road test comparison between the 911S and the slightly lighter 400hp Corvette, the 911S's 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds beat the Corvette's by 0.2. And the Corvette has a 105 ft. lb advantage. They attributed that to the great "dynamics" of the 911 allowing it to put maximum power to the pavement.

    The mid-engined Boxster and Cayman are nearly perfectly 50/50 balanced and intuitive to drive. But even with the power and rear weight bias, I have found the 911 to be pretty forgiving. It does come with a much more advanced suspension than earlier 911 generations, enough rubber on the rear wheels (295/30/19 on the S model) to hold it planted and a great stability management system that doesn't kick in too soon, but reigns you in quickly on an unintended slide (did that once on a wet road).

    That said, all of these cars - the S2000, Boxster, 911 - are best appreciated after a performance driving course. I still haven't followed my own advice on that one, but I'm really going to try next spring.
  • Thanks again for your detailed report. I just enjoyed reading your postings. Very informative.

    On the 911 forum someone asked you about the fundamental difference between a Boxster S and a base 911 Carrera( under 'Which Porsche to Get'. I'm curious to read what you would post.
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    The day I have been dreading is upon me - I have to part with my S2000 :cry: :cry: . It has been the third car in the family, we are a two car household and I take the public transportation to work. Although the missus is hooked on top down motoring thanks to the S, I cannot stall her anymore in trying to justify(!) the existence of the two seater, not to mention the fact that my four year old has become an absolute nut for top down rides late at night inside our development in the S and it really makes sense to get a four seater drop top so we all could enjoy it together...
    Bottom line: I just sold the second car (Camry) and I cannot postpone the sale of my S2k any longer. I just have no clue if I have priced it right. I have copied the flyer info below ( I am sure everyone will agree in this forum that every word I say below is true, If I am anything like one of you...) . Can somebody let me know if I am way off on my asking price? What are the odds of getting the same numbers in spring assuming I just tack on a few hundred more miles (Well, the reality is, I really don't expect to clock more than 500 miles over the next 5 months, considering the car has barely been run 2k miles so far in 2007).

    VIN - JHMAP11472T000116
    FORMULA RED / BLACK INTERIOR, DETACHABLE HARD TOP, Custom black Grill Inserts, Rick’s Custom red & black leather Shift Boot and Black Aluminum Counter sunk shift knob, Painted red calipers with custom decals, Custom two tone leather steering wheel cover, Head rest back cover replaced in red, INGEN Cold air flow intake, NEVER TRACKED, ALWAYS BABIED, Convertible top replaced, Lovingly cared for, Meticulously and repeatedly hand detailed by me with ZAINO SHOW CAR PRODUCTS, Needs very little maintenance!! Pictures do no justice for this car – You have to see it to believe it!!!
    Priced low for a quick sale – This car will actually cost you way more next spring!!! PRIVATE PARTY VALUE IS US$ 20,300/-. ASKING US$ 19,988 – FIRM!

    What do you folks think? Any Input would help...

    P.S: I am not trying to make a sales pitch, folks - It is a genuine question - Liek I asked, Am I on the mark here?
  • I am soooo sorry to hear we'll be losing you. What part of the country are you in? In Texas, that sounds like a very good price. If you get another covertible, be sure to let us know what you get. Good luck on the sell!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Here are the numbers I got for New Jersey:

    NADA = $20,350; KBB = $19,285; Edmunds = $18,292 (without hardtop)
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Accelarator, Thanks for your kind words - I am looking at a Solara.
    Fedlawman, I couldn't agree with you more - That is what I based my numbers on, and set my asking price at 19,988, with a few hundred dollars of wiggle room - I guess I am being reasonable then...
    Thanks for the input! I will still be lurking this forum even after I sieze to own an S. After all, it is arguable one of the top 10 cars in the world in it's class...
    But Alas, I gotta do what I gotta do...
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,397
    Have you tried posting your question the the Real World Trade In Values thread here on town hall?

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Thanks - I completely forgot - I will do so now...
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Hi Folks,
    I don't have to sell my S anymore - I am out of the emotional tight corner I was in. The wifey comes home after work yesterday (she drives it, not me anymore, as I take the bus to work)and goes, "Do we really have to sell this?!?!".
    I go, Aside from the fact that the answer is no, May I ask what prompted the thought?" and she goes "Well, It just handles like nothing else I have ever driven!!" so, there I have it - I get to keep my baby - YEEAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! :D :D :D :LOL: :LOL:
  • Congrats, that is great news! I'm glad you get to keep her! (referring to the car) ;)

  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Thanks, accelerator - I am glad I didn't have to choose one over another ;)
  • I'd rather take up a 3rd full time job than lose my S.
  • wecwec Posts: 6
    Does anyone have advice regarding aftermarket exhaust systems for the S2000? I am looking something with some more umph than the stock exhaust. I don't want to spend a fortune but want something that sounds classy. Thanks.
  • invidia (I think that is the right spelling - I hope I'm not getting that confused with the video card manufacturer) and HKS are some of the more common after market exhaust that people install on their S's. To be honest, you wont get much more umph since the engine is so highly tuned as it is, but you will get a different note. My recommendation would be to see if you can find another S in your area that has an after-market exhaust. They usually cost around $700 (installed) but can often find them used for half that cost. There is an international forum, with local chapters that might help you locate club members in your area. If you do join your local S2K club, go on a drive with the group sometime and you'll see the choices you have, first hand. :)
  • I posted a vid that lists a large number of S2K exhaust systems. I use Invidia, which is the cheapest ($475) and has an incredible sound. It's also an extremely lightweight application (titanium). I saw a 10hp increase, which is pretty decent. The Spoon exhaust I believe has the highest gain (~15hp). The stock exhaust is really good, so it's hard to get any significant gain.!id=.5bb1b5a0!id=.5bb1b393

    Good luck!
  • @estreka:

    Thanks for posting those videos!
  • wecwec Posts: 6
    Thank you very much for the information and thanks for posting the video, its a great information source. I drove an S2000 with the Invidia exhaust and loved the sound but I thought it was considerably more expensive than $475. Do you mind telling me where you got it for that price? Also, is it difficult to install? I don't weld so that might be a limitation. Thanks again!
  • wec,

    I went through the same process - I wanted a somewhat civilized sound and no drone (have you heard that some of the aftermarket exhausts produce an annoying resonance in the mid-range called drone?)

    At the end of the day i did a "resonator rectomy". There is a middle silencer that can be removed and replaced with a regular straight pipe at any muffler shop for $50. It gives ya a little sound for a little money. Better for me than a little sound for a thousand dollars and no power gain.

    Youtube that exhaust video mentioned and also the resonatorrectomy"

    my two cents
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