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Chevrolet Silverado Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rorerore Posts: 13
    Bash GM? Sales are down 20%, that’s not bashing, that’s just describing the water. “Aggressive pricing” has not worked; it’s more like “Aggressive advertising” that’s worked. These prices have been around for some time now.

    I may buy a truck. I may not. That's up to me, not some salesman. Unfortunately for GM and the dealers, I don’t have too, and I’ve done my homework. There are other trucks to be had on the market.

    More importantly, I’m not going to fork over $20k+ just because someone tells me it’s a good deal. If that’s your case, I’ll sell you some ocean front property in Kansas for a “good deal”.
  • $1500 rebate through the mail ! What is that? sounds good...
  • I agree. The out the door price has not changed in months. It's another sales gimmick. Whenever GM comes out with employee pricing or cash back, they subtract that number off of your trade in. Out the door price is the bottom line. To GM's benefit, many people are not savy enough to figure that out. Then we wonder why were in a mortgage crisis! Smart buyers do their homework and can recognize the sales gimmick.
  • Most dealers are within a couple hundred of each other when I shop. I always go to three.

    Its the dealer that dips into his numbers more
    to move an earlier build that gets my business. That- and usually I buy a base non-a/c truck(You know, the ones nobody buys from those screamer ads in the paper)

    I got mine.
  • Yup. years and years of stuff have the domestic buyers trained for some sort of "dinner bell" to ring around the end of the year. GM is spending big bucks to ring it and of course should make the most out of it. Pitty the "dinner" is in most cases the same stew served the last few months anyway. With that and the usual "gm card" folks on the leash (GM allows or disallows as many points usable on a single purchase as it wishes) it can dump stock with less pain than usual. With this and other stuff they may whittle a 190 day supply to a more reasonable 70 day supply with some luck.

    Good luck

    I agree. The out the door price has not changed in months. It's another sales gimmick. Whenever GM comes out with employee pricing or cash back, they subtract that number off of your trade in. Out the door price is the bottom line. To GM's benefit, many people are not savy enough to figure that out. Then we wonder why were in a mortgage crisis! Smart buyers do their homework and can recognize the sales gimmick.
  • The only way GM being in the red will affect the price you (the customer) pays is if they (GM) incent either you as the customer and/or the individual dealerships.

    The price any given dealer pays GM for it's product is fixed throughout a given period. It's the rebates, bonus cash, dealer cash etc. that "sweeten" the deals. The bottom line is that the vehicles on the lot have already been paid for by the dealer (well, actually it's on loan through the captive bank, in this case, GMAC). The juice will start tickin' usually between 60-90 days depending on loan structure and terms specified. It's like any other loan, the bank wants it's money back!

    Simple economics tells you that... sell enough vehicles for less than what you've paid, you're gonna' go out of business. Car dealers are closing down in record numbers. The Ford, Dodge and GMC dealers right down the street from my home all closed down within 6 months of each other - yeah, they were obviusly making a killing!

    It just irks me when I hear people say that "employee pricing" is a gimmick. It's an incentive, so how is that a gimmick? Is a $5000 rebate a gimmick? No way! The emp pricing actually helps the dealer because the holdback money is what GM is subsidizing. Now, as opposed to a few months ago, you don't really need to haggle since GM is essentially "dipping" into the dealer's holdback "for you" and giving you that money. But, 3 months ago, dealers were dipping into their own operating accounts without help from the factory.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a big proponent of getting a great deal, but when you've worked in the business and you know how things work, you understand when someone is being reasonable and when someone has absolutely no clue.

    As a dealer, I'm not gonna' make any money on the sale of my new inventory... why? Because we live in the free information age and an educated buyer knows what I paid. A savvy buyer probably has his own financing, so I lose there. A trade-in (if desirable) and aftermarket (finance products) are my only profit sources left. Sure, I'd love to sell you a vehicle for cheap, but it has to make sense. Even in rough times, unless GM keeps incenting me, my cost on any given vehicle is fixed.

    The number of "roll-over" customers is dwindling because even a soccer mom will jump on edmunds nowadays to get pricing information.

    Last thing... yes, there are some really scummy dealers - no doubt about it. However, if you act professional and courteous, you may just find that it will be reciprocated. If you walk into a delaership and act like an 'a-hole know-it-all' trying to prove something, I guarantee you're gonna' close the gap on your options. If you p*ss off enough dealers, pretty soon they'll blackball you and then you'll have no options left. You can be friendly,yet firm and still drive a hard bargain.

    Sorry for the rant guys (and girls), just trying to educate some of you since making a purchase should be fun and exciting, rather than having stories about what a moron dealer A was, or how stupid dealer B is, yada yada yada...

    The information you need to find holdback (for every manufacturer) is listed right here on Edmunds, as are rebates, bonus cash, lease and finance specials, and even marketing support monies.

    Good luck in your searches! Be sure and post the details.
  • sorry this has nothing to do with what u are talking about im new in this blog just wondering how to leave questions?? just trying to find out what a good intake for my 04 duramax maybe banks,airaid,AEM,k&n,,,,, not sure lol thank u
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667

    Here is a list of all of the Chevy Silverado discussions. Just click on the link, and pick the discussion that is most on-topic for your question.

    Post your questions there, and wait for others to join in!

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    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • cac4cac4 Posts: 11
    I have a quick question on a purchase i am going to make. A 08 chevy 1500 lt 1 4x4 with 17000 miles for $19000.00. That is over $5000 less than a new one. The only probelm is that it has the 4.8L motor. I have not heard anything bad about this motor. Has anyone else?
    I wanted a 5.3L but this is a great deal, I just dont want to have any problems with the motor being to small for the truck. I dont tow much so I dont think i will have a problem.
    Thanks for any input.
  • I had an 03 Silverado Z71 with the 4.8. At the time I wasn't towing much and it was fine. Averaged about 16-17 with careful driving. If you just need a truck for the bed and won't be towing, you should be OK. I have a 6.0 engine with a 4 spd now and love the power, but man does it drink gas. The 5.3 has the alternative fuel management and they will add a 6 spd in 09. Only issue I would have is towing capacity. The 4.8 with the 3.42 gears tows 5500 lbs and the 5.3 with 3.73 gears tows 7000. Remember most dual axle trailers are a minimum of 7000 GVW, but if you don't tow, you're good.
  • Dicked around with a dozen dealers for 6 weeks best I could do was $10000 off msrp. Now that I bought I'am sure the rebates will go up for the rest of you, your welcome.
  • rorerore Posts: 13

    With talks of a government bail out there’s little incentive to move inventory, so every little bit helps.
  • The 2009s are hitting the dealers. Inventory of 08s is still good. The rebates and employee pricing is a good package. I was hoping the GM card would raise redemption allowances. $1500 is peanuts these days, especially when I'm sitting on $5000 the GM card dollars.
  • I was thrilled to get 6385 off a base truck with a MSRP of 18,380. Thats the cheapest longbed Chevy you can buy. (and I'm the cheapest longbed owner out there)

    65 more payments and that baby's ALL MINE !!!!!!
  • skipnsbskipnsb Posts: 12
    Anyone have any recent buying experience for the 2008 Silverado? thanks
  • i know there was a bunch of 2008 silverados sold and nobody is posting anything here! well for me, i would be buying through the college grad program so i get supplier pricing plus 6500 off a crew cab silverado 2008. thats what im aiming for right now. i got quoted a truck msrp of approx 38,000 for 29,500 or so. i know it can still be beat but the places around here (alaska) dont budge for crap. its irritating.
  • I am in the market for a 2008 GMC Sierra. I waited too long to start looking and there are very few available in my area. I found a dealership that had 5 or 6 that were close enough to what I wanted... Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLE1 with 20" rims and 5.3L (Pro-package). Their sister dealership ran an ad for 10k off MSRP on all '08 1500's, however, when I called they didn't have any left. I presented the ad to the other dealership and they were willing to honor it. The sticker price on the vehicle I wanted was approx 32,900. They had a $650 charge for interior and exterior protectant that was not on the official sticker and brought the total to about $33,550. I also had a trade in (2002 Ford Expedition) which Kelly blue book indicates is worth about $3,300. I told the dealer I wanted 5k for it.

    Their first offer came back at 10k off the MSRP and 4k for my trade in. I told them I was fine with the 10k off, but wanted 5k for trade in. Also, they had some $390 fee in the price, which was a service charge. The saleslady attempted to explain what it was for but it didn't make sense. I told her I wanted that waived in addition to adding the additional 1k to trade in price. She took it to the manager who said she would work with me but couldn't give me another 1k on trade in. Since it was our first place to shop, we left. I should also note that I was buying a "crimson" truck, which is really metalic purple in the sunlight, and that 3 of the 5 2008's on the lot were this color. Also, the mgr claimed the GM rebate was ending that day (10/31). It looks like it ends on 11/3 so I have a few more days to decide.

    Here are my questions...

    1) Do you think their initial offer was pretty good and worth taking if they would knock a few hundred more off?

    2) Any idea what the GM incentives will be on '08's come 11/4?

    3) Is that $650 protectant charge BS or do all dealerships have that?

    4) Is that $390 service charge BS?

    Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, Donnie
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Yes, the 650 is bs.

    Yes the 350 (usually called a doc fee) is bs.

    Email 20-30 dealers within 200 miles of your locale (chevy website) for a truck of your specs. (about 32000 msrp, etc) for an 08 and 09 version. Ask their best price and that you will buy before nov 3 or end of month. Describe your trade and ask for kbb good (or fair) price (the lowest of nada kbb or edmunds). Set that and let them compete on the new truck.Give the top 4-6 your cell#. Chevy may well be more productive to work with as there are 4x as many dealers. Do 95% of the work by email and phone on your couch. Last week off the month is usually crunch time for about 10% of dealers not making quota. If you are paying cash or other financing your only concern is the lowest difference owed.

    If you run a 07 version of your $32000 gmc (or silverado) truck you may find it may have a trade in value of about 17000 or so. This is what your 08 will be worth in 12 months. Even 22000 isn't exactly giving it away. Get prices for an 09 version too because you may get a dealer competitive on it as dealers can work 08 leftovers for more dough if supplies are low.

    Good luck

    Good luck
  • rorerore Posts: 13
    The “charges” are BS.

    But, as a consumer, all you care about is price out the door. A price of $24K with “charges” included is better than $26K with no charges. That may be kind of hard for some folks to wrap their heads around. Get the final price and make your comparisons from there.
  • Thanks. Great advice!
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