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Chevrolet Silverado Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just figured I'd post my buying experience in case it helped anyone else out. Shopped around a LOT here in upstate, NY--seems to be a bad time to buy a big truck because the gas prices are lower and they're moving them like hot-cakes.

    Anyway, after a lot of research and dickering with dealers, the best we could get was exactly invoice price from Fuccillo Chevrolet in East Greenbush, NY (DeNooyer and DePaula would not go less than $500 over invoice--downstate, closer to Manhattan, was even worse).

    '09 Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab Z71 off-road in Blue Granite Metallic. 5.3 V-8. Chrome running boards, soft tonneau cover, multi-zone electronic heat/air, rear-window defogger, radio controls on steering wheels, Stabilitrak, cloth bench seats, nice center console, Bluetooth/XM radio, chrome grille, etc.

    pathetic trade-in on a '98 Silverado--but didn't want to try to sell this thing by ourselves--170,000 miles, some rust, check engine light on, non-working tailgate.

    MSRP: $38,542
    Invoice : $35,754 (price paid)
    Incentive -$4,000

    GM points:-$1500
    Trade in: -$2500

    So total without tax that we owed was $27,871.50

    And the tax (at least here in NYS) can be written off on your taxes if you purchase a new car in '09. So that's a pretty good chunk--$2660.32 to write off.

    Hope that helps...and I hope we didn't get ripped off!!!!
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    Hi 3839..

    Since this is a pricing discussion, you might have better luck posting your question, here: Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Trailer and Towing Questions

    Good luck!
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  • My quote on the above truck is
    MSRP - $36,320

    Price - $*28,767

    that looks nice to me before even talking to them. How much lower do you think they can go? I really want to get the best deal possible (who doesn't) this is in Wisconsin. Anybody eles purchased a Silverado recently and willing to share their price?
  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 45
    Anyone purchase a new Silverado lately? It's pretty quiet in here.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 109
    I bought one on April 13 but none since. ;)
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Yeah I bought an 09 Crew cab 2500 HD 4x4 LT, Duramax/ Allison.

    MSRP was 50,945.
    Invoice was about $46,500

    After 3500 cash back plus 2000 GM Card money.

    I paid $41,345. I felt that wasn't too bad.
  • sbeassiesbeassie Posts: 2
    I bought a 2009 Silverado on 06/30/09. Got the 2WD Crew LTZ with 20" wheels, sunroof, power sliding rear glass, 6 disc in-dash, and step bars. Summit White, tan interior demo with 6,800 miles. MSRP $41,745. Got 11K off, paid $30,745 plus TTL plus $810 for extended warranty. Brian Harris Chevrolet in Baton Rouge.
  • ejnicholejnichol Posts: 6
    Bought this for delivery use in my small business.

    2009 Silverado, Regular Cab, Long Bed, V-6, Auto, Cruise & Radio/CD. White with Grey Vinyl

    Build date 1/2009 so these prices are pre '09 price increase(guessing 4 %)

    MSRP with freight $ 21,060, Invoice 19,622.67, Dealer net price 19,826.32

    less Loyalty cash(from GM) -1,000
    less Rebate (from GM) -1500
    less GM Card(from GM) - 3279.15 (had to buy in my name which was bad, they've
    gotten more stringent on use)

    plus Tax & title(from Gov.) 673.68

    Out the door 14,720.85

    Not a great deal but got burn't out after several days of going back and forth with several dealers. Learned a lot though. Would zero in on which 2 dealers that had suitably equiped truck in stock and get vin then call sales manager and ask for best out the door price on that vin # truck. I probably could have gotten couple hundred more off. But finding the pre price increase inventory softened the over invoice price.

    All four dealers that played quoted same +- 100 for same package with cruise. Could have gotten same unit but less cruise for 600-700 less at one dealer. But had to have that stupid factory cruise. I knew since was buying in my name I'd drive it personally till next tax year and hate not having cruise. Particularly with v-6.

    LIke these new ones better than the classic '06(5.3l ext cab) we have. Also have '01 F150 V-6 whose performance proved we could work with v-6 in full size truck.
  • ejnicholejnichol Posts: 6
    The invoice on that truck listed in post 664 above was close to 20,100. I messed up in my post. It would seem that i got it for a little less than invoice but dealer still made money since hold back money still is in play from gm to dealer at year end.
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    Bought this on July 8th. LT1 with two wheel drive, Duramax diesel and Allison tranny. Interior and exterior convenience packages. Camper mirrors and camper package, 17" all terrain tires with aluminum wheels plus other options. The price after the $1,500 and $2,000 rebates was $39,018 + TT&L. MSRP was $46,000+
  • This seems like a good deal to me, good for you!
  • ejonesejones Posts: 10
    Hello everyone,

    I'm in the process of helping my parents purchase a new 2009 Silverado and I have a couple of questions.

    First, here is the info about the deal. We already reached an agreement about the price, so I'm providing this info to give everyone a recent data point.

    2009 Silverado LT (2wd Crew Cab)
    Color - Victory Red
    Options - Interior Plus Package, Exterior Plus Package & Power Plus Package
    MSRP - $34,870
    Dealer Invoice - $32,882.03
    Price before rebates - $32,482.03 ($400 under invoice)
    Rebates - $6500 ($6000 rebate and $500 for waiving the 60 day return)
    Final Price - $25,982.03 + tax, registration, etc.
    Location - San Bernardino, CA

    Now, for my questions:

    1. My parents would like a car alarm. I pretty sure the F&I folks will offer to activate one that has already been installed (at least they did for my dad's 04 Silverado). If I remember correctly, they wanted $795 last time. I know aftermarket will be cheaper, but my parents would rather just use the one that's pre-installed. What would be a fair price to pay for the alarm activation?

    2. My parents also want an extended warranty. I know GM offers one and we can get it from the F&I folks. My parents will want the best one, which was 5 years, 70k miles last time. What is a fair price to pay for the GM warranty?

    3. My dad will also be trading in his 04 Silverado LS. I've gotten quotes from Edmunds, NADA, and KBB. NADA is the highest of the three. I also plan to take the truck to Carmax and get a quote from them as well. I plan to use these quotes to establish an acceptable range for the trade. Anyone have any other advice about how to maximize the trade in price?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    A couple of answers for you and opinions.
    1. LT equiped Silverado's come with a factory alarm system. I am not sure what else you are looking for unless you want GPS tracking, etc. But this is also a feature of On-Star so that if the vehicle is reported stolen, On-Star can put the engine in "limp" mode so that it is difficult to drive.

    2. Ex Warranties are a crap shoot. Do some research with reputable companies and get a price quote. Use that info to negotiate a better price with the F&I guys.

    3. The Carmax thing is your best bet. The price they give you is the "real" trade in value. Regardless of what NADA, KBB, etc. say. If there is another used car dealer locally that offers to buy your car without purchasing, you could check with them.

    I have personally done the Carmax thing on a prior vehicle. I just told the dealer the price I wanted for the trade in and why, they asked to see the Carmax "offer" and they matched it No questions asked.

    Good luck.
  • ejonesejones Posts: 10
    Thanks for the reply, catam

    I wasn't aware that the LTs came with an alarm. I guess I somehow missed that fact when I was going over the options. But that is good news, as that is one less expense my parents have to worry about.

    Also, thanks for the Carmax advice. I plan to use that as our bottom line for the trade. I'm gonna try to negotiate down from the highest estimate (NADA at this point). But it's good to know that dealers seem willing to at least match the Carmax offer.
  • ejones,
    Pricing out that truck here on edmunds shows an invoice of $32110.
    Are they including the "advertising fees" in their invoice? That's probably how you got under their invoice.

    As far as the extended warranty, remember the current GMs give a longer warranty on powertrain than the 04.
  • ejonesejones Posts: 10
    asylum - Thanks for the reply. I don't think the $120 difference in invoice prices is due to advertising fees. The dealer is getting the truck from another dealership. Evidently, it costs them $120 to make a trade (I assume this is to entice the other dealer to make the trade and to cover transportation costs). According to GM, only 20% of the Silverado inventory qualifies for the extra $2000 rebate and the dealer claims that the truck is coming from another dealership that is far away. I tend to believe this because I had trouble finding a truck with the options my parents wanted that qualified for the extra rebate and I checked with every dealership in a 30 mile radius (around 20). I guess I look at it as paying an extra $120 to get a $2000 rebate and a truck that is the right color and has the right options.

    Thanks for the tip though. We are going to finalize everything on Sunday. I'll be sure to check the itemized list for "advertising fees" and object to paying them if they are on there.

    As for the extended warranty, it is something my parents want. They are in their 70s and think the extra cost is worth it. I've tried to talk them out of it, but I think they value the peace of mind it provides. Ultimately, it is their decision because they are the ones who will own the vehicle. Since the decision has already been made, my role is simply to get them the best warranty I can for the best price.
  • slt09slt09 Posts: 1
    Okay I did the TMV for a 09 SLT with ext: carbon metalic + $79, Z71 +$228 Total $39,583 - 4,000 Rebate = $35,583.
    I sent this to dealers and one came back with $40,838, one with $41,375 otd, the others just want to call & get info. I live in South Ga. Driving chevy for 19years. These guys aren't close to TMV for my region and surely not $10k less otd after taxes like I read on other post.
    Question, aren't they suppose to add taxes after deducting rebates & incentives?? My quotes have rebates deducted after taxes figured on MSRP. That adds approx $500 more to their profit/ my cost.
    One more, I'm suppose to get gm supplier discount through my company. I haven't seen any mention of this in my quotes after requesting.
  • SLT09,
    You pay taxes before rebates and incentives. The only thing you don't pay tax on is the value of trade in, if you have one. If you don't have a trade, you pay tax on the selling price.
  • ejonesejones Posts: 10
    Final Update:

    I ended up making the following deal at Crest Chevrolet in San Bernardino, California -

    2009 Silverado LT (2wd Crew Cab)
    Color - Victory Red
    Options - Interior Plus, Exterior Plus, Power Pack Plus

    MSRP - $34,870

    Invoice - $32,882.03 (slightly differs from Edmunds but I saw an itemized list and it looked completely legit; no advertising fees or anything like that)

    Price before rebates - $32,482.03

    Price after Tax/License/Registration/etc. - $36037.77

    Rebates - $6500

    Out the door - 29,537.77

    My parents wanted an extended warranty (this truck is theirs), so I ended up negotiating for 84mo/84k Major Guard with a $100 deductible for $1180. They also had a trade in Credit of $5987.28. So the final price for everything was $24,730.49.

    Financed through Pentagon Federal Credit Union for 60 mo. at 3.99%.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with the deal I made for them. I probably could have gotten a little more for the trade, but the dealer did beat Carmax's offer by $2200.

    Anyway, I hope this info helps someone.
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