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Chevrolet Silverado Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bizzybizzy Posts: 1
    i live in NC. Interested in giving H&H a visit. Are they open on the weekends? Do you know their hours if so?
  • tjotjo Posts: 7
    Hi bizzy:

    I can't find H & H Chevrolet in Kershaw SC either...??? I tried GM Buy Power and they are not listed (Note: not all dealers are listed... for fact). I did an internet search in Kershaw and found nothing...???

    If you find anything please post.. I am mainly searching for a dealership that sells GMPP extended warranties I can use for my new truck. So for I have found only 2 Gmoutlet and Clapper's.

    Does anyone have any others I can research??

    thanks in advance for your help.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    A reporter is hoping to speak with anyone who recently discussed a trade-in at a Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saturn, Saab, Hummer, or Cadillac dealership. Please respond to by Tuesday, April 26, 2005 with your daytime contact info and any brief comments you care to share about your experience.

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  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    MSRP for the truck is $19,395, cruise and spare tire lock are the only options. It's dark blue on black and was located by my dealer over 100 miles away. I'd rather have black, but want to see opinions on the price, I've been told I can purchase the truck for $14,307 plus tax and title and tags. That is $79 less than Edmund's TMV value. Should I grab this one, an aged unit, inspection sticker is December 2006, so it's been sitting for six months, or should I wait for my black truck and hope to get a similar deal on it? It is hard to find a long bed V6/5-speed. Short beds like that are aplenty but long beds are mostly V8/auto that I have seen so far. I'd even take a V8/5-speed but have yet to see one in person or on GM BuyPower, and I've searched most all of north TX.
  • osubeavosubeav Posts: 56
    You might check if GM is still offering the $1000 rebate for trucks that had been on the lot for more than 180 days. I got that on my Silv that I got a month and a half ago. If it is still offered, you should be able to get that one for about $13200. Otherwise, it seems like a decent price.

    As for the blue, that dark blue is about one step below black anyway. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    If WTs are so scarce that the nearest one is 100 miles away, you may want to jump on it - otherwise you may have to order an 06 and won't see it before mid-summer.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • 1000hours1000hours Posts: 29
    Greetings - I am looking into purchasing this model Silverado because they are so inexpensive (was looking into Honda Accord but the durability of trucks is very appealing).

    Has anyone been able to beat $18K for this truck??

    Also, I have looked all over the internet and this forum for anything on this truck, and cannot find anything regarding problems with this particular model. After being in Japanese cars for the last 7 years I want to buy an American truck... Are these things durable and reliable over the long haul??
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    You may want to check out the other Chevy Silverado discussions that are geared towards those people that already own this vehicle.

    Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra - Owner's hangout

    Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions
  • mnicholsmnichols Posts: 3
    Just purchased an 05 silverado using the gm employee purchase program.
    05 Silverado 2500HD crew cab W/T package.
    6.6 Liter Duramax Diesel.
    power windows, mirrow and door locks.
    deep tinted windows.
    upgraded stereo with cd player.
    cruise control.
    List price was $43,000.
    employee purchase and $3,000 rebate, final purchase price was
    I traded in my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab with 4.7 v-8.
    dealer paid off the loan and I ended up with an extra $200.
    Great Truck, awesome engine and transmission combo. the allison transmission is bullet proof.
    The Dealer wasn't willing to negotiate any further on price, since I couldn't get a better price from anywhere else, i bought it.
    I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • fyreater1fyreater1 Posts: 2
    What a great site to compare prices with what others are paying. I checked it often when I was researching prices. Keep up the good work.

    As for my buying experience:

    05 Silverado Crew Cab Z71
    5.3L, 310 hp
    Leather, bucket seats
    Bose radio
    Billet front grill
    31" tires
    Tow package
    Light power package
    Alloy wheels

    GM employee discount price $28,700

    I paid the discount price and they threw in the after market billet grill and the bigger tires.

    I heard that there is a $1600 "memo money" that the manufacturer is giving back to all Silverados sold to the dealers. As I understand it, the individual dealers are not making much on these cars at the GM employee discount price. The only money being made during this sale, is the $1600. I had a friend who bought an 05 Extra cab Silverado and they knocked off $1000 of the listed GM employee discount price. As I was in negotiation with my truck, a GMC dealer knocked off $1200 from the listed GM employee price. It was tempting, but the color was not my first choice and I wanted a Silverado. So take that info for what it is worth.

    During this sale, trucks are going fast. This sale has attracted a lot of buyers and dealers dont have a great choice of inventory and selection. Plus, they are unwilling to locate a truck from another dealer. So, the bad part, you are limited to what the dealers have in stock.

    Overall this is a great time to pull the trigger on a new GM product if you have been watching the incentives. But who knows, maybe they will either extend the sale or offer even lower prices next month. :shades:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    A reporter is interested in speaking with someone who has purchased a GM vehicle using the current ‘GM Employee Discount’ promotion. If you are interested in speaking with this reporter about your purchase decision, please contact Pam Krebs, PR, at with a phone number where you can be reached. The reporter needs to speak with someone today. Thank you.

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  • csmith6csmith6 Posts: 4
    Has anybody had a problem getting the GM rebate and the employee purchase price. In the area I am looking (Washinton State), approx a quarter of the sales staff I talk to say that i have to choose one or the other.
  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    I am on my way to purchase an '05 GMC Sierra 4dr 4x4 std bed duramax 2500hd. I have searched Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and my home state of Florida for this truck with certain options. I have found only 1 (with a MSRP of over $49k, ouch). With the new employee discount deal going on right now, they are going like crazy. Now that I have found one, I dont want to wait any longer, but was curious about the $500.00 "Bonus Coupons". Is this just something the dealer made up to convince mama to go along with the purchase, or did you actually see some form of coupon? I am going to take the $3,000 rebate, because I found a 0.99% rate for 60 months that I bid on, and won on ebay. Sorry guys, got that one, but they are offering 3.75% for up to 60 months for 5 people according to ebay. FSU credit union is where I got it from in case you cant find one lower....I searched EVERYWHERE and couldnt find one lower. Any ideas, other than the "coupon" on how to get this truck cheaper than the GM Employee price? ie. Hold backs or other manufac/dealer kickbacks?
  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    I am getting ready to take the same plung as you, and after speaking with over 15 dealerships, and searching online, what I am experiencing is that you can have your cake, and eat it too. If you go to the GMC or Chevy website, find the vehicle you want, then click the employee price icon, the 3,000 is already applied.
    I had several of the dealerships fax me the invoice, and it is exacly 3,000 higher than the website price. Good luck
  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    I keep hearing from multiple dealerships that this promotion was so successful that they are going to extend it, however none of them with say with certainty because they want you to have that sense of urgency to purchase before the 5th.
    The "memo money" that you were talking about, is that the dealer holdback? On one of the invoices, I remember seeing that number at $1,450 or something close to it. I figured I would just have them split it with me, but you are saying that they offered you $1200? I just dont think they will go for that on the Duramax's.
  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    I'm hearing that there are other "kickbacks" a dealer gets from GM if the vehicle has been on the lot for a certain number of days. What is that number (120?), and more importantly, how do you find out how long a particular vehicle has been on the lot? Is the dealer just going to offer this information up to you, knowing that you are asking for this reason? If they have what you want, and you are willing to drive 300+ miles to go get it, why wouldn't they just tell you something less than the number, and pocket the incentive from GM?
  • fyreater1fyreater1 Posts: 2
    As of today 7/4/05, the sale has been extended into August according to the Chevy website.

    What you say is true, I have had a couple of co-workers buy the 3/4 ton Duramax and they paid exactly what the GM discount price was. There was no bargining a lower price. I would guess that the Duramax is a hot item. I have read that the dealer holdback is anywhere from 2-3% of MSRP. I am unsure how this relates to the "memo money." Maybe it was just a sales pitch to reel me in. But I did receive an offer of $1200 off the posted GM discount price. I figure if they take anything off the GM discount price, you are doing good. Good luck.
  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    As you have already read, I am on my way Saturday 7/9 to go pick up my new pick up. It comes with 245/75/16's but have you tried to go with a 285/75 w/o a lift on the new 2005 2500HD 4x4? I won't be able to lift right away, but would like something under me somewhat larger than the pizza cutters that it comes with.
    I have had awesome luck with BFG AT TK KO, and would like to go back to these. I contacted my "tire guy", and he says that this BFG DOES come in an "e" rated tire, and that he "thinks" that he has installed the 285/75's on two 2500HD's.
    this should raise the truck about 2.5 inches. Let us all know what your experiences are, thanks in advance.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    A better place to ask about lifts would be Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra: Owner's hangout.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • adontechadontech Posts: 11
    I am curious if anyone is able to the Silverado for less than Employee pricing? If so, how much less? The truck I'm looking at is a 4x4 crew z71 stickered on at 35638 with an employee price of 27314.52. On the dealer website, the sticker is listed at 36262 and I received an email quote of 26519.80 which is almost 800 less than employee price. Is this a good deal?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    Does that price include any rebates that are available? You might check our Incentives & Rebates section to see if there are any available in your area, then ask if that price includes the rebates, or is the price before rebates.

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    Host, Future Vehicles & Smart Shopper discussions

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  • adontechadontech Posts: 11
    That is with the 3000 rebate. Is that good or not good?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    You should be getting the employee price MINUS the $3000 rebate.

    Roving Host
    Host, Future Vehicles & Smart Shopper discussions

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  • adontechadontech Posts: 11
    I'll verify that with the dealer, but when you research the employee price on, it lists the employee price after all applicable incentives. So when I have been looking up employee pricing on, I have assumed that the actual employee price is $3000 greater than what they are showing. Can anyone verify that I am reading this correctly?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    That may be the case. It would be more helpful to consumers if they would list the employee price, then list available rebates!

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  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    not sure why you got 2 different sticker prices, but here is what I just did.
    Just purchased the '05 2500HD Crew Cab 4x4 SLT with the duramax on Saturday. Awesome! here is how the pricing goes:
    Retail (sticker): $49,245.00
    GM Employee Price: $41,721.20
    Dealer Prep: $399.00
    Tire & Battery Disposal Fee: $6.50
    Subtotal: $42,126.70
    Sales tax: $2,602.60 (6% state tax & 1.5% on 1st $5,000.00)
    Subtotal: $44,769.30
    Lemon Law: $2.00
    Tag Transfer: $40.00
    Subtotal: $44,769.65
    GM Rebate: - $3,000.00
    Out the Door: $41,771.30

    TAKE THE REBATE!! not the 2.9% interest rate!! I took the rebate and found 0.99% for 60 months at FSU credit union. It was a promo, but now they are offering 3.75% for up to 60 months as a promo. Good Luck!
  • patmpatm Posts: 13
    I'm looking at an '05 Silverado 1500 WT, regular cab, long bed, automatic, V6, locking differential and AC, power windows would be nice too. The prices I'm getting are no better than GM employee prices. Didn't Chevy just have a $3,000 rebate along with the employee pricing? I'm only seeing $1,000 rebates on now. I hope I didn't miss the boat! What can I expect to pay in Western Mass for this truck? Thanks for your help.
  • adontechadontech Posts: 11
    I had a hard time finding a truck like yours in inventory through, but I got close. On a truck close to yours the employee price including discounts was about 10500 less than sticker, which is right on with what you paid. What state are you in? Is FSU Florida State University? Can anyone get their loan through FSU credit union assuming good credit? Thanks.
  • adontechadontech Posts: 11
    I went by and looked at the z71 crew tonight and the reason the sticker price on the dealer website was different than was because it had a couple of dealer installed accessories, one bein a sprayed in bedliner. So that makes the price the salesperson gave me even better.
  • patmpatm Posts: 13
    I have found that the GM employee price posted on the Chevrolet website includes the $3,000 rebate that is being offered. I called Chevrolet and that's exactly what they said, "employee pricing includes all incentives and rebates". It just seems a little confusing in their advertising, like they are 2 separate things "we'll sell for less than employee prices". If a Chevy can be had for less that's great but I haven't found any dealer that will budge & I've visited 2 dealers and e-mailed 2 others. I did get an offer of a $500. gift card to Lowe's after proving my carpenter's credentials. If I had a registered business of my own, they were offering a $1,000 credit for truck accessories, ladder racks or tool boxes. Has any one found anything different than this? Thanks patm
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