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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • boats3boats3 Posts: 40
    Ask them specifically what they are doing for the 30,000 mile service.
  • I have the entire list:
    -Tighten nuts & bolts on Chassis
    -Re-torque propeller shaft bolt
    -Replace front difference oil (4WD)
    -Replace Engine Air filter
    -Replace rear difference oil
    -Replace transfer case oil (4WD)
    -Lubricate propeller shaft (4WD)
    -Oil Change
    -Replace spark plugs
    -Rotate Tires

    Then the inspect the following: exhaust pipes and mountings, drive shaft boots (4WD), Steering linkage and boots, stering gear box, ball joins and dust covers, brake lines and hoses, fuel tank cap gasket, Automatic transmission fluid, brake linings/discs and brake pads/discs, fuel lines/connections/tank band, etc, inspect radiator, condenser and/or intercooler and engine coolant.

    I also told him I want them to wash my car. (even though it is snowing here).

    Thank you for any advice you can give.
  • boats3boats3 Posts: 40
    At a dealer I would say anywhere between $600-$900.
  • Okay. I feel okay then. I feel confident I can talk him down to $600 and plus I'll have the rental for the day. Thank you for your help. I wouldn't normally go to the dealer, but, as mentioned, I'm driving to NC from MD in three days and want it done quickly! Thanks again!!!
  • I have the same make, and experience similar problems. We finally figured out to leave it on 'Auto' mode all the time, and it seems to work fine. However, to get the defrost function to work we first need to put the rear window on defrost, and then the front. The problem being that it is then hard to get back 'Auto' mode.
    The dealership told me that it could be the control module that costs about $900, or a defective relay that would be in the vicinty of $200-$300.
    We have elected to let it ride as is since we don't need defrost function to much in the South.
  • newdavidqnewdavidq Posts: 146
    Hope you get this before you spend the $600. My local dealer just quoted me $270 for the 30k service on my 07 v6 4r. Consumer reports just did a national survey of costs for 30, 60 and 120 mile service costs for various vehicles. They did one for the 30k interval on the v6 4r in LA, Chicago and NY and the highest was $472 and the lowest was $180. The higher costs were associated with the dealer doing more than the factory recommended items. I would check your owners manual and insist that they do only the manufacturer recommended service. If you have other Toyota dealers in your area I would get some other estimates.
    PS. You don't have to have a dealer do the service; a qualified independant shop can also do the work.
    Regards, DQ
  • bassnvoxbassnvox Posts: 3
    I have a 1990 4Runner 3.0 V6 4WD. The car bogs out, makes a metal grinding sound, and loses power at 2000 rpm, it has minimal power until about 2600 rpm, once I pass that it is fine. Also in 4th and 5th gear, the pedal will be floored and I will have no power and be unable to pass 2000 rpm, the only way around this is too down shift and tach up the engine so that I will go into gear higher than 2600 rpm. I have recently replaced the max sensor, fuel filter/pump, all gaskets inside the block, and cat converter. I also have a clean K&N intake system, and I run high mileage synthetic blend valvoline oil. I don't know what else I can repair or replace to fix this and it's becoming very expensive. What can be causing this?

  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    I know this is an old thread, but I couldn't find the answer. I've been using the search function and I'm looking for the solution to a similiar problem. I have a 2002 4Runner 4X4 V6 AT with 103K miles I'm the only owner. Recently, when driving, I have been getting some random hesitation. It seems to happen more often when slightly increasing the gas pedal. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all on small trips, other times it happens 5-10 times. Any ideas?

  • leonotoleonoto Posts: 1
    I have seen a lot of posts about door rattles, but none of them seem to be the kind of rattle I have. If anyone knows what the cause or solution to this problem is, please let me know.
    On my 95k mile 2000 4Runner, all my doors rattle and squeak against the frame of the truck when hitting minor bumps. Sometimes it sounds like the rubber stripping is squeaking as the door vibrates, but other times, especially in the rear hatch, it sounds like a metal on metal grinding banging noise when hitting bumps. I've adjusted the striker plates on the front two doors to no avail. Since that didn't fix the problem, I didn't try it on the other doors. All the rubber stops are in place (some had to be replaced). The rattles seem to be reduced in really warm weather and magnify in really cold weather. I have been chasing this problem since I bought the truck two years ago. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. As far as I know, the truck hasn't been off road other than mountain forest service roads, and the previous owners definitely didn't rally the truck. I also know that the origin of the rattles isn't inside the door panels since I have dismantled them and ensured tight screws and bolts all around.
    My hunches:
    - Doors need to be completely re adjusted (at hinges and striker plates). This is an expensive option since I don't feel comfortable adjusting the hinges myself.
    - Weather stripping is of poor quality and could be replaced

    Otherwise I love my truck, and it is in great shape and well maintained. But the rattles just drive me crazy!
    Thanks for your help.
  • 2004 v6 4wd with 20,000 miles. I bought it with 4890 miles on it.
    Oil and oil filter changes once a year.
    I am looking at changing the transmission oil and cooling fluids this Spring. About 85% of the mileage is stop and go driving in an urban setting. Right now, I am experiencing low mileage and will test at the next fillup. I was wondering whether if I also should have the mechanic check the fuel injectors? If so, then is on the vehicle cleaning ok or should I go with off the vehicle cleaning. I have only used 95 octane gas. What does the toyota mechanic check when low mileage is the complaint? Should I also consider other maintenance?
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 382
    Your low mpg is bcuz of the urban driving. My 2003 gets as low as 14.5 city. As for maintenance, just go by the owners manual. If you don't have it then it's available online at Toyota's website, although you might have to register as an owner to see it. Fwiw, change the oil more often - at least every 6 months.
  • hector13hector13 Posts: 1
    Hi, i have a 1997 4runner SR5 great truck wouldn't trade it in for anthing else. My engine light is on and I did a diagnostics and its showing the o2 sensors. Does anyone know how many sensors does it have and where are they located? Thank you.
  • I believe there re two O2 censors - the yare not cheap. I am on my way today to get one replaced. I've been driving with my check engine light on for about 1 year now - I know it's the O2 censor. Not a huge deal, jsut lower gas mileage at this point, but it is due.

    I've got 130,000 on my 01 4WD 'Runner w/Sport package and it still runs like it's new aside from the censor.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    If you replace the O2 sensors - go ahead and replace the spark plugs. They have to be pretty bad if your motor was running a rich fuel mixture.
  • woodstocwoodstoc Posts: 6
    Hello everyone, New to the forum.

    My wife's 02 HL's CEL, VSC & TRAC lights came on after a wash after a car wash sometime ago. After a couple of days, the lights went out so I figured that a connection got wet and caused the lights.

    Buy a pressure washer about three weeks ago, and wife decided to wash the HL with it. Lo and behold, here they are again on the dash. After two weeks, I disconnected the battery and restored. Lights went away. After a few times of driving, they are back on and the SUV cannot be inspected.

    Any ideas of where a connection might be, that could cause this so I can begin to troubleshoot? (The engine compartment was not opened for the wash)

    Thanks for any replies.
  • Hey. I ahve a 90 4 runner V6 and have the same problem as you. Did you ever resolve the issue??? I am thinking something with the Coil maybe??? The coil resistance in my truck is a little high.. 0.7 Ohms and the FSM specs 0.4 - 0.5 Ohms. Maybe a short??? I also get Codes on my CEL. 13 , 42 and 43

    13 -- No IGf Signal
    42 -- No IDL or NSW or A/C Signal
    43 -- No Speed Sensor Signal.

    Jumping out the plug for base timing doesn't work. (Same effect as not jumpering). I dont notice very much change in truck RPM when I connect the jumper either...seems a bit strange. I Know the timing is "close" because otherwise the truck would run like a real turd rather then rough, hesitate, poor gas mileage and maaad vibration at about 110km/h
  • woodstocwoodstoc Posts: 6
    I had Autozone pull the codes and they point to the bank 1 O2 sensor. Some research shows this to be the one at the back of the engine, prior to the cat. I'm hoping that water got into the elec connector and caused a short or corrosion issue. I plan on checking that this evening. If this doesn't work, I'll replace the sensor next.

    Sorry, I don't know enought about these trucks to help with your issue. This is the wifes car and I mostly tinker with my vette.
  • jrpoolejrpoole Posts: 6
    I have a 1999 4runner limited, how do I know which tire air pressure to use? The value that the tire says, or the value written inside the driver door area? Sorry if it's a newb question, I wasn't sure as both values are pretty different. (The one on the tire is a lot higher).
  • CkmtCkmt Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a '06 4 runner. I looked at one available from my favorite dealer. Test drove it and stopped in a parking lot to check it over. Notice the latch for the rear door was rusted. Tried to check the oil and the tube that holds the dip stick was rusted and could not get the dip st. out. Read a couple reviews about water getting in somewhere and getting the rear rugs soaked. They had no answers or satisfaction from toyota. Any help GREATLY appreciated.
  • 2006toy2006toy Posts: 6
    I own a 2006 LTD V8 with 70K miles, bought new, with no problems at all. Still have original tires & brakes. I have followed the routine maintenance schedule with service provided at a Toyota dealership (essentially oil and filter changes). I have no water leaks, but have not taken the truck off-road. I've driven it through countless rain storms with heavy flooding and no leaks. I would pass on this particular 4Runner and keep looking.
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