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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • dt52dt52 Posts: 1
    2002 4 runner vsc and service engine soon lights just came on any idea what's wrong how much to fix
  • blesseuerblesseuer Posts: 12
    I bought a 2006 4Runner sport without the owners manual.
    I had a yellow light on the dash come on, it looks like a bottom 3/4 of a tire with an explanation point on the inside. is this a tire pressure monitor or ??
  • boats3boats3 Posts: 41
    None, you need to go to a shop and have them run the codes, personally I stay away from the dealer unless it is under warranty.
  • jpp5862jpp5862 NCPosts: 323
    I have an 08 4Runner without the steering wheel audio controls (didn't realize this when I tested it, just assumed it was there...anyway). I know it's a different air bag that goes with the steering wheel controls, but I'm wondering if it's as "easy" as taking off the current airbag, attaching the controls and then attaching the new airbag?

    Has anyone done this or seen it done? I've seen posts where people were able to do it with a Sequoia, but haven't come across anything on the 4Runner. My main questions are:

    1. Is this possible??

    2. Is the steering column/wheel prewired for this? Is it as easy as mentioned above, taking off the air bag and putting in the controls and new air bag?

    Any advice is appreciated.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    If you nave to buy a new airbag, it would probably be a lot cheaper to change the stock unit and buy one which has a remote control. You can use the remote in lieu of the steering wheel controls. Those airbags can get very, very expensive......
  • bjay2bjay2 Posts: 1
    You can look at an online owners manual by going to, click on "For Owners" link, then click on "Owners Manual" and register your vehicle.
  • i just had 2 a new starter put on my 94 4 runner. the motor is turning over but i wont start.
  • tech17tech17 Posts: 6
    You could tell when you get into the truck if it had water damage (mold smell) I have not heard of this problem I will checkThe dip stick is a commin problem the tube is easy to replace and im sure the selling dealer would replace before you take it home its caused from the oring being dry and swelling.
  • tech17tech17 Posts: 6
    Its the tire monator lite
  • tech17tech17 Posts: 6
    Get the truck scaned if its a misfire converter damage can accure big bucks
  • tech17tech17 Posts: 6
    You need to know if the trans fluid is world standard I beleave it is if there is no dip stick it is WS and needs no service until 100.000 mi If the injectors are bad the check engine lite will come on A good injector through the fuel tank will do I like the BG products at dealers only Coolant should be tested.
  • tech17tech17 Posts: 6
    Bank 1 means right side if it is a v6 You still need to know sensor 1 or 2
  • tech17tech17 Posts: 6
    When the alarm is sounding turn the drivers door lock (with the key) twice the alarm should disarm
  • rot10rot10 Posts: 1
    I am taking it too dealer on 26 May 2009 and they are telling me the 100,000 mile maintenance package is going to cost me $1,200. Any thoughts? Besides the Timing Belt should anything have to be changed. Thanx for any help....
  • 2006toy2006toy Posts: 6
    They typically suggest the water pump as well do to its location relative to the timing belt. I had both replaced @110K on a 1994 4-cly Honda Accord that lasted till 188K with no problems before I traded it in for the 2006 4Runner. I got tired of driving the Accord - it's probably still running. If you're not keeping it for a while, then maybe just replace the timing belt to save cost.
  • mjdennismjdennis Posts: 2
    I've 'inherited' a 1995 Toyota 4Runner and need to replace the rear bumper to pass inspection. We want to start with local junkyards, but we don't have many.
    Any easy way to tell what other year models have a (rear) bumper that could take the place of the '95?
  • julietjjulietj Posts: 15
    1990 - 1995 bumpers & bumper ends will fit your 1995 4Runner.
    If you can't find a junked one, they're also available as OE replacements at various auto body parts sites on line.
  • mjdennismjdennis Posts: 2
    First, thanks! (Although I was hoping for a bigger selection of recent years. Can't argue with reality, though!)
    Do you know what changed in 95 that makes later models different?
  • julietjjulietj Posts: 15
    1996 is the 3rd Gen of 4Runners, with a MAJOR redesign! It looks similar, but has an all-new body shell and chassis - instead of the truck it used to be, it shares a chassis with the Land Cruiser. There are interior changes and a new engine, too, which they put in all the the Tacomas at the same time.

    My first 4Runner was a 1998, then I fell under the spell of the total redesign in 2003. I'll stick with this one until the end, though. And I still feel a bit wistful when I see the early trucks on the road ....
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