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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    Check to see if the jack is secured tightly in the rear compartment.
  • mac34mac34 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice on the jack. I checked, and it is secure. I beleieve I have found the problem, which appears to be in the back seat itself. When I fold the seat, and then put it back in place, the noise stops. However, it seems to happen again after hitting a few bumps. Sounds like a minor issue, but just curious if anyone has experienced this. Not sure if the dealer can do anything.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    I suggested the jack because I know people have had that loose and caused a rattle. Now that you say it is the rear seat I also am aware of some who have this problem also. Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the metal loop that the seat attaches to when it is in the up position. And also it may come from the cupholders in the rear seat and there is a TSB from Toyota on this problem so if it is the cupholders rattling then the dealer can fix that.
  • adolledadolled Posts: 6
    My 2001 sport has just started making a strange noise. I can hear it best from the right front passenger seat. It sounds like it is coming from the engine compartment. It sounds just like a camera zooming in or out. Or maybe an auto focus. That is the best way I can describe it. I thought is was the AC (still could be), but it does it when it is not on as well. Its fairly loud as I can still hear it with the radio on. Anyone know what this could be or have a similar problem?
  • bhamm31bhamm31 Posts: 3
    Has anyone had an issue with a pungent odor periodically coming through the vents. It almost smells like ammonia. Thanks
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    I don't know what would cause a smell like that (other than a cat peeing under your hood :-) ) but if you have an'03 or newer t4r than I would change the cabin air filter located behind the glove box.
  • bhamm31bhamm31 Posts: 3
    Thanks...I should have said it's an '04 and I've only had it for about 4 months......not the cat but I know what you mean. The dealer already tried some nonsense about hand wipes or something in the glove box....give me a break. The smell is pretty potent and actually could make you gag if you inhaled enough. If it was a filter you would think it would be continuous.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    Just a guess but if you are using the air conditioner alot, it may be the moisture that condensates in the vents after you turn it off starting to smell bad after sitting for some time. Does the smell happen intermittantly or is it just sometimes after you start the truck?
  • bhamm31bhamm31 Posts: 3
    If the condensation smells that putrid there must be some awful gunk inside the ducts. It happens at no specific interval. You go for a couple days with nothing then yesterday we were out for 40 minutes and got hit 3 times. Each episode lasts about 30 seconds to a couple minutes. My wife said this morning it did it when she was on her way to work and it seems to be happening more frequently and longer. It almost seems to me as if something is leaking into the one of the ducts in the back of the engine compartment. We are bringing it back in to the dealer tomorrow. I don't have very high expectations but I'll let you know what happens.
  • Has anyone had any experience with the motor going out on the 04 4runner? I have only had mine for 3 months and its gone. The guy at the dealer did one of the "oh no, not another 04 4runner problem" which made my stomach sink. Toyota Corp just informed me that they are looking into problems and won't release any parts to fix it until they know exactly what is going on. It's been 5 weeks since Toyota told me what the problem is and nothing of a resolution is in sight. Can anyone out there direct me to get some action?
  • 2walker2walker Posts: 9
    I took my '03 2wd V6 4Runner in to the service dept for its 15k tuneup and asked them to look into a loud clunking noise in the suspension/steering components which happens at or near the end of the steering travel on a slow, tight U-turn to the right. The service tech verified the problem exists and claims it is "normal for all SUV's". Sounds fishy so I thought I'd ask a larger audience for their opinion. Thanks!
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    My 4Runner does not make this noise, but my old Ford pick up did after a few years. Have Toyota fix the problem. Don't let them give you the "they all do it" line. Ask to take a new one off the lot and see if it makes the noise. I didn't get my pick up fixed under warranty, and was always sorry that I didn't.
  • In my 2004 4Runner, the driver's seat would 'thunk' when I would accelerate or stop. The dealer replaced it with a new seat; problem solved. This was Burt Toyota in Denver.

    Now, if only they would deal with the low-powered stereo system. I expect that when I fade it all the way to the rear in an empty vehicle, the volume will be reduced from my standpoint in the front seat. But the stereo really becomes virtually inaudible when faded to the rear. The dealer's response on this one was - we went around to the other new 4Runners on our lot, and they all sounded the same. Well, maybe instead of showing that this is 'normal', it shows that they all have the same problem.

    I also told them that the trip computer which calculates gas mileage and range is off by 10%. Their response - that's within tolerance. I wish my bosses at work were so understanding when I write computer programs - there, the tolerances are a lot tighter!
  • 69mach169mach1 Posts: 60
    I live in Evergreen and I took my 2003 Sport to Burt Toyota complanining of the same problems.

    I did tell them that the amplifier in my JBL was hissing when it was cold outside and they replaced the amplifier per a TSB. The JBL is a little better, but you still have to set the fade to 5 o 6 to get the surround sound effect. If you set it toward the front, most of the sound comes front the center speaker.
    The trip computer and front seat problems have been noted before, but it's "normal and they all do it" is the responce.

    I wonder if we all got together we could start a class action law suit?
  • giblergibler Posts: 2
    I purchased my 2004 V6/SR-5 4Runner in January this year. In March i drove 1200 miles from New York City to Tampa Florida. About 175 miles into the trip on Rt.95, the Check Engine Light comes on. Car still felt good driving and continued the trip to Florida. When i arrived in Tampa, i took it to Toyota Service and they cleared the light and test drove it. They claimed the sensor put out some kind of Bank 1 Lean Code. On the way back to New York, as soon as i fill-up for the firt time in Georgia, the light trips on again. Took it back to the dealer where i purchased the vehicle, they told me it was a bad Oxygen Sensor and ordered a new one. Fine up until last evening coming home from work on the expressway, the light activates once more!! I'm a little disgruntled at the fact that this is going on with my BRAND NEW TOYOTA!! I just filled up with gas yesterday morning and i'm wondering is it the gas? Does anyone else have this same problem with their 2004/V6/SR-5 4Runner?
  • my2centsmy2cents Posts: 20
    Correction on above instructions. You do not have to replace your turn signal bulbs. In fact you can't since the DRL and non-DRL bulbs use different sockets, and they are not compatible. However, this modification really works well with your original non-DRL bulbs. I think the non-DRL bulbs burn slightly less bright than the DRL bulbs since there is a difference in wattage but the visual difference is not that great. Also you do not have to disconnect anything from the fuse block to access the relay as I had previously mentioned. The lower dash comes apart very easily and goes back nicely. No rattles or squeeks....just like new. Hardest part is just getting the old relay off its slide mount. Trick is to place a small thin screwdriver underneath the left hand side of the relay and slide it out to the left at the same time. Now the front turn signal lights are on all the time (blinks off to indicate a turn. They turn off when you switch "on" your headlights. The running lights remain on when you switch to parking lights only. Kind of a cool look with only the running lights and parking lights on (both orange) on a black 4runner. Once again if anyone needs more help with this I can give an even more detailed account of how to do it (exact step by step), just let me know.
  • A class action lawsuit may be overkill, but I like your spirit! Perhaps if we keep pressing these issues, we'll get somewhere, especially since we are starting to learn about our mutual issues and each others' existence.

    Can anyone explain what the process of appeal is when dealers don't fix problems with cars under warranty? In the Toyota hierarchy, who is over the dealers' heads? This is my first new vehicle ever (I'm 51!), so - even though I've been an activist on other issues - I could use some insight into the regional/national Toyota hierarchy and who to go next.

  • saksak Posts: 2
    2004 SR5 4Runner purchased September 2003. Noticed noise in driver's seat a couple of months ago. Took to dealer. They could not reproduce. I went into service area to reproduce noise for them. Service person at desk told me that they have only seen this problem ONE other time and that they had to contact Toyota for authorization to replace the part as it was a $3,000.00 track (did I mention this is the SR5? Manual seat. They were just replacing just the track - not the seat.) Toyota authorized. Vehicle was left at dealership for THE DAY as they told me they had to have it for an entire day to repair. Approximately 1 month later I am now hearing noise in the seat. Took it back to same dealer. CASHIER told me "No charge. You're ready to go." No one explained what was found and/or corrected. Cashier read receipt that said "Noise in seat is inherent and cannot be fixed." After then asking service person at counter to get involved, she reiterated same statement. I asked, "If they replaced the track because the track was bad, why don't they replace the seat since the seat is bad?" She said, "It's inherent. The next seat will do the same thing. Toyota doesn't have a fix for it. If they do, we'll send you notification." Did I also mention that my car was in and out of the dealership within 20 minutes - and washed???? I have had my 4Runner to other Toyota dealers for other items as well for which they couldn't repair. I have found Toyota service to be the least desirable of all vehicles I have owned. Has anyone had similar problems with the seat. (I did see a posting from bradklafehn and it sounds like it may be a similar problem.) I find it very hard to believe my vehicle is only the 2nd the dealership has seen and I find it even harder to believe it was a $3,000 repair. I am in the Pittsburgh, PA area. If anyone can comment back, I would greatly appreciate so that I have references when I return to the service dept. Thank you very much for your time!
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    On another site I saw that one person had their 4runner bought back under the Lemon Law because of his seat. People didn't believe him that it was bought back but he produced a PDF of the the legal doc's associated with the buy back. Document your problem, save your receipts and start the arbitration process. Here it is:
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I'm not sure if we are talking about the same seat noise, but my drivers seat bottom rocks slightly. Such that when I shift my weight on the seat (by taking a sharp corner, or braking quickly) the seat moves and makes a small noise. I asked my dealer about it and was told that the seat height adjusting mechanism allows for this slight movement and could not be corrected. It isn't a big problem for me, but you wouldn't think a rocking seat bottom would be something the manufacturer would tolerate.
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