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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • rjordanrjordan Posts: 30
    Hello, I have the 2004 4Runner V6 4wd limited edition and it does not make any sound while shifting or after its engaged to 4wd hi mode or even when shifting back to 2wd. Before you take delivery, engage the 4wd and check for yourself. Bob.
  • I think I have the same problem you are mentioning. It seems like every so often (5 or 6 times I step on the brakes) I get a ping also. I've brought it to the Dealer, and they they could not find anything immediate to say its a problem or just part of the design. I tried the Dealer's 2003 4Runner and did not notice the ping as much. It was alot more subtle. It bothers me because I can feel it. The dealer cannot find any Toyota Bulletins in Canada or US indicating any other recorded problems. I can't seem to believe this because it seems like several other people have similar problems. Is there anything I can give my Dealer to direct him.
  • I like your answer, but it still doesn't explain to me why I feel this Ping on the pedal every so often. If everyone on this chat tells me that they feel this ping, then I would find better things to do with my time. Can anyone tell me if they do feel this on the brake pedal.

    Thanks for the explanation, but I don't think the problem is going to disappear over time.
  • Does anyone notice a Brake ping when they are applying the brakes. When driving around town or on the highway., it seems like every 5th or 6th time that I step on the brake pedal for whatever reason, I get a slight ping or buzz on the pedal.

    Try this experiment. Put your car in park, and depress the brakes a few times. It does not have to be depressed too far. At the 5th or 6th time, you'll hear a buzz from the brake area.

    The buzz doesn't bother me as much as the ping I fell in the pedal. Does anyone else feel this while they are driving around town. My dealer doesn't want to jump to conclusion as what the problem is. He says he doesn't feel it in his 2003 4 Runner.

    Anyone out there might know if this is a problem or not. I also have a 2003 Highlander. The brakes feel alot better.

    Please Help Me anyone

  • A few months ago there were some posts from owners who noticed a rattle in the area of their defroster vents near the windshield - a jiggling noise that seemed in some cases to be temperature related.
    A similar sound has developed in my vehicle - it clears itself in warm sunlight or if I run the defroster at very warm temperature on high for several minutes. But if I start out on uneven pavement or washboard road in cold weather the rattle is very noticeable across the entire span of the windshield. Apparently, the defroster hardware (vents)contracts under cold temperature and something inside loosens up.
    Do any other owners who've experienced a similar problem have a way of dampening the hardware by inserting something into the vents or spraying something that might counteract the increased play within the parts , a method that doesn't require pulling out the dash to access the defroster vents? I'd rather live with the intermittent noise than take a chance on creating a worse problem by having the dealership tinker inside the dash. Of course, if anyone has had their dealership successfully eliminate the problem by going inside the dash, I would be interested in knowing how the technician accomplished that, as well.
  • Mine is doing the same thing, but if you read your manual more carefully, you'll find that it's normal. As for the buzz, you're not supposed to depress brakes with ABS multiple times - you're confusing the computer.
  • We test drove a '04 this weekend and at one point, I noticed what you are calling a ping when we stopped. It didn't happen every time, but it certainly did on that occasion. When I got out, I looked at the breaks and noticed that the brake drums were rusted. Maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows. I'll tell you though, for it being a test drive, I was a little unnerved by the occurrence.
  • Based on reports I saw of a similar problem with Toyota's RAV4 on these boards - decided to spray base of windshield with WD-40. Worked. Rattle gone. It was the interaction of the windshield with the exterior cowling - dry and cold conditions created friction.
  • I will check my manual and see what it say about the buzz. The buzz does not bother me as much as the little ping I feel occasionally on the pedal. I only say to depress the brakes several times in the park position because I can reproduce the ping after the 6th time that I depress the pedal. Also when you drive around, you will have to brake sooner or later. After the 6th time you step on the brake, you get a ping. If you don't notice this on your 4Runner, then that makes me think it might be my car.

    There has been other people indicating that they had the Master Cylinder changed. Are they for serious?

    I have about 5000 km on the vehicle. Almost ready for the first Oil Change. Someone had suggested maybe it's rust on the drum. Not this 4Runner!

    The problem is a bit more complicated than that.

    Does anyone else feel this little ping on the brake pedal?
  • mb2mb2 Posts: 1
    Suggestions to this problem greatly appreciated. I am able to lock/unlock my truck using the keychain remote. However, recently once I get in and try to start the truck, the ignition switch has been deactivated. I can reactivate it by simply unhooking/rehooking the truck's battery, so there is a work-around. It seems something has malfunctioned w/ the alarm system. Any suggestions?
  • Hello all.
    I purchased a 95 V6 4WD in September. It's the Limited model, leather, sunroof, etc. It was in beautiful shape when I bought it, only 135,000 miles on it. Basically stole it for $5300. Anyway, it does have a couple minor things I am wondering about.
    First: When I open the rear window, the wiper arm goes inside the truck. I can't close the rear window unless I actually hold the arm out of the way. Is there some kind of rest or piece that holds the arm out of the way?
    Second: The truck has no manual. What is the "on/off" rocker switch below the gear shifters, on the drivers side next to the coin holders? I know the other one is for the rear window.
    Thanks, and this is undoubtedly THE premier 4runner forum!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    yes, there is supposed to be a little rubber platform above the rear window that the wiper goes up to and sits on. In order to accomplish this, the wiper itself has to have a little plastic extender on it that rides up onto the platform and parks the wiper in the correct spot. If either are missing, the wiper naturally will not perform properly. It is especially common for people over the years to have replaced the rear wiper blade and NOT reinstalled the plastic extender, which messes everything up. If either is missing, I am sure it would be cheap to get a replacement from the dealer.

    As to your second point, mine is a '90 and so it is different. I know they moved the buttons around on the console between '90 and '95, and yours may have an extra feature that mine doesn't have.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • My 2003 Sport has 35,500 miles. Any suggestions on what to make sure I take care of before it rolls out of warranty?

    I took it in this morning for: 1) sunroof rattle, 2) loose sunglass holder/cabin light assembly, and 3) popping in the rear speaker (JBL system) when the volume is turned up and the engine's running (doesn't seem to do it when the engine's off).

    I'd had the sunroof rattle fixed awhile back, but afterward noticed the rubber was bunched in one spot. I took it back and they replaced the entire sunroof (!). Of course, with a new sunroof, the rattling started up again.
  • It seems that others have had problems with their Check Engine and VSC Off/Trac lights. The lights on my girlfriend's '02 4WD 4Runner came on this morning. The car was in the shop a few days ago for a tune up and alignment adjustment, but I don't know how this would cause the VSC lights to turn on. I actually took the car back to the shop, but the lights weren't on when the truck was there and they said nothing was loose from the tune up. On my way to work , the lights stayed off. The lights came back on during lunch and it stalled at a stop sign. It seems to be running fine - other than the stall - although it does seem like it has lost a bit of power.

    The car is out of basic warranty, but the drivetrain warranty is still good. Is this covered by the drivetrain warranty? If not, does it matter if I take it to an independant shop? I'll be taking the car in tomorrow for a full diagnostic, but any suggestions, recommendations or insights are greatly appreciated.

  • I have a 2001 4WD SR5 and have had the same two lights come on and stay on. After a trip to the dealer, I was informed that if both lights are lit, the computer has registered a fault code. Mine was from the gas cap not being loose and the emissions system registering a vapor leak. I would find a dealer with a good reputation and have the computer checked for error codes.
  • Well, I checked the gas cap and it was on fine. I loosened then retightened it just to make sure. The first few times I cranked the engine, it started fine, then quickly died. After a few more starts it now refuses to start at all. The engine cranks, but will not turn over. I had forgotten that we also had the transmission system flushed. Would the car refuse to start if there wasn't enough - or any - AT fluid? I noticed the ATF Temp light on while trying to start it the last few times, but it might be normal for it to just been on with the others when starting. I just wish this happened at home rather than at work (where I still am).
  • I have just purchased a 2005 V6 RWD Sport (three days ago).

    Yes, I feel the ping as well. I was quite disturbed by it too. I am planning on going to the dealer tomorrow to have them check it out.

    Do you think it has anything to do with ABS?? Maybe it is part of the design.
  • Hi All,
    I have a 2002 4Runnuer. My sense lights 'VSC Off' & 'VSC trac' are on for months now. These lights were apparently selected by on-board computer because it had to select something to display. Toyota dealer advised me to ignore the expected meaning of these lights because it really is because my gas system overflow cup was ruined by too much gas 'topping-off' at the gas stations. He also said lights would shut-off in 1000 miles. The lights are still lit. Dealer said replacing cup would cost an exorbitant amount which I don't feel like paying. Anybody else encounter this problem? TIA
  • i have been reading the posts about the moonroof vibrations and rattling, but my problem is when i am driving with my back windows down or partially down and a closed moonroof, the moonroof shakes so violently that the headrests on the seats start vibrating too. this is a 2004 limited and the problem started after the first 1000 miles. my dealer and the service tech told me not to drive with my back windows rolled down ever. i have kids riding in the back seats. it feels as if the moonroof is going to shake off, the dealer says this is normal. i feel it is a danger. does anyone else have this happening? thanks
  • I would like to add the Limited sun visor with the illuminated vanity mirror to the passenger side of my '04 Sport Edition 4Runner, and also the electrochromatic rearview mirror. I found a vendor to supply both, but can't tell how hard it would be to get power to them. Since the mirror is listed as an option for my vehicle, I think wiring for the mirror might be in place, but not for the visor. Has anyone else tried this, or have recommendations for me? I'm pretty handy, but have no clue about how to remove the headliner if that's required. Thanks!
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