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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • I just ordered a 2005 Sport. You can only get the 3rd row seat with a SR5 or Limited, not with a sport model. So I have a need occasionally for a 3rd row seat. I checked the parts to order and install, over $2000! It was only a $730 option. I have also look at some of the aftermarket 3rd row seats online. What I would like to do I get one seat {they split in the middle and hang on the sides} for the left side from a wrecked late model 4runnery. Any one find themselves in this same dilema?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Since it only happens in cold weather and goes away quickly when warmed up, the dealer response was '"could not duplicate."
  • I have a 1990 4runner. Just had a new rebuilt motor put in it but still wont run. It wont get over 4grand on the rpm's . Codes say it needs a o2 sensor & knock sensor. I've replaced o2 sensor, and but can't find knock sensor. It still wont run. It's a 3.0, 4x4, 5spd . PLEASE HELP!!!
  • I got this SUV not long ago and I just realize that the clock is not working, no display at all. I checked fuses and they look fine. Any other reason can cause the clock stop working?


  • 65stang65stang Posts: 7
    Have you thought of having an oil analysis done to check for engine wear?
  • cburescbures Posts: 4
    I have a 2003 with the loose seat issue. I have had my truck in 4 times for this issue. They replaced the bottom of the seat, then the whole seat. They have taken out the seat and tightened the seat......IT STILL MOVES. All 4 times they tried to fix the seat they damaged my door panel taking it out-I finally gave up on it. My dealer tells me it is like this on all the models, its seat has just too many adjustments. I got the impression I am just suppost to live with it.
  • cburescbures Posts: 4
    I have a 2003,RWD, SR5-tried using the hitch and found the spare tire was in the way-couldn't insert the ball mount. I have to remove the spare tire to use the hitch. I don't see any messages about this issue-I even have a bike carrier that uses the hitch and had to have it re-drilled so it would work. I am truly not interested in removing the tire every time I want to pull something.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 382
    The receiver issue was posted numerous times on this forum til about 6/2004. The receiver design was eventually changed, but early 2003 models had the issue. I bought my 4Runner with a manufacture date supposedly using the redesigned receiver, but mine had the old design. Needless to say, I have the same issue, so I always have my converted ball mount in the vehicle. You'll need to have someone cut about 3/8" off the end of whatever you are inserting into the receiver. It's a great excuse to buy a Milwaukee Sawzall 11amp model and do it yourself using the metal cutting blade, or pay to have a modification as you have done. Toyota should have given us a compatible ball mount or a new receiver instead of having us do all the extra legwork. Any aftermarket ball mount will still require a conversion (as you know). My dealer said Toyota didn't get enuf complaints about it to take any action on vehicles with the old receiver design.
  • cburescbures Posts: 4
    I asked my Toyota Dealer for factory glass replacement and he stated that it was no available through the dealer. I ended up with replacement glass from a local glass company. If you know how to get original equipment glass let me know for my next replacent. I have a 03 RWD, V6.
  • Have you had any luck getting this resolved. I have the same issue. Any and all advice is greatly apprecialted.

  • sebongiesebongie Posts: 2
    My 2003 4-Runner has this problem also, sounds like a diesel when cold, sounds fine when warm.
    Have you made any progress? My dealer changed the serpentine belt (of all stupid things) with no change in the noise.

  • sebongiesebongie Posts: 2
    I also have this me at & we'll chat.
  • I am having the exact same problems and now the buttons are not functioning at all. Did you find a solution to this problem? We are thinking of taking the dash apart and starting on wires to see if there's a short. Let me know what you found out. I thought I was crazy for awhile when they just quit functioning properly - mine gets stuck in circulate mode, etc.
    Please respond.
  • udsavudsav Posts: 11
    I have a 2005 4-runner and i want to add the wiring harness. i have a pre-installed round connector already on the back... with the hitch (included with the car) has another harness in it. im looking for what that harness plugs into or attached to. the two harness i have mentioned do not go together.. any help will be great!
  • sheppysheppy Posts: 1
    A few months ago, my check engine light came on. I brought it to a local mechanic (friend of the family) who specializes in foreign cars. He hooked it up to the computer and found that the catalytic convertor was below threshold. My 4Runner has California Emissions Control, so I have 2 convertors. Only the front was bad.

    My mechanic, as well as other mechanic I know, said that I could still drive the car, but as soon as I noticed performance issues or a drop in gas mileage, I need to have the cat replaced.

    I noticed about 10 days ago that I started having hesitation issues at traffic lights and stop signs. I did not have any problems after getting started. I brought the car in last week to have the cat replaced ($800 for the part alone, the rear cat is $1,100). Anyway, after having the cat replaced, the hesitation became worse. The mechanic will not give me the car back until he finds out what is wrong because he said I will damage the new cat. He has checked the vacuum lines and cleaned the sensors. The check engine light does not come on anymore and the computer indicates that there is no problem.

    I remember working on my 1994 Cherokee where I needed to reset the computer by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, and even still, had performance issues for a couple hundred miles until the computer re-learned everything. Then everything was fine.

    Any ideas before I have it towed to a dealer.


  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    You may check to see if the emissions warranty covers the cat; occasionally you'll read around the forums that someone got one replaced at no cost. But you'd have to get the dealer involved and you may be over the miles (8/80 iirc).

    Steve, Host
  • I own a 1996 Toyota 4runner and would like to start doing my own lube jobs at home. Could someone please tell me how many grease serks there are and where they are located. Also, what kind of grease and grease gun to use.

    Thank you,
  • hello. i am looking to "lift" the tail of my 4runner (99) just about 1/2". the smallest lift kit available is 1" and i tried that, it's too much. this is a stock suv, and i am not looking for a radical modification, just to get that sagging look from the car...especially if there is a little wieght back there (as little as 50#'s) it looks like i am carrying a ton.

    hyperco spring co. might have the solution for me but needs the spring specs (i.e. rate, freelink, inside and/or outside diameter). is there anyone who could tell me the specs on these springs? -- the OEM,stock,factory springs.

    this is just for the rear, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    if i got lucky enough to have someone who got tired of this with your 4runner and solved the problem a different way, let me know, i am open to all options.

    this is my wife's car, she couldn't care less, but i am a car nut and it's been driving me crazy for years - i drive it on the 'family trips' :D . now i am changing the rear shocks (for the ride quality) and figure do the ride height change while i am under there ... that's if i find some solution that doesn't make my truck look jacked-up like the torino in Starsky & Hutch. :shades:
  • lazzarichlazzarich Posts: 37
    I have a 2005 V8 4WD with 4,000 miles on it. It has developed a leak at the Pinion Seal (per Toyota Dealer). According to them this is not under pressure and I can keep driving it till they obtain the part. Question: Is this going to create a long term problem? and 2.) What would cause this to go.
    I have not driven the vehicle as I was concerned.
  • jeff193jeff193 Posts: 29
    So....i did a little off roading today..... maybe you guys can help me with something..

    First the switch next to the steering with the X in the middle whats that for?...

    Secondly..everytime like i go up some thing a curb or on a hill...the car first makes this KRRRRR sound like some metal grinding together...seems like its comming from the area where the race and brake pedals are??? any idea?

    Thirdle i backed up down an incline and the damn muffler fell of its clip...went to the toyota dealer...YOU wont beleive what the guy said..Firstly he said...that you should off road in that its more like a 4 wheel drive grocery getter...then he says if some one rests their foot on this it would fall off the bring it in on monday..

    Basically im posting to say be carefull with inclines..and please please tell me what the switch is...and what the metal clunking is ???

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