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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • Brian:

    This is a very common issue with the sunroof in current generation 4Runners. Mine does the exact same thing, and it has since it was new. No mechanical issue, meaning, the sunroof has and continues to work just fine. If it bothers you, bring it in for service. It really does not bother me at all, so I've left well enough alone. Good luck!

  • My '05 SR5 4x4 V6, if left outside overnight when the temperature is in the 30s/40s, will light up the "low tire pressure warning" light in the morning. The light generally disappears around noon. I talked to the dealer but he wants my car overnight to diagnose the problem. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Pressure is proportional to temperature (PV = nRT). Put 35psi in all tires when they're cold, including the spare. Your problem should go away.
  • replacing brake lines, i have a 91 4Runner that I just had the passenger side rear line rust out just back behind the cross beam. I have filed a design flaw with Toyota. I also have found out that in Canada they have recalled the 4Runner for this problem. I was lucky when my breakline gave out I was coming up my street so the incline helped me stop with out killing anyone.
  • i have a 91 4Runner that I just had the passenger side rear brake line rust out just back behind the rear cross beam. I have filed a design flaw with Toyota. I also have found out that in Canada they have recalled the 4Runner for this problem. I was lucky when my brake line gave out I was coming up my street so the incline helped me stop with out killing anyone.
  • I have a 2004 4Runner with V8 Engine. I'm planning to change the coolant. I've always used Prestone in all of my past vehicles. But I've noticed that the coolant in this vehicle is pink. Should I be concerned with using Prestone (green) or any other coolant for that matter in this vehicle?
  • Hello everyone, I have a 2005 4Runner with just over 550 miles. Bought it about three weeks ago. Last few days I have noticed that when I start from a stop light under normal driving conditions etc... the truck wants to go the left and I have to correct it by turning the wheel to the right. Once it gets going, it's not to bad but still have to keep the wheel pointed slightly to the right to make it go straight. I have been very easy on the truck, no offroading or harsh bumps to my knowledge. Also, I have checked the tire pressure and all are set to factory specs. Is this a common issue/problem with the 05's or am I just one of those lucky ones. Has anyone else had a similar issue with the 03-05 models? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :(
  • I had an alignment issue with the one I bought (2005 V8 4WD). I had it resolved before I took the car off the lot. At 20,000 miles of mainly freeway driving it is still tracking straight with about 60% tire tread left and even wear. Rotated once at 15k. I run 36psi all round.
  • Thanks for the quick response. Was the alignment off? or was it something else. thx.
  • The alignment was off.
  • On my 2003 4 runner, went through many windshields. Now on my 2005, with 20,000 km, just lost the third windshield. First rock that hit it, cracked it. These things are fragile. Anyone try an aftermarket windshield to see if they last better than toyota's? I hear toyota is thickening the glass for 06? Could it be because of the poor quality of these things,and not noise, like they suggest? Anyone else experience this problem?
  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    H1! When I start my 2001 4runner(55,000 miles), I smell unburnt gas. Not much , but it makes me think that something is wrong with my 4 runner. Is oxygen sensor bad? It is the same with my 2002 Honda Accord (40,000 miles).
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    to run rich when it is stone cold, is that what you mean? When it runs rich, you may smell a gassy smell if you walk past the exhaust pipe. You shouldn't be smelling it in the car - that would be a problem. If you drive with your rear window down, you should be aware that is slightly dangerous unless you have other windows open, as it will suck exhaust gas into the truck.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • robm2robm2 Posts: 53
    On my 2005 4-Runner, I have one bad crack about 2 feet long, (and growing), and 3 smaller cracks that I was able to get spot filled before they started running. I've also had 3 chips that I had surface filled.

    I've never had a windshield as crappy and fragile as this one. In the past 20 years, on a half-dozen other vehicles, I've had two cracks total.

    I have no idea why the glass in this 4-Runner is so crappy. I figured I'd wait a couple years until the price of replacement glass is cheaper, then get it replaced, but I have so many cracks I don't think I can wait that long.
  • I have a 2005 4Runner. Does anyone know how to turn the lock/unlock beep ON and OFF. Is this an easy procedure where I can do it myself or do I have to take it to the dealer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi all.

    3,000 miles into my 2006 4Runner Sport Edition, and it sounds like there's at least 30,000.

    The overhead compartment with the lights chimes in with incessant buzzing at any speed, but it gets especially frisky around 70 mph.

    All right-hand turns come with a creaking sound effect from somewhere in the back. I've narrowed it down to the right-rear seat, because when I fold it flat, the creaking disappears.

    I suppose every car has a few issues, just didn't know I'd find mine so soon. And thankfully they aren't major ones, but they are beyond annoying.

    I'm debating punching a hole the next time the light fixture rattles and creating my own sunroof.

    This sucks.
  • I have a 2005 Toyota 4 runner with an awful smell.Almost every time I start the vehicle, a mold and vinegar smell blows in your face. I took it to the dealership and they said they didn't smell anything. Of course it didn't happen while the car was there. Any suggestions?
  • hello, i drive a 1997 toyota 4-runner and it has been recently "disable" to where it wont turn on. i was wondering how do i "reable" it.
    thanks so much!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Have them replace the HVAC air filter. It's small bucks.
  • I have had my new 2005 4x4 SR5 V6 for only about 2000 miles and have just noticed the last couple days that the trany is sometimes shifting down (presumably to 4th) when I let off the gas. This happens when I crest a hill and let off so I don't speed down the other side. Just when it feels as if it should be coasting, I hear the engine racing and when I push on the gas slowly, it races for quite some time before it up-shifts to OD. Is this normal? It sure doesn't feel normal. By the way, where the heck is the auto trany dip stick?


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