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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    Are you sure it's not just the rear seat ventilation system, with something stuck either in the vent itself or in the blower? That's what it sounds like, but it's hard to get a sense of it. Certainly it would be easy to check, just turn the rear seat air on and off, see if the sound comes and goes.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    Speaking not of 4Runners specifically but rather of vehicles in general, older models with rough rides usually have worn-out suspension bushings. If you have only changed the shocks and not the bushings, you may accomplish a lot by doing that. Problem is, if you have a shop do the work, it will not be cheap. :-(

    I am curious: I had a '90 which never had the butt-drag problem, so I got lucky, but just how do you fix that problem? Do you have to replace everything at the back, including the springs?

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • hey, this may seem stupid/too simple, but just in case you are used to the finer things in life-- have you tried just putting it in reverse and driving backwards a few feet, 20 feet even if necessary? pretty typical, easy fix but you may have already tried that.
  • i was having prlems in my '94 with the efi relay.
    dont think the fuse ever blew, but the relay was what was wrong and it wouldn't start until replaced it. it was only 14 or 30 bucks, i dont remember.
  • since this happened to me i read on another forum about it happening to someone else with a 93. mines a 94 and what started out as a slow drip in the rear brake line (either supply or return not sure which) within a week of bleeding every day turned into a geyser. and to fix it at the leak you would have to drop the tailgate.
    yours is newer than mine and mines a piece of crap, but you might check for drips under the car right around your gas tank, etc.
  • a while back mine just quit on me too. the first problem was a bad EFI relay. then it was just funky battery cable connections. no spark, no... well... no nothin.
    both cases wouldn't even turn over. the efi relay is cheap, beer or soda and a wire brush on the battery connectors is cheaper.
  • this seems more and more common the more i read about 92-95 runners. same problem here-- it was above the front of the gas tank which means a repair involves dropping the tank. or replacing both supply and return lines if that is where it is. it was alot easier to see where my particular leak was coming from when i took off the spare and crawled up under.
    you can find stuff online regarding rerunning rear brake lines and using an adjustable rear proportioning valve or write me and i can fill you in - - its less than 80 bucks and was alot easier than dropping the tank on my rusty piece of crap.
  • I am having the IDENTICAL problem on the IDENTICAL car (99 4Runner Ltd). Also happened to me about a year ago, but then suddenly 4WD disengaged and all was well. This time, I am stuck in 4WD with a flashing indicator light and no way to disengage.

    I have been told by three places (my mechanic, their transmission specialist, and a Toyota dealer) that I must replace the transfer case (at $3,000 to $4,000!!!). The diagnosis from everyone is that the electric motor in the transfer case has gone bad. While this is apparently a common problem with Ford, noone has ever seen it on a Toyota.

    Did you find a resolution?
  • Paint Problems. Yes Indeed. I have a 2004 sport edition, V-8, 4X4 in a ultra plain WHITE. It was purchased in Feb 04, and had about 26 miles or so on it for what its worth.

    This past summer (2005) I noticed a black line on the rear passenger side. At first thought it was road tar, or whatever. This was after finish up a washing the car with TURTLE WAX ZIP WAX CAR washing solution" I have used this product for years with a glove and/or a wash mitt. Never a problem.

    So I go to my friendly dealer and have him take a look. He noticed some other sports. I took responsibility for them as my "wife likes to park by touch" as I told him.

    Any way against his better judgement(according to him) he said he would call the Paint Shop next door and have the problem taken care of. No paper was written up, Darn!! So the owner of Mike's paint shop, very personable, and help full does it right away and gave care instructions. Great Shop!! Great guy.

    Now December 2005 ( about 12,000 miles total) more problems. Can't blame wife, but can blame both of us. In the pockets, where you place your hand to open the door, I discovered a BUNCH of small scratches. The scratches look to be BLACK. I doubt they are scratches, but instead the "ORIGINAL WHITE PAINT" BEING SCUFFED WITH OUR FINGER NAILS. The black fibre glass of the door is showing through.

    After all this, if you stayed awake with my rambling, how should I approach my dealer? Should I talk to someone at the factory level or just get it re painted and quit my whinny attitude.

    I got rid of the chevs and fords for this very same reason after reprinting them on my dime. I want something the paint stays on the vehicle. That is why I choose "WHITE".
    Now I am faced with the same thing with the Toyota. Do have a 1977 Toyota, and paint problems there were/are because of me.
    Sad thing is, we just love the vehicle, it has everything we need, gas mileage not so good, but fine with us, and a great riding car, and especially SAFE CAR

    Should I just give it all up and trade it off for a Honda Pilot. That seems to be the best choice now

    El Sobrante, CA
    on the left coast
  • Why trade it because of a paint flaw? It's new, so you still got warranty; go request a fix. And if they won't fix it,... you live in CA, so paint is really an unnecesssary cosmetic luxury. I have had cars in CA with bare metals that lasted for many years. If your neighbors think your car looks ugly with bad paint, tell them not to judge a book by it's cover - it's a Toyota, and paint/cosmetics are only necessary for ugly cars like they design in Detroit.
  • Yea you are right. Only wished I had bought a black 4-runner. Then when all the paint comes off, it would match the fiberglass.

    Besides I would have preferred to have a more exotic problem, like low tires, bad seals on the moon roof, auto shifting problems. I guess you get the idea.

    Thank you for the assist.

    El Sobrante, CA
    on the left coast
  • Don't be silly. Even a black 4runner won't solve your problem. The so called nail scratches (by Toyota dealer) on my black 4runner's handle well show white color. Toyota does know how to put a thin layer of paint on, but doesn't know how to make the paint stay.
  • is I guess I am really confused. I thought the base was the same on all vehicles. Are you saying on the Black 4-runner is white, while on the White 4-runner it is Black.

    Sorry to be a cynic, but the dealers I have encountered think all car buyers are idiots. They are probably right.

  • Can you tell me what tool you used to get your oil filter off? I have two filter tools neither of which will work.
  • My 05 LTD has exact same pblm.... I can drive around all day w. seat heater on MAX - and I live in south florida. I only have 2K miles and will add it to the warranty pblm list.
  • I have 2K on my 05 LTD v8 in South FLA. When the ac compressor engages (ac always on) the engine idle increases 200-300 rpm which is really annoying when stopping because the brakes are sensitive... as I'm slowing to a stop the compressor disengages and the brakes grab OR the compressor turns on and I must stab the brakes because the car accelerates. Makes driving smoothly challenging and annoying.
    I asked the Toyota service dept if this can be adjusted and they said NO, ITS A COMPUTER PROGRAMMING ISSUE. sounds like bs to me - does anybody know if this can be adjusted so that the idle increase is a little more subtle??
  • G'day - I'm considering a 4Runner for my next vehicle. I have read that the traction control system is quite 'conservative', and quite difficult to disengage. While I don't do any serious 'wheeling', I do ACTUALLY go off paved roads quite a bit in my job, and have read other comments that the system prevents a lot of people from going anywhere in off-road conditions (mud, sand, snow). Any comments?
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    The 4Runner will go farther than you will ever take it. The traction control system works great, unless you do serious off roading, and I mean really serious where you need locking differentials, the system works incredible.
  • "have read other comments that the system prevents a lot of people from going anywhere in off-road conditions (mud, sand, snow). Any comments?"

    If you have 4wd, locking the center diff turns off that portion of the traction control system that cuts the power back. I wholly agree with 2toyotas as to the capability of the 4Runner
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    That's normal. My 2003 does it too. Consequently, when I'm stopped at a traffic light I usually put the truck in neutral.
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