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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    After two visits – I provided the dealer with the service bulletin for the sulfur issue and they replaced the catalytic converter under warranty. Fixed in early 2005.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Great! Now if they could find a cheap fix for the sunroof problem ...!

    tidester, host
  • mebeamemebeame Posts: 1
    I recently went to put a bike rack on the tow hitch of my 03 4Runner and found that the spare tire interferes with every brand that I could find (I tried 4). I'm planning to tow a small trailer in late September and don't know if it will work because of the spare tire interference. Has anyone had this issue with their 03 4Runner? I've tried "re-seating" the spare tire, but that hasn't fixed the issue. Everything is factory stock on my truck, but the newer 4Runners seem to have a different tow hitch on them.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 382
    It is a problem that was corrected during the 2003 model year production. I have the same problem. Basically, other than the factory ball mount which came with your vehicle, everything else you insert into the receiver will need about a 1/2 inch cut off, OR, you can put your spare inside your 4Runner and use anything you like. The fix occured approximately 4-2003, but mine has a 4-1-2003 manufacturing date and the hitch issue. Searching the forum may provide more answers.
  • Did you ever resolve the problem of why the windows and gauges do not work? I have a 1997 4Runner that has the windows, gauges, air/fan, sunroff, and alternator not working. I am living out of the country on an island and it is a little difficult to get it to a dealership. I have a friend who has tried many things, fuses, new/rebuilt alternator, and checked some ground wires. Please let me know what you have done so we can try.

    Thank you,
  • I have a 2000 4Runner LTD 4WD V6 with one of those stock wooden trim kits installed on the dashboard.

    When I drive the vehicle with the music off, I notice that there's a creeking and ticking sound coming from the dashboard... the sound that occurs when you push two cheap plastic parts together.

    At first, I thought it was the cigarette tray which I've never used, but realized it was the dashboard when I push my fingers against it.

    Anyone ever experienced this or know of any remedy? The sound is really annoying. :mad:
  • Yes, I have a 2006 4runner and it squeaks like crazy, especially when driving over a bumpy road. I have to push the dash in and out to get it to stop. I do this daily and I hate it. In fact, my rear seat squeaked all the time and I had to cover the hinges in electrical tape since the dealer refused to acknoledge any noise. My driver seat also squeaks when I go around a corner. The fit and finish on this vehicle is pathetic and I can't wait till my lease is up so I can turn it in, makes me sick to write the lease payment every month. I have owned Toyota's before but the quality is no where what it used to be, they are taking shortcuts to get to #1 and they will regret it, just look at the over 1 million vehicles they have recalled in the last 2 years!
  • Yeah, I wouldn't complain as much if the suspension wasn't crap... it jumps on the slightest thing (but I have to admit that I don't know what the suspension is like now for the newer 2003-200? models). I've driven a Navigator and a Grand Cherokee, and they don't seem to be driving on wheels that are connected to the frame!
  • I have a 2004 V8 Limited with XREAS suspension. The vehicle has a smooth ride. I guess it is the XREAS.
  • bshp71bshp71 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 4runner that will not go in reverse. It is a 5 speed, all other gears seem to be fine. Any idea what may cause this. Thanks
  • I have a '94 runner that had exact same problem. Replace the x-valve and both electrical controls just for insurance. Parts cost was slightly over $100. Your tech will have to evac the system and refill. The labor to perform this service will be a lot more than the parts, but this fix will solve your problem. Good luck!
  • Hi all, I need some advice on this. I took my 2005 4 runner to the dealer Saturday to get oil changed. Long story short the dealer emptied my oil, replaced the filter, cap, oil plug, but forgot to put oil in the vehicle. they started the vehicle, brought it around for me and said it was ready to go. I got in, started it and drove about 1/4 mile before the oil light and engine light came on while the vehicle simultaneously shut down. Dealer has admitted fault, they say there is a VVTI sensor that shut the engine down before any damage was done. They say they know no damage was done because all of the diagnostics show the engine is fine, the master mechanic drove it 20 miles and they dropped the oil pan to be sure nothing was in there? I'm no mechanic so I don't know exactly what that means. Anyway, they are offering to extend my powertrain warranty to 100,000 miles. I need to know if this is acceptable and ideally I would like to hear from someone who had a similar thing happen and learn how the it was handled.

    couple quick points: the vehicle had no oil in it. I bought it new at this dealership and have had my oil changed at this dealership 6 times in the 24k miles I have on it. I've been advised to contact toyota corporate and will do this in the morning. Is the dealers offer fair?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    Reverse is always the "crunchiest" gear. Will it go in if you shift into a forward gear first and then go directly to reverse without allowing the truck to move? Or, when it won't go in, will it go in if you use a forward gear to move the truck slightly? If it will under those circumstances, that is probably just the normal "crunchiness" of reverse gear on an older truck.

    If not, then will it go in with the engine off?

    If it won't even then, you may have a broken or bent linkage between the gear shift and the transmission itself. That is not a very expensive repair.

    OTOH, if it will only go into reverse when the engine is off, or will never go in and is hard to put in first as well, you have to ask yourself how many miles your clutch has on it - could it be time for replacement?

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • andrew17andrew17 Posts: 26
    Thanks for your advice. Since the mechanics at the dealership could not diagnose the problem with the 1995 4Runner SR5, we finally had given up on the issue and traded it in. I just found out that the expansion valve (or the orifice tube meter) was the culprit, that would shut off the regrigerant flow at 86 F and above. I suggest everybody who encounters this problem tell the A/C mechanic to check this aspect of the system; and Do NOT AGREE to have the whole A/C unit replaced!

    I also assume, that in the southern states and in California, A/C mechanics in Toyota dealerships are more experienced then here in Virginia. By the way, it was a good SUV, it served us fine during the long years - it had never broken down. I will miss it...
  • What are you gonna trade it in for? A newer 4Runner? That would be sweet. Haven't you ridden a newer 4Runner yet? I have - and it's much less crappy than my 2000 LTD 4WD (though some say they cut through corners and have an overall lower-quality part comprised vehicle).
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    To install a new rear side marker reflector (the one in the bumper), passenger side, is it installed from the bottom from under the bumper, or must the taillight assembly be removed and then install from the top?
  • bobgordonbobgordon Posts: 156
    I've been in the auto/truck industry for over 30 years.
    Yes, I'd say the dealers offer is acceptable.
    Just by removing the oil pan, NO technician can visually tell if any bearings have been damaged due to the lack of oil. Bearing caps (crankshaft) would have to be removed and bearings would have to be measured, all of them. The camshaft would have to be inspected also. These are just a few internal engine parts that would need to be looked at.
    Make sure it's spelled out in a legal contract (extended warranty) that they (the dealer) neglected to fill to the proper level of engine oil. And that any and all internal parts of your engine are covered for the specified mileage.
    I'd definitely call Toyota Customer Service and Corporate and tell them of this issue and make sure to tell them the work order number on the service receipt.

    Sorry to hear of your experience, hope it all works out.
  • andrew17andrew17 Posts: 26
    We traded it in for a 2006 RAV4 V6. I wanted one without sunroof, and without the fancy radio package. After getting the final price on paper at the previous Toyota dealership in Virginia, we took it to the Fitzgerald Automall ( in Gathersburg, MD, where we negotiated a better price/color. (We live in Virginia).

    By the way, you are right: the new 4Runner V-8 is great! (Excelent accelaration and curb stability.) Very good SUV - but it is pricey.
  • I've got a '91 SR5 4X4, great truck, but it's becoming more difficult to shift gears - takes a firm push - and there is grinding and vibration shifting into reverse. It'll go into reverse, with or without the engine running, but requires a jamming it in, grinding and vibration with the engine running
  • drex1drex1 Posts: 41
    My 1999 4Runner fits my Yakima bike rack just fine, but is a bit short (hits the spare tire) on my 2003 4Runner. My '03 4Runner was also produced in April 2003 and still has the problem with the hitch. Does Toyota have a fix for this? Are there any companies that produce a bike rack which fixes this problem or do we just have to cut a 1/2 inch off the rack mount?
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