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  • this truck has a carb.
    when you climbed the hill you ran out of gas and the truck stall.

    remember carbs have floats...

    then you pumped the hell out the gas pedal trying to get it started.
    which fouled the plugs..

    do a proper tune up and chek the carb for damage..
  • check your secondary coil...
  • go to and ask someone there for schematics
  • I have just purchased an 1987 nissan hardbody pickup. But i have found a very odd problem. As im driving i find that every once in a while between 2000 - 3000 rpm the truck will jerk almost as if it is missing. But the problem is so intermitent i cant figure out what it could be. The problem seems to be temperature related because the colder it is outside the worse the problem gets even tho it still does it durin the day it is very minimal. Ive run diagnostics and found no problems and because the probelm is so intermitent its hard to show mechanics. I recently replaced all 8 spark plugs with Ngks but i dont know where to go form here any ideas?
  • I have a 92 nissan xe pu. when i bought it i replaced the computer and this seemed to fix all my problems. two months later i started having problems with a erratic idle. they idle will be anywhere from 500-2300 rpms. i've replaced the O2 sensor,throtle body, adjusted the timing, rotor cap, plugs, plug wires, and i just can't think of anything else that would cause this. the nissan dealership spent a day on it and was pulling there hair out begging me to come pick it up. if you have any ideas please feel free to give it to me
  • check your secondary coil..
  • check your throttle position sensor..
  • Did you ever fix the headlights problem on your Nissan, I am having the same problem with my 2000 Frontier, checked all fuse relays an everything is fine I have high beam , fog light but no low beam. Please let me know where to look

    Thank You
  • it is probably the light switch...
  • Dash gages intermittently quit in 2000 frontier. King Cab

    Seems to be heat related as it only happens in winter when heat is turned up. Not summer when AC is on.

    Everything,Speedometer,Tach,fuel remain frozen at the reading when it went out and comes back in a few minutes or as long as a couple of hours. Aggrivating on a long trip when you need to know your speed through towns.
  • it is probably the light switch itself.
    u cam also remove the gauge cluster and c/s the main connector plug ,that is where the wireharness connects to the gauge..

    good luck
  • Probably a simple little explanation for this one, but I have had an 87 4x4 standard cab pickup for months now, tha tI bought with 175,000 miles on it. Truck's great after a lot of work put in it. I have not been able to figure out what the "Interlock" switch on the dash is supposed to do. When I hit it, the e-brake warning light comes on but that's all I notice. Anybody know what's up with that?
  • you should log on to
    this is a website more familar with the 4x4 's.

    good luck
  • Hi folks, My engine malfunction light comes on saying the number 4 cyclinder is misfiring. The truck actually runs quite good with no evidence of a misfire. I have replaced the spark plugs and spark plug wires but contine to get the same diagnosis. (after disconnecting the battery, the light will go out. Once the truck is driven for awhile it will come back on.)

    Anybody out there have a solution to this problem?
  • nelson8nelson8 Posts: 1
    I have a 97 4X4 XE that had a code that said Bank 1 catalyst efficency failiure. Basically, the catalytic converter was plugged. I straight piped it to solve the problem.
  • I have a 92 nissan pu 4x4 24oo 4 cyl. sounds like the problem you had with yours. Mine starts runs momentarily then floods out. I can clamp the incoming fuel hose and it will run at an idle. but when open it floods out. The shop said the computer was bad, changed it, same thing we can't figure it out. Any one out there who might help? alwayshunting
  • This might sound really dumb.. but have you checked the bulb?
  • I have been thinking about buying or leasing a '06 Titan. I am just wondering if this is a good idea, or if I should buy/lease a different truck? I am looking for a truck that is good offroad. It will be used as a bush/hunting truck. Any suggestions?
  • kim14kim14 Posts: 1
    how do you remove the ignition switch or tumbler from the ignition switch on a 1991 nissan pick up ,pathfinder is the same .
  • I just got my hands on a 1986 Nissan Hardbody for $400.00. It has a Nissan Z motor in it. I don't know nothing about Nissan's, but when I drive it in first gear, I can't put the throttle all the way down or the truck will jerk like someone put the breaks on. Basically, I need to only quarter throttle to half throttle to drive it anywhere, and when I get her onto 4th or 5th gear and then floor her, I get a mean back fire.

    Again I don't know nothing about this car, I did change the exhaust, but don't know what else to check for...distributer..rotor...sparkplugs. I just needed a car to go to work and don't want to spend to much on this truck...

    Any idea's on what it might be..

    Thanks in advance..
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