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Nissan Pickup Owners Hangout



  • moterimoteri Posts: 1
    what does a 1994 nissan 4x4 pickup with the V6 5sp get for gas mileage? i'm interested in one.
  • 8ball28ball2 Posts: 9
    I have a 1993 4x4 V6 5sp SE and it gets about 16 mpg. It has a 20gal. tank, so it cost about $3,000.00 to fill it up in the US.
  • I'm looking for the a 1994 Nissa XE pickup truck with a blown engine in it and a body that's in good condition. I really enjoy my pickup but the body is rusting out and it is unsafe to drive. So i'm hoping to get a good body to drop my engine into. Thanks
  • n1ssann1ssan Posts: 1
    I recently replaced my starter, and after I started my truck the first time afterwards the A/C won't blow cold air. Does anyone have a clue? Thank you!
  • jass1jass1 Posts: 1
    have a 97 nissan pickup 2.4 I ran it out of gas then it started running very rough. I changed the plugs wires, plugs and fuel filter. It now drives but it does not have any power. and the idle is very rough. also when I took off the fuel filter some sand came out, are my injectors cloged? and is that an easy fix?
  • rodranierrodranier Posts: 10
    I have a 1995 XE with a 2.4L that I replaced the idle air control valve on. It now sometimes idles up to about 1500 rpm's but when I tap the accelerator it idles down to normal. It happens sporadically, not all the time. Any ideas? It's funny in that the reason I replaced the part in the first place was because it idled low.


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Was the IAC aftermarket or OEM?

    There's a chance it may be defective.
  • thephilthephil Posts: 1
    I had nearly the same issue. I was parking in the grass in my yard consistently and in that spot it puddled water under the engine compartment each time it rained. My truck was sputtering for the first 10 to 15 minutes of my morning commute. I couldn't figure out what the issue was. I had purchased relatively cheap plug wires, previously. I tried several things, then when checking the plugs, I broke the wires, so I had to replace them. The truck ran perfectly afterward.
  • Thanks! I didn't receive many suggestions regarding the situation and the Nissan technicians have been no help so I sincerely appreciate your response. The problems definitely sound similar. Replacing the plug wires along with the distributor, cap, O-ring and coil wires was one of the first DIY steps I took and unfortunately that didn't fix the problem. So I continue to park the truck in the garage to keep it dry and haven't encountered the problem any more. So I remain puzzled. ? ? ? Thanks again for your response!
  • lava3lava3 Posts: 4
    I also have a19995 Nissan pickup but a 5spd. 4cyl. Speedometer quit a few days ago. Thought it might be speed sensor also. Getting ready to pull old one from my truck but how can i be sure thats the problem? new one is $i60. used at $45. is there a way to check old one first?
  • lava3lava3 Posts: 4
    An 86 nissan.. that brings back unpleasant memories. I purchased a brand new one in 1986. It ran great, very dependable..unless it RAINED!!! Took this truck back to dealer many, many, many times. Sometimes they would have it for over two weeks.I recall more than once after picking it up it would break down on the highway.Dealer never did find the problem and I sold it on a nice sunny day after about 4 years. good luck with yours
  • lava3lava3 Posts: 4
    95 4cyl 5spd. speed sensor.Speedometer quit a few days ago. Pulled speed sensor today and noticed plastic gear on end of speed sensor was damaged. Can this gear be replaced or do i need a new speed sensor? don't want to search salvage yards to find others with same problem. I believe 95-97 are the same.Help. Can't drive pickup now because fluid slings out the hole on side of trans.
  • lava3lava3 Posts: 4
    1995 Nissan pickup 4cyl. 5 spd. 2 wheel drive. Where to get part? No local salvage yards have this item . It operates speedometer & connects to transmission. Dealer wants over$160. just for part.
  • I ordered it from the Parts bin. It was a Hitachi. After driving it for about two months, it has begun to work perfectly...grimlins I guess!!

    When you start up in the mornings, do you get a rattling noise from the engine? It reminds me of a timing chain tensioning issue. Once oil is up and circulating it quiets down...takes about 5-7 seconds. I am getting a little concerned about it now. The truck has about 150K miles on it.

  • Is anyone hearing a rattling noise at engine startup after being off for about 4 or 5 hours or overnite. Sounds like valves rattling or a timing chain...getting a little concerned...truck has about 150K miles on it. I rather not loose a timing chain in travel. Any suggestions or ideas?

  • wgorewgore Posts: 2
    Yes I have this problem. Changed timing chain, it help for a little while. Now I use thicker oil it helps. Dealer told me it could be the lifters, but there are none in a four cylinders. Will try and adjust vavles next. by the way I have 234,000 miles.
  • The rattle you hear is lack of oil pressure at the initial start of the engine. After pressure comes up on the timing chain tensioner it clears up. This is also very common in other engines, the KIA has the same problem.
    It does not seem to be damaging anything but it is anoying. I changed the timing chain on my engine at about 100k miles and it still does it, no change. I guess we just live with it.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Some lower quality oil filters lack an anti-drainback valve, thus when the engine is shut off, all of the oil drains back into the crankcase increasing the time it takes the oil system to pressurize upon starting. Not sure if this is your case, but you might try a factory filter at your next oil change and see if it improves things.
  • Has anyone had any luck with cup holders in a 1986.5-1995 Nissan hardbody?

  • Hello,

    I am very new to car ownership. I bought this truck 3 weeks ago. The mileage on this truck is 92,000 miles. Since I am new at owning a car, what steps should I take to insure the this truck is well maintained? So far the motor of the washer fluid is burnt out since it does not operate. This makes me think I should go to an auto repair shop to ask for a full inspection. However, since I haev never done this before, what should I ask the mechanic? I want a full inspection/diagnostic to identify key problems and potential problems in the future. How do I go about this and what price should I expect? I live in the monterey, Ca area so the truck is at high risk of rust with the salt water from the ocean. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
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