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Nissan Pickup Owners Hangout



  • wise1wise1 Posts: 90
    ny water or condensation in the dist. cap could be a problem. I have an 1986-1/2 pickup with the 2.4i engine and would like to know if any of you have had a problem with the engine not downshifting when you floor it for passing?? It's an automatic tranny of course but it bucks like a wild horse when you try to pass a slower vehicle. This truck only has 70000. miles on it and it was my late fathers truck so I'm trying to get things worked out little by little. Also what brand of brake shoes work well on this truck?? The brakes squeel when they are applied. :confuse: :confuse:
  • The truck that I have has recently began having severe power problems under 30 mph. It feels like it is starved for fuel, but it idles fine and revs up and down fine. But when it is in gear (auto transmission) it will barley move along at all until it reaches 30 then it takes off. This tells me that it is not plugs or wires. It is also intermittent. Under 30 mph it will barely climb hills or even go up slight inclines. Any thoughts?
  • It could be a timing chain that has jumped a few notches on the camshaft sprocket.
    Remove the valve cover and check the front sprocket on the valve cam, You should see a DOT on the cam near one of the teeth. At that point there should be an odd colored link in the timing chain that matches up with the DOT, If not the chain has probably jumped. This will require removing the front of the engine and installing a NEW timing chain kit.

    Good Luck!
  • That seems to be a major issue for this engine. I am puzzled as to why the problem is an issue only at low speeds and only intermittently, because once it reaches 30 mph it takes off like a rabbit. Thanks for the input.
  • My '86 Nissan King Cab truck has a strange problem with the passenger side headlights. When the regular lights are on, the light on that side is slightly dimmer than the one on the driver's side. When I turn on the brights, the bright headlight on that side doesn't come on at all, and the dim light on that side becomes so dim that one must look carefully to see that it is lit any at all. The lights on the driver's side are behaving normally. Any ideas about what could be wrong and/or how to fix this problem?
  • Hi,anyone know where I might find an intake manifold for 1989 nissan,2.4 pickup
  • What brake fluid is best?
  • If you want a new one you might have to get it from a dealer. I've got parts on the internet from Courtesy, but I don't know if they have the best price on an intake manifold. NAPA and similar auto stores have some of the parts that connect to the manifold.
  • Thanks for responding,I,ll check it out.Used is fine,best price I got so far is $200,
    Dealer is outrageous,claiming they don't build them anymore.I don't want to spend more than the truck is worth.
    Merry Christmas
  • I have a 1989 Nissan truck 4cyl that needs a auto trans will a 1993 240z work . What will? Please email
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I wouldn't be too concerned out what brake fluid you choose for your '96 Frontier unless you're racing it. Check your owner's manual to confirm DOT3 or DOT4 (or either). DOT5 is synthetic I think.
  • I have a leak in my fuel tank and need too take the tank off. Does anyone know the procedure in doing this? Does the bed have to be removed?
  • I need a auto trans for a 1989 Nissan truck 4cyl col. shift. I have little money. Do's any body have one or know where i can get one? Email or call 661-717-4667.
    Thanks Bruce
  • sethseth Posts: 2
    I have a 92 nissan truck 4wd. 4 cylinder that I am having problems with. Sometimes the truck will sputter and not go at all when it reaches curtain rpms. (manual transmission) It only does it sometimes. It will run fine for days then all of a sudden start doing it again. Sometimes when I turn it off and start it back up it will run fine. I have replaced the fuel filter i thought it might have been something with the fuel. But i cant figure out what it is. What can this be?
  • Just curious if you've noticed any correlation between the problems you've encountered and the weather, particularly high humidity?
  • sethseth Posts: 2
    no not weather wise. but the truck always runs fine in the morning after sitting over night
  • I would bet it is the starter relay. It should be located on the passenger side in the engine bay.

    Regards !!
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Your truck has a clutch interlock switch that prevents starting when the clutch is not pressed in. Perhaps the switch has gone bad. If so, the engine won't turn whatsoever. You will be able to find the switch easily near the clutch pedal. Unplug the connector, hook an ohmmeter to the switch and work it. If the meter doesn't register continuity in one position, it's your switch and it'll be a piece of cake to replace. Good luck.
  • I have a 1993 Nissan 4X4 pickup. How do I change the tail light bulb???
    I do not have a repair manual and I don't see any screws to take the lens off.
    Thanks a bunch.
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