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Nissan Pickup Owners Hangout



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Under the Moss Magnuson Act, the dealer or manufacturer cannot deny warranty except on the part being replaced unless they can prove that damages requiring warranty services is directly attributable to that part. While the act protects the consumer against being denied warranty services it still doesn't help when the dealer denies you warranty service regardless of the part being changed.

    Despite advertising claims, Truck Trend had done a test using a K&N FIPK system. As K&N is an advertiser in their mag, the test results showed a 2 HP gain +- 2HP.

    One of the things that a lot of K&N owners talk about is the oil in the filter being transferred to the MAF. While I owned one this never happened. I guess depending on what you're looking for any of the systems you list will work. That is an increase in the intake suction noise with little gain if any in the HP and MPG.
  • 97se140k97se140k Posts: 1
    I have a 97 SE. The headlights stopped working this morning(both sides). Went out, turned the knob and they did not come on. I removed any corrosion around the terminal, and still nothing. All other light systems are working( rear breaks, interior,dash, radio, rear turn signalsand runing lights) just the front headlights/turn/running are out. Anyone have suggestions or past experiene with this problem? Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks for the info. I figured if you increase the air intake the computer is going to increase the fuel also, not wanting to run lean, so you may gain power but you're losing MPG. I'm not a hot rodder nor racer from traffic llights so I think I'll just pass on the cold air intake and put the money to better use.
  • reddevil4reddevil4 Posts: 17
    I read somewhere a couple of months ago that Nissan was going to discontinue making the Titans after 2010. So I was wondering does anybody know the future of the Frontier Pickups. I would think that Nissan would stay with the smaller pickup and the reason for dropping the Titan was Nissan trying to merge with Chrysler Dodge for the bigger size pickup and technology.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Perhaps a year ago it was announced that Nissan would co-produce a full size truck with Chrysler and it was widely expected that the Titan would then become a Dodge Ram clone. This wasn't a merger, but was a plan to save on production costs. Following Fiat's buyout of Chrysler, no update on this plan has been announced.

    I've read nothing that casts Frontier's future in doubt. Some dealer salespeople have been quoted with some whacky tales of Titan, Xterra or Frontier demise, but none of these have ever been supported by fact. It's clear that sales of these are in the doghouse, but I'd think that Nissan would want to maintain a practically-sized truck like Frontier in their line.
  • cttoazcttoaz Posts: 9
    I discovered my own answer on the way to changing my timing belt. Next to where the oil filter screws on and towards the front of the engine, their is an oil pressure sensor. I will use a 'T' fitting to add my gauge's sendor tube while maintaining the OEM sensor output.
  • restin84restin84 Posts: 2
    Got a thumping/clicking noise when the steering wheel is locked going in reverse. Any thoughts on what it may be? :confuse:
  • restin84restin84 Posts: 2
    Got a thumping/clicking noise when the steering wheel is locked going in reverse. Any thoughts on what it may be?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Thumping/clicking? I'd be more concerned that your car can move in reverse with the steering locked.
  • I have a 95 4WD, 6 cyl. Had the same problem, always thought it was coming from front, or sound being transmitted to the center or rear. Checked front end,
    drive shaft and everything else I could thing of. After taking it to several Mechanics, had all kinds of answers, rear end mostly. On many occasions I would
    go to a Mechanic and could not duplicate the noise. One last resort, I drained the rear end and replaced the fluid. Checked the book to might sure I was using the right type, think mine was a non slip differential. Low and behold never heard the noise after that. Now it could have been low to start with, or when I had work done on it and the drained the rear end, they may have replaced the fluids with the wrong type. Just like yours, only did it in the turning position and especially when backing up.
  • Steering wheel locked, no mine was not in the locked position when I had the problem, but I was turning the wheel sharply, kinda thought this is what you meant.
  • 83nissan83nissan Posts: 1
    hi i have an 1983 nissan pickuptruck and i am new to nissans and my headlights don't work. i have tested all of them and they all work but they whon't work on the truck. all the other lights work(rear lights, signal lights, side markers, dash lights, interior light(which doesn't turn off). and i have a problem with the engine. it will run but when i quickly add the gas it bogs and dies, and it doesn't idle. the gas line is all rusted so i replaced it but it has a diffrent pump, the pump is from a suzuki samuri.
  • Earlier this summer I was hit in the passenger side rear end of my truck. The insurance company decided to total it. I am wondering if anyone knows what other years of the hardbody have interchangeable under carriage parts, specifically the leaf springs, shocks, axle and housing. Thanks for your time.
  • I have a 95 nissan pickup extended cab,
    when I remove the key from the ignition the chime stays on, I have to tap the ignition once or twice to get the chime to turn off. What could this be? I have checked the wiring and fuses, they are all good to go. stumped!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    bad ignition switch
  • I have a 91 nissan pickup 2x2 ,this past summer it started overheating. I checked the radiator and discovered a small hole. A friend of mine gave me some radiator stop leak and since we were at his house we just put water in it. now last month I realized that I forgot to put the antifreeze in and the water froze up. I removed the radiator and thawed it out and replaced. I went to flush out all the crud left in the motor and discovered that I have a manufactured hole without a plug. I found the plug and the hole is on the left side of the block under the aircleaner and carb. Does anyone have any bright ideas on replacing it with out removing the carb and stuff?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Is it a 'freeze plug' on the side of the engine block that you have found? These are engineered to pop so that ice in the cooling system doesn't crack the block. You can purchase a replacement, but you'll need to carefully and squarely drive it in with a hammer and driver and you'll need some room to do that.
  • I just changed my timing chain in my 97 2.4liter se xcab 4x4. got it back together,now the oil light is on vales make noise,oil filter is bone dry. I bought a new pump,filled it with oil to prime it. installed it. still not pumping oil. I started pulling the pan to check the screen. am i on the right track. Yes i did get the chain changed with out pulling the oilpan,just had to loosen it. I was hoping for sugesstions.
  • Not meaning to be sarcastic here at all, but are you sure you added sufficient oil to fill the sump fully after doing the job initially?

    I replaced the timing chain on my 96 with the same engine at beginning of the summer, and as long as the oil pump is correctly installed (all the feed holes line up to the block), the oil pump is flush to the block when installed (so that you know the oil pump/distributor drive shaft is properly meshing with the crankshaft gear and the shaft end keys are appropriately inserted into the oil pump & distributor ends ), and your distributor is spinning/timed correctly, there isn't much else here to look at. Installing the new oil pump eliminates the pump as a variable since both units act the same.

    I agree that not removing the oil pan should not be a problem - I did mine just to make sure everything was leak free when I was finished but there was no mechanical reason to need to do so. It definitely agree that it sounds like the proper next step is to remove the pan to make sure that excess silicone sealant didn't fall in the sump and is now clogging the screen. I found some crumbs in my pan when it was removed, but if I remember correctly, not near enough to cause it to stop the oil flowing.

    I think there might be a slight possibility of installing the oil pump backwards at 180 degrees or something, so look closely at its alignment (though I am not entirely sure you would be able to get all the bolts in correctly, and think it would likely spring a leak since the oil pressure would surely cause the gasket to fail).

    Good luck!
  • heh,yea the dip stick says it has oil in it all the way,and the four empty courts of oil bottles tell me i should at least be getting some oil in my filter. I m pretty sure i cant get the pump in backwards because the long bolts go on top an 2 shorter ones on bottom every thing fits, the truck runs. i did as scary as it sounds let it run a few min hoping it would build pressure. no dice. I even took the valve cover of and started it for a minute. poured some oil on the cam and chain. expecting to get oil all over,didnt happen. :confuse:
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