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Ford Mustang (2005 and Newer)



  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    I don't really care much about HP rating, thus I don't care much if the new GM pony car has 300 or 400 HP.
    And exactly why there is no chance in the world that a 6 sp dual clutch auto can be used? Ford has that tranny I believe.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    ... It will be capable of 400 hp NA. ...

    So is the 4.6L. Doesn't mean that it will have 400HP. I'll believe it when I see it w/ my own eyes. Don't get me wrong, I surely do HOPE that they do that, but they have a habit of not delivering on their promises.

    I wouldn't exactly say the days of them being behind the competition are over. The 2010 Camaro is clear evidence of that! The base Camaro has nearly as much HP as the Mustang GT! And I doubt the 5L (if used) will be boosted to 500HP. For one, that'd be too close to the GT500. For two, if that's supposed to be for the GT500, I don't see them taking a 40HP deficit just to introduce a new engine; not unless they put the GT500 on a crash diet.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Ford also has an IRS in the Explorer and Expedition. Does the Mustang get one? Nope. So just because they have something available doesn't mean they're going to use it in other vehicles in the lineup. (Yes, I know a truck IRS isn't likely going to retrofit to the Mustang. Don't go there! :P )
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    And exactly why there is no chance in the world that a 6 sp dual clutch auto can be used? Ford has that tranny I believe.

    You believe wrong. The ONLY dual clutch auto tranny (Ford calls it Powershift) available is in the Euro Fiesta and that's the only one we'll see for the next year at least and it's very torque limited. Development of powershifts with higher torque capacity is 2-3 years away. They're doing it but it will take time.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    The 4.6L is NOT capable of 400 hp naturally aspirated in a normal high volume production engine. And the 5.0L might not be 400 hp in a mustang but it will be close. These are the engine choices:

    3.5L or 3.7L V6 - 265-280 hp (given the mustang's 400 lb weight advantage this will be dead even with the Camaro V6 - at worst)

    Ecoboost 3.5L - 350 hp

    5.0L V8 - 400 hp

    6.2L V8 - 450 hp

    Ecoboost 5.0L V8 - 500 hp?

    The Ecoboost 3.5L might become the GT with the 5.0L V8 replacing the GT500. Or the EB 3.5L is a midlevel option and the GT gets the 5.0L V8 and the GT500 gets either a boosted 5.0L or the new 6.2L.

    The point is by the end of next year Ford will have updated all of their old engines within the last 3 years, and most of the transmissions. The old 4.0L, 3.0L, 4.6L and 5.4L engines will be gone or on the way out. And they'll be competitive on both power and fuel economy. Just look at the Fusion for proof of what they can do when they're serious.

    The Ecoboost 3.5L and 5.0L will also be used in the F150 but will be tuned for low end torque not max hp.
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    thanks for the info...

    I like the idea of the Ecoboost, yet I don't like the idea of the turbochargers. According to what I read and experience with turbochargers, you're getting better performance and fuel efficiency in this Ecoboost set up (V6 fuel economy for V8 power), yet with all turbochargers, they would require higher maintenance, and most important, a turbo cool down. Just the turbo cool down itself (my own opinion only) would steer me away from owning another turbo.
    And (again my own opinion only) good thing I don't really care for the performance # as long as I don't have the feeling like I'd towing a 10000lb piece of iron down the freeway while I'm driving, I'd be ok. So in this case, the current V8 in the stangs is good for me I guess, and the 3.7L in the MKS is plenty of power already.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    There is no "turbo cool down" or other similar problems that turbos experienced in the past. The ecoboost engines have been tested to last 10 yrs/150,000 miles just like every other part and every other vehicle that Ford makes.
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    Hi, I am getting a crunching sound from the front driver side when making slow right handed turns on my '06 GT. Any ideas what it might be? I am thinking CV joints?? Only 28k mi unfortuately I just passed the 36 month warranty mark.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    The Mustang has no CV joints (except in the driveshaft.) It might be a bad wheel bearing, but a "crunching" sound isn't common w/ wheel bearings. Do you mean a grinding noise?

    You might still be able to get the dealership to do a goodwill warranty repair. Also, check your warranty documents (in the owner's manual,) the powertrain/drivetrain warranty might be for 5/60.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    5/60 didn't start until 07 I believe. I know my 06 Fusion only has the 3/36.

    I'd guess wheel bearing too, but it could be something loose in the hub/wheel area. Jack up each front wheel one at a time and spin them to find the noise.
  • fastdogsfastdogs Posts: 6
    I have read some of the previous postings here and discovered people are having the same problem I'm having with my 2005 Mustang. However most of the postings are very old and I'm looking to see if anyone has had any success with this particular issue:

    I have a 2005 Mustang, V6 4.0L with manual. The first occurrence of stalling was about 2 years ago when I stopped at a stop sign. The car stalled and wouldn't restart after many attempts. I called a tow truck and waited. After about 15 minutes, I tried to start the car again, and it fired right up. The next day I brought it to a Ford dealer and they replaced the fuel pump.

    Later in the year, the car started stalling again at lights and stop signs. However it would always re-start right away. Again, I brought it to the dealer, and they said they couldn't find anything wrong.

    I'm now on year three of this intermittent problem and it seems to be occurring more frequently now. It stalled about a dozen times during a 25 mile trip yesterday. However, I made the same trip today and I didn't have an issue. The dealer today said they couldn't find anything wrong, and they even called the ford hot line.

    Each time the issue has been the same, stalling (probably because of low idle) while the clutch is engaged at a stop. However one time, the worst, it happened while slowing to make a left turn. It stalled and left me in the oncoming traffic lane. And this time it wouldn't restart! This was about 2 weeks ago. As this was happening, I glanced at the instrument panel and discovered the car was in "fail safe" mode. It probably gave an error code, but because oncoming traffic was about to smash into me, I dont remember other details. I pushed the car to the side and it restarted about 10 minutes later.

    Since that time, the battery was disconnected for a new stereo install, so the code was probably wiped from the computer. Chances of getting an error code again are slim, and until I get one, Ford is in denial.

    Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences? I can't find a pattern. A|C on or off, speed, heat, length of trip. All these have varied.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    From an Edmunds article about the Z51 Corvette:

    ...But wait, 67.9 mph? You'll note that this isn't even as fast as the solid-axle-equipped 2010 Mustang GT which manages 68.4 mph in the slalom. And this, friends, is hard to fathom. We put it down to a disheartening yaw response which we've experienced in other C6 Corvettes, namely the Z06. The Vette is simply unnerving in fast transitions or any corner that isn't perfectly smooth. And it shouldn't be.

    Nor does it stop as short as it should. At 110 feet from 60 mph, it's outperformed by the less expensive, less sophisticated Mustang. And, again, it shouldn't be. ...

    Very nice compliment!
  • gmac429gmac429 Posts: 3
    I am having the exact same problem with my 2005 GT. The only difference is that mine have an automatic transmission. My local Ford dealer has told the same thing, that they cannot find anything wrong. May we need to contact our regional Ford director. Yes you are right there is no set pattern to this problem.
  • fastdogsfastdogs Posts: 6
    I have an update. I drive the same route to work everyday but I dont always take the same car, but my dealer suggested I keep a log of when the problem happens. So for about a month I took the mustang consistently and found a pattern.

    I fill the take at a gas station near my home and drive about 45 minutes to work by highway with minimal stop lights. When I drive home, about 15 minutes into the same route back, I hit a series of lights, if I miss the lights and have to press down on the clutch, the car stalls. My tank is about 7/8ths full. It will now stall every time I press the clutch, even when shifting! It continues until I get home, which is about another 30 minutes.

    If I make the lights on the return home, I dont have the problem. It only happens at 7/8ths of a take and for that one journey. When I get home, cool the car, it runs fine.

    Recently, the symptoms got much worse. It would stall and not restart. I would have to pull aside for 15 minutes and chug home. It would sputter and the failsafe light went on. The last time it happened, was the first time the failsafe light came on for stalling and the "not starting" problem was by far the worst.

    I brought it to the dealership and the computer codes told them it was the throttle sensor. They replaced that, and broke the throttle body bolt. (thats another story).
    Anyway, the car came out running better than it was when it was new. It performs much better now so obviously there has always been something wrong with the sensor.

    That said, I have not filled the tank yet and driven my route to work since it was fixed. So I dont know if they fixed the stalling issue or not. Since the last episode had many distinctive symptoms different from the original stalling issue, I doubt its fixed. I think it has something to do with the fuel tank. The 2005 mustang has alot of TSB's regarding the tank.

    Fortunately my car has the extended warranty so I only had to pay a $100, plus I got those damn door handles fixed. Another TSB for those and they way they dont sit flush.

    I will update you if the problem happens again.
  • gmac429gmac429 Posts: 3
    Thanks fastdogs. I was waiting to hear that key word, throttle sensor. I had a strange feeling that the throttle sensor could be the problem. I dropped prower to my car last night by disconnecting the battery. This evening after reconnecting the battery and driving it for about 1 hr the car ran fine. Not sure if this solved the probem but I will let you know. Thanks for the update fastdogs.
  • gmac429gmac429 Posts: 3
    Hey fastdogs. I have an update for you. I had my local Ford dealership replace the TPS sensor and you are abolutely correct It my a world of difference. The car has more power, the throttle response 100% better and I think that the mpg has increased. Thanks partner. Keep the Stangs rolling.
  • fastdogsfastdogs Posts: 6
    Thats great to hear. I have filled up my tank and so far no problems, so my theory is shot. It looks like it was the sensor after all.

    I think I'm getting a lot better mileage too. Its like a new car. Thanks for the update.
  • When I shut the overdrive off today all of a sudden the whole computer rebooted while I was doing at least 25-30 MPH, however the car kept running. at first I thought loose battery cable, but I again turned the overdrive off and again the system shut down and rebooted. After figuring some of what was going on I quit turning the overdrive off and the car ran fine all the way home. This is on a 2005 Ford Mustang V.6
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    That is a weird issue, but it begs the question, "Why are you turning off OD, anyway?" And what do you mean "the whole computer rebooted?" You need to give us more details of what happened. What lights/messages were displayed on the dash? Were all the gauges still working? From the info you provided, it doesn't sound like a computer "reboot" at all; at least not the engine computer. If that was the case, the car would've stopped dead. It may be an issue w/ the Transmission Control Module (TCM.)

    Details, please.
  • I was turning off the overdrive as there was a long line of mustangs on our tour to the beach which was a bumpy winding road and it seemed that I did not need to use my brakes as much with the overdrive off (the engine would slow enough as not to need the brakes all the time. The first time it happens I heard a slight pop from somewhere under the dash and then all of a sudden all my instrument lights lit up as they do when the car is being started,my radio has to be reset as it also lost power, and it automatically restarts it in overdrive, so not knowing I drove a while longer and then again turned off the overdrive and within 5-10 minutes it did it all over again. I tested my theory one more time and it happened again. For the remainder of the trip I left the switch alone and the car ran fine.
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